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AKS Gaming News 06/04/2019

The Borderlands Series Has Been Review Bombed on Steam

A lot of disappointed gamers review bombed everything Borderlands on Steam because of the news that Borderlands 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for six months. This included Borderlands 2, Borderlands Game of the Year, the enhanced GoTY, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and all the available DLC. The negative reviews do mention the Epic Games Store in particular as well. Although a lot of pissed off fans are doing this, some Steam users are trying to combat this with positive reviews.

Borderlands 3 Cross-Platform Support Possible In The Future

Borderlands 3 could possibly have cross-play support in the future. This has not been confirmed, although it was previously listed on the Microsoft page. If you have keen eyes, then you might have seen it before it was removed. The game’s publisher 2K Games said that cross-play is something that they are looking at closely, however, for right now, they have nothing to announce about it. Borderlands 3 will get a huge reveal event by next month, we will know more details by then.

Monster Hunter: World High Texture Pack Launched

Capcom has a new update for Monster Hunter World that has been rolled out today and it is a huge optional high-res texture pack for free. This new update doubles the game’s installation size because it is a thirty-gigabyte download which will use up six-gigabytes of your VRAM. It is heavy, but if your rigs can handle it, it will give you a cleaner and pronounced game. This HD pack also comes with a small patch which is the TAA+FXAA anti-aliasing mode. All of these doesn’t affect the in-game performance.

New We Happy Few DLC Released

We Happy Few just got its first DLC which is called They Came From Below. This DLC will have players taking on an alien robot invasion and take note, it will be vintage robots. You will be playing as Roger who was previously an NPC and you will be going to Doctor Faraday’s secret lab along with your boyfriend named James. There will be a lot of sci-fi weapons and gadgets to get you through the whole crazy ordeal. You can get this DLC as part of the game’s season pass or purchase it by itself.

Draugen To Launch In May

The developer of Dreamfall Chapters, Red Thread Games has announced the launch date of their latest game called Draugen. The game was actually announced years ago but it is only now that a release date has been confirmed for the game which will be on May 2019 for PC via Steam and GOG. Console launch will also be available at a later date. Draugen will let you play as Edward along with his ward Lissie in search for his wife Betty in the beautiful Norwegian Fjords in the 1920s.

Grand Theft Auto Online Bonuses For The Week

This week’s update for GTA Online has rolled out, and players will get to enjoy triple the rewards! Players who participate in this week’s Motor Wars will get triple GTA cash and RP. The game also offers double GTA cash and RP in Vehicle Vendetta and Hunting Pack (Remix). Also, by simply logging in to the game, players will get to unlock the Black Coil Cap for free. These offers will last until April 10th.

Furi Freedom Update Revealed With Trailer

The Game Bakers has released a brand new update for its action shoot ’em up video game Furi. The Freedom Update, which is available on platforms, brings the new Invincible Mode which will bring a lot more challenges for players in the game. It also includes a skirmish, Bernard the extra boss, speedrunner in the Furier difficulty setting, as well as another control scheme. All these are already available in the game’s Steam version prior to the update.

Epic Games Store Free Game Is The Witness

The next free game on the Epic Games Store has arrived! From now until April 18th, players will get The Witness for free, forever. The Witness is an open world game played in single-player. It features over 500 puzzles and dozens of locations to explore. Up next on Epic Games’ list of free games is the sci-fi action RPG Transistor.

Risk Of Rain 2 Sold More Than 650,000 Copies At First Week

Risk of Rain 2 has sold over 650,000 copies in its first week in early access. 150,000 players also took advantage of a launch deal where players get a free copy of the game so they can play it in co-op. This brings the total to 800,000. SteamCharts has also reported that the game currently has a peak concurrent player account that has risen as high as 69,694.

Borderlands 2 Still Gets One Million Players A Month

Looks like Borderlands 2 is still the most popular games in the series, six years after its release. According to a report by SteamCharts, majority of the game’s sales came from console. The next game in the series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, has not been doing well as it hasn’t been pulling in players to the same extent as Borderlands 2. The surge in popularity of the game could be because of Gearbox’s recent announcements for Borderlands 3 which is scheduled to release September 13th.

Transistor Next Free Game On Epic Games Store

The next free game in the Epic Games Store is Supergiant’s action-RPG Transistor. The game will be free from April 18th until May 2. The game features a futuristic, cyberpunk setting, and it also has some strategic elements to it. The game debuted back in 2014. Currently, The Witness is Epic Games Store’s free game, and players can get it until April 18th, absolutely free.

