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AKS Gaming News 21/03/2019

My Time at Portia Launch Date And Platforms Revealed

My Time at Portia will be launching on April 16th and it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. The game will remind you of the Harvest Moon series where you will be growing crops and harvesting them, tending to fish and other farm animals that you are able to use as a food source. You are also able to ride some llamas. My Time At Portia initially launched for PC as an early access game last year and it now has a launch date for it to be a complete game.

Hitman 2 Timed Trailer To Reveal New Sniper Assassin Map

A timed trailer for Hitman 2 will premiere on March 21st and it will feature the game’s brand new Sniper Assassin map. This new map will be available for Expansion Pass owners on March 26th. You can get to watch the trailer in the Hitman Youtube channel and be one of the first people to get the very first look at the new map.

Free Weekend Play For World Of Warcraft Returning Players

Those who have an inactive account for World Of Warcraft, now is your time to play the game once again. Blizzard has announced that the game will be available from March 21st to the 24th for free. You will be upgraded to a legion account and everything will be playable right before Battle of Azeroth. Also included in the free weekend is a three-hour trial for Battle of Azeroth which introduces new worlds, classes, and mechanics to the game. You just need the app to download the game.

Door Kickers: Action Squad Will Get Console Releases This Summer

Door Kickers: Action Squad is also coming to consoles! This retro side-scroller originally launched for the PC in late 2018, and by this summer the game will also be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Get to play as a SWAT trooper and rescue hostages and let bad guys eat explosives in either single player or co-op multiplayer which includes couch play. The console launch will come with new missions and content which PC players will also receive.

Uragun Now Available To Add On Steam Wishlist

Kool2Play Studio announced that their latest game called Uragun is available on Steam. The game is actually an idea that came from the Steam community. Some of the designers of the game were former designers of the game Bluestorm. Uragun is about a rebellion of AI bots where you are tasked to stop it. The game’s locations include real streets of New York, London and Beijing. To get more information about the game, you can Wishlist this on Steam to keep up with the development process.

Armored Warfare Arabian Nights Part 2 Announced has announced the second part of Armored Warfare Arabian Nights. This is now available and it comes with a new French and Italian vehicle dealer, two new special operations missions, renewed UI, dedicated battalion features, as well as mechanics and UI improvements. This will also be bringing the story arc of the season to its exciting conclusion. Play as commander Magnus Holter while he takes revenge on the wicked Clayburn Industries.

Batman: The Animated Series Level Pack To Launch For Lego DC Super-Villains

It is Batman’s 80th anniversary and to commemorate that, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a Batman: The Animated Series Level pack for LEGO DC Super-Villains. This is available for 2.49 or as part of the game’s Season Pass. This adds a new crime-fighting level with seven added characters namely The Phantasm, Captian Clown, Man-Bat, Mad-Hatter, Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn. This is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Castle Crashers Remastered Confirmed for Switch and PS4

The Behemoth has confirmed that a remaster of Castle Crashers is on the way, and it will be available for the Nintendo Switch and on the PlayStation 4 this summer. Castle Crashers Remastered will come with 1080p and 60FPS support. Players can also get bonus characters like Blacksmith, Pink Knight, and Necromancer without having to spend money for a DLC.

Konami Announces Anniversary Collection Series

Konami has announced its new compilation pack series which will allow players to play “iconic arcade games and classic console titles” using modern systems. The series, called Konami Anniversary Collection, will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The first collection in the series will launch digitally on April 20th and will include: Haunted Castle, A-Jax, Nemesis, Vulcan Venture, Life Force, Thunder Cross, Scramble, and TwinBee.

Red Dead Online Adds Fishing Challenge and More

Rockstar has released the latest update for Red Dead Online beta. This new update adds a free-roam event, the “Fishing Challenge.” As its name suggests, players will be competing with each other by catching as many fish as possible. Players can fish on different bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and swamps. There are also a number of new items added to the store including the Gator Hat, Ortega Vest, Pelt Half Chaps, and Woodland Gloves which are available for a limited time.

Anthem Was February’s Top-Selling Game in the US

Despite having a rough launch, Anthem still emerged as the top-selling game for February in the United States, NPD Group has reported. The report also shows that Anthem is the second strongest game of the year so far, trailing behind Kingdom Hearts 3 which is currently at number 1. This also makes Anthem as the second best launch month for BioWare. The real numbers game, though, will begin once the NPD Group’s March report is in, as we will see if the game has an increase in sales or not.

Heroes of the Storm Will No Longer Have Paid Loot Boxes

Soon there will be no more loot boxes in Heroes of the Storm as Blizzard is ditching this monetization method. This was announced in the patch notes for the game’s latest update. According to the patch notes, as of March 25 players will no longer be able to use Gems and the game’s premium currency to purchase loot chests. Players will instead acquire them by playing or spending in-game currency. The company has not mentioned a specific reason for taking this course of action.

Rocket League Gets an MLB DLC

A Major League Baseball DLC is now available for Rocket League which makes for an interesting combination. This DLC consists of content that represents all 30 Major League Baseball teams. Soon players will be able to acquire banners, flags, and baseball hat toppers for their vehicles so they can represent their favorite MLB teams in-game. The DLC also comes with a generic MLB flag and banner, along with a boost that shoots baseballs out the back of the car.

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock Expands with a Campaign DLC and More

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock received a new expansion which comes with a campaign DLC and battle chatter. The expansion is called Sin & Sacrifice, and it is the last expansion of the first season. It comes with a new story-heavy campaign, two new ship types, TV-authentic dynamic radio chatter, and a free update which adds a veterancy system. Aside from accumulating all the DLCs into a discounted Season One pack, the developers have announced that season 2 is incoming.

500,000 Apex Legends Players Banned for Cheating

Apex Legends’ most recent update’s patch notes revealed that approximately 500,000 accounts have been banned for cheating. The update also came with a new report system that enables players to report others for cheating, or harassment from the spectate view after their character dies or from the Squad tab. This is a welcomed addition as it makes for a more reliable and convenient way to voice injustice. The patch also includes a new character, balance changes, and character hitbox fixes.

Google Unveils Its “Stadia” Gaming Platform

Google has officially revealed its plans for a video game streaming platform called Stadia. This platform has a very unique aspect to it as it offers games on demand streamed through the cloud. According to Google, streaming through the cloud will allow games to be streamed across a variety of devices with very little friction. This will certainly prove useful considering where gaming is headed. You will be able to play, spectate, and develop games through Stadia.

Apex Legends’ Season 1 Battle Pass Now Live

Respawn has announced that Apex Legends’ Season 1 Battle Pass patch is currently live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This update sees the addition of a new assortment of skins, stat trackers, and other exclusive rewards. The most noteworthy of all the items in the update is the addition of a new playable legend named Octavia. Also, it is important to note that EA is offering a Battle Pass bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins that will instantly unlock the first 25 tiers of the Pass.

Rockstar Tackles Griefing in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players have cited a number of issues in the game, and finally Rockstar is looking into them. One of those being addressed by Rockstar now is griefing, which will be included in the game’s next major update this Spring. To address this, Rockstar will be including a new Hostility System so players who get attacked by other players can better defend themselves. Rockstar said they have more features for this new system, so players should look forward to that.

Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste Now Live for Everyone

Blizzard is pleased to announce that a new Overwatch patch is live and it introduces a combat medic named Baptiste who is currently available to play. All you need to do is have your game updated in order to take the newest character in the roster for a spin. Baptiste is equipped with a big gun, and a unique assortment of abilities that enable him to protect and heal allies from range. The patch also came with a number of character-specific tweaks and bug fixes.

Satisfactory Now on Steam Early Access

Coffee Stain Studios is happy to announce that their co-op factory-building game Satisfactory, is currently available on Steam Early Access. The full game is not available right now but the devs will be adding the tail end of the content once they are confident it is time to do so. As with the nature of any Early Access game, the developers will be making changes, bug fixes, and improvements as bugs reveal themselves and are reported.

Black Ops 4’s Ancient Evil Zombies Map Release Date Announced

According to Treyarch, on March 26 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Zombies map will be released. It was previously teased that the game would be getting a new Zombies map sometime in the Spring so it is nice to finally have confirmation. Treyarch also took to Twitter where they published two tweets bearing teasers containing visuals of the map’s opening cinematics. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Doom Eternal Runs in 4K and 60FPS in Google’s Stadia

Doom Eternal will run at 60 frames per second and 4K resolution on Google’s Stadia gaming