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AKS Gaming News 25/03/2019

The Witness is the Next Free Epic Store Game

As most gamers know by now, the Epic Games Store has been giving away a free game every two weeks. The next game up for grabs will be the puzzle game The Witness. The game first released in 2016 for PC and PS4, and was later ported to the Xbox One. You can get it from April 4th to 18th and keep it in your library for good. Right now, you can still get the last giveaway, which is Oxenfree, if you haven’t done so yet. But make sure to be quick as the offer will expire come April 4th.

GOG is Hosting Its Spring Sale

GOG’s Spring Sale is now live and is offering over six hundred deals with discounts of up to ninety percent. Some great games up for grabs are Pillars of Eternity 2, The Witcher 3’s Game of the Year Edition, and Battletech. Flash deals also appear daily, which give even bigger discounts. The sale ends on March 28th at 11 PM UK. Keep in mind though that most of the games you can get in GOG’s sale are probably even cheaper on, so make sure to check there first.

Hitman 2 Gets a New Sniper Map

IO Interactive is bringing Agent 47 to Singapore with a new sniper assassin map called Hantu Port. The map is part of the first expansion pack and will be available to those who purchased the expansion pass. The mission puts players against a criminal organization called the Heavenly Guard who has kidnapped a couple. The map and mission also comes with a new sniper rifle, new discoveries and the addition of the co-op sniper mode. Hantu Port is set to launch on March 26th.

Kenshi 2 Already in Development

After 12 years of development, Lo-Fi Games was finally able to take their open-ended, squad-based RPG Kenshi out of Early Access last December. Now, studio founder Chris Hunt has revealed that they are already working on Kenshi 2. The devs weren’t supposed to announced it yet so they could work on it in secret and without any pressure, but Hunt said that the confusion and anger from fans over the lack of information about what the studio is working on convinced them to do otherwise.

Nintendo Reveals the 10 Best-Selling Indie Games on Switch

Nintendo revealed the top ten best selling indie titles available on their handheld-console hybrid the Nintendo Switch. Do note that this is not in order. And without further ado, here are the games: Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Overcooked 2, Undertale, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Graceful Explosion Machine, Celeste, Golf Story and Overcooked. With this list alone, it does seem that the Nintendo Switch was able to dominate the indie video game scene having the best of the best indie games.

AI: The Somnium Files Release Date Announced

AI The Somnium Files, the new adventure game from Spike Chunsoft, now has a solid release date. The game is set to launch on PC, Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch come July 25th. A Special Agent Edition has also been announced. This limited edition will include a 6-inch A-set Acrylic Stand, an outer box that features original artwork by Yosuke Kozaki, a 30-page artbook, the Reveries in the Rain soundtrack, and a set of vinyl stickers. The Special Agent Edition is only available for the PS4 and Switch.

Trials Rising Season 1 Content Details Revealed

The first season of for Trials Rising has begun. Players can start climbing through the ranks in online multiplayer races, getting a part of the new Golden Cowboy Outfit everytime they reach a new division. Also, players will be able to get new customization items through Gear Crates or by purchasing them from the Gear Store. The season run until the end of May. Meanwhile, the game’s first expansion, Sixty Six, is set to launch on April 16th. It comes with the Expansion Pass or can be purchased separately.

We. The Revolution Now Available on PC

You can now play We. The Revolution on PC! This highly anticipated game that is set in the French Revolution has launched and it features both a unique gameplay and art style. The game will let players experience what it was like during the French Revolution where you get to preside on some morally arguable court cases. You will actually be running your own courtroom where you get to question witnesses, read reports, analyze evidence and pass sentences. Enjoy the mix of genres the game offers.

Warframe’s Operation Buried Debts Heads to Consoles

A new update is headed to the console version of Digital Extremes’ free-to-play loot shooter, Warframe. Operation Buried Debts will bring with it Hildryn, the 39th Warframe, plus the first phase of the game’s melee combat overhaul. There’s also a multi-part Operation set in the depths of the Fortuna’s Orb Vallis that rewards Emblems, Sigils, Amalgam Mods and the Opticor Vandal. The update is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions soon.

Vehicle Arena Shooter ShockRods Announced

Stainless Games has announced their latest venture through Green Man Gaming, revealing a new vehicle-based arena shooter called ShockRods. The game will feature four different environments carefully crafted to enable players better maneuverability. It will also come with three classic game modes — Death Match, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag — plus a sort of destruction-enabled Rocket League mode called Ball Mode. ShockRods launches in Early Access this summer.

Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Be an Epic Games Exclusive

With the Epic Games Store nabbing huge games left and right as exclusives, some fans are worried about the same happening to the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. But, it seems there’s no need to worry. CD Projekt Red’s community lead Marcin Momot says that the studio’s goal is to bring the game “to as many gamers as possible on their platform of choice.” This is in response to a fan asking whether the game would become an Epic Games Store exclusive too.