Samurai Shodown To Launch By June 2019

Samurai Shodown finally gets a release date and it will be on June 27th. To celebrate this announcement, SNK was able to reveal a new trailer that showcases two new characters of the game. It should be noted though that this may only be for the Japanese release as there was no mention about a western release yet. Also, the release date is only for the console versions, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC and the Nintendo Switch versions that will be made available by winter of this year.

The Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Mode Coming This April 25th

The release date of The Division 2’s first raid has been announced by Ubisoft. The first raid is called Dark Hours and it will be available by April 25th which is a Thursday. The announcement was made via a new trailer that was released by Ubisoft, it doesn’t have much detail about the game’s upcoming first raid but all we know that it will be an eight-player raid which is a first for the game. Also shared in the trailer is the signature minigun to be released later on the year.

Halo: Reach Beta Test To Start This Month On PC and Xbox One

Halo: Reach is coming to the Halo: Master Chief Collection and will be having a beta test later this month available for PC and Xbox One. In order to join, you must first be a Halo Insider which you can do so by signing up in the game’s official site via the community page. If you are going to play on a PC, you must upload your DXDiag and link your Steam ID. Right now, the number of people who signed up exceeded the expectations of Microsoft and they did say that they cannot accommodate everyone for the beta.

For The King To Get Console Releases This May

The Dungeon crawling, exploration, turn-based combat game For The King from developer’s IronOak has announced that their tabletop game will be launching for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well. The game launched as an early access game last April and since then had a lot of DLCs for the PC. All of the DLC updates will also be available for the console releases. The specific dates for the releases are for the PlayStation 4 May 7th, Nintendo Switch May 9th, and Xbox One May 10th.

God Of War Bags Best Game Award at BAFTA Game Awards 2019

God of War brought home the Best Game Award in the BAFTA Game Awards 2019! The other nominees vying for the spot are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Celeste, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Return of the Obra Dinn. Other awards brought home by God of War aside from Best Game are Best Audio Achievement, Best Music, and Best Narrative. The game is consistent also getting the Game of the Year Award in the DICE Awards, The Game Awards and IGN’s Best Game of the Year 2019.

Weekend Free To Play: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection!

It has been a week of Borderlands announcements and here’s another one. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is free to play on Xbox One and Steam for the weekend. For those playing on the Xbox One, you should be Gold members in order to play. You can also get the bundle at a discounted price in the PlayStation and Microsoft stores and Steam for just $15 USD. The Borderlands: The Handsome Collection includes Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and all the DLCs released for it.

Destiny’s Crucible Will Not Be Removed Confirmed Bungie

Destiny’s PvP mode called Crucible is not going anywhere confirmed Bungie. The Destiny 2 community had been bothered after Forbes’ post announcing the departure of key development team members at Bungie. The concerns of the community were put to rest during a stream with communications director David Dague saying that “there are members of the development team who come into Bungie every day to work on Destiny”. Also a reply to a tweet said: “Can confirm: the Crucible isn’t going anywhere”.

Super Meat Boy Forever Takes a Swing at EA

As previously announced Super Meat Boy Forever will be missing its launch date by just a little. The developers said that the launch will be “after but not too far after April 2019”. Their announcement of the delay also took a swing at Electronic Arts saying that they are not “some studio owned by an Evil Asshat corporation that has say over what we do and how we do it”. This means that they will be working on the game at their own healthy pace to give players a complete and amazing game.

Destiny 2 Ark Week To Start Next Week

As revealed in the Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter’s roadmap. Destiny 2 Ark Week is coming on April 9 to 15. This complete week will all be about the different Arc subclasses with the goal to make each one much more impressive with updates. The complete patch notes for the changes can be seen in the game’s official site. Changes willl be given to the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Tweaks will also happen to the overpowered Hunter Super and Spectral Blades in the future as announced by Bungie.

Switch Exclusive Octopath Traveler To Come To PC

Square Enix’s JRPG that has received a huge critical and commercial success has gotten for itself a rating from the Korean Ratings Board on PC. This means that the game, which was previously a Nintendo Switch exclusive will get a PC port soon. The Korean Ratings Board posted Bandai Namco as the publisher of the game in Korea since they are the ones who handle the Square Enix title publications in South Korea. Octopath Traveler launched on the Nintendo Switch on July 2018 available worldwide.

Graphical Overhaul Available For Warframe’s Plains Of Eidolon

Digital Extremes has launched graphical overhaul for Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon and it is available on PC today. The Plains of Eidolon Remaster will have advanced lighting techniques giving life to the light and shadow changes in the game’s day and night cycle. There will be more detailed trees, fog, bush and crisp textures everywhere. There will also be additional daytime exploratory activities. This, for now, is available for PC only but consoles will also have it soon.


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