Akuto: Showdown Leaves Early Access

Hut 90, Inc. is elated to announce that Akuto: Showdown will be graduating from Early Access on the 28th of March. The developer has created a game in which players will be plagued by life-threatening elements in all directions. There is a constant risk of perishing at the hands of other players, and a risk of death to the environment. How well you can wield your gun and/or sword, and how well you can minimize the threat of environmental hazards determines your fate.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Now Has a Hard Mode on PS4

Developer Frictional Games recently posted a tweet stating that Amnesia’s Hard Mode is finally out on PS4. The Amnesia community is no stranger to hard mode as it existed on the Xbox One before now. However, familiarity won’t make much of difference as the hard mode would not be labeled as such if having an idea of what to expect made it easy. The developer also said that the Amnesia: Collection is on sale on both PlayStation Europe and US.

EA DICE Announces Weapons, Items, and Gadgets Coming to Firestorm

EA DICE has announced the stash of weapons players will have at their disposal on March 25 when Battlefield 5’s free update Firestorm arrives. It has been reported that 16 primary weapons, various melee items, and familiar gadgets will be available. In typical BR style, players will drop into the map unarmed, then scavenge for resources and means by which they can defend themselves. Based on the announcement, you need not venture very far before you encounter said requisites.

Final Fantasy 14 Online’s Shadowbringers to Bring New Race, Job, and More

At The 2019 Final Fantasy Fan Fest in Tokyo on March 23rd, Final Fantasy 14 Online’s Shadowbringers Expansion was unveiled. This incoming expansion is said to feature a new race, job, raid and more. To accent the announcement a trailer and screenshots were presented. From the list of known additions, some would argue that the most noteworthy item was the new job. The new job is Dancer who provides ranged dps. Dancer incorporates dance moves into its combat mechanics.

Guilds of Delenar Now on Steam Early Access

Batholith Entertainment has announced that their latest title Guilds of Delenar has been released on Steam Early Access. Guilds of Delenar allows players to customize a number of guild heroes in the isometric role-playing-game by leveling and gearing them up as they see fit. As guildmaster, players will have to decide which quests to send their guild heroes out on and how to properly manage their resources in order for their guild to be successful.

Mortal Kombat 11’s First DLC Character Revealed

NetherRealm Studios has unveiled the first character DLC for Mortal Kombat 11. This DLC is one that will get a lot of vintage MK players excited as it is a returning character. Said character is The Master Sorcerer, Shang Tsung. Noob Saibot was also revealed in an official gameplay trailer that showcases some of his combos, traversal and grappling moves. Mortal Kombat 11 releases on April 23, 201,9 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Apex Legends PC Update Patches Game Crashes

Respawn has released the patch notes for an Apex Legends update that focuses on fixing game crashes on PC. Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said they had not encountered the bug during any of their internal testing sessions so they are thankful for the bug reports. He then promised that more updates are inbound for this week but never bothered to divulge any details with regards to said updates. Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Overwatch’s Endorsement System Seems to Be Working Well

In the summer of last year Blizzard introduced an “endorsements” feature to Overwatch that enables players to rate others who are good teammates. The idea behind this strategy is to reward good behavior which consequently discourages toxicity. This systems has been working remarkably well and the game seeing a cut in disruptive behavior by 40 percent is a testament to that fact. The positive reinforcement offered by endorsements is apparently a powerful tactic.

Ring of Elysium’s Season 3 Adventurer Pass Goes Live This Week

Aurora Studio has announced that Ring of Elysium’s Season 3 Adventurer Pass begins on March 27, 2019. The developer has also revealed the Season 3 characters. The first is one Pirate Captain Fokke, also known as “The Myth” and the second goes by the name of Elliot, who is an elusive hacker. The third of the Season 3 characters is Saki who is a good school student on the surface but deep down she is a girl in search of gratification and is hell bent on finding her brother who had a mysterious disappearance.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s New Mode Brings Players to the Capital Ship

On March 26, 2019 Star Wars Battlefront 2 players will welcome a brand-new mode to the game. This new mode is called Capital Supremacy and it mixes open ground battles with tight close-quarters combat. Capital Supremacy is also described as “an immersive, Clone Wars-era authentic experience”. In this mode, two teams of 20 face off across the Galactic Republic in the ultimate fate deciding battle. Capital Supremacy arrives as a free update for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

TERA Reloaded Goes to Consoles This April

En Masse Entertainment announced that TERA Reloaded is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in April of this year. According to the developer, Reloaded is set to be one of the biggest updates yet. Reloaded features reworked systems, a new race/class combination and much more. Set your clocks for April 2, 2019 as that is the date the Reloaded MMORPG arrives. Twitch Prime members are eligible to receive promotional goodies such as codes and cosmetics for all of En Masse’s games including TERA console.

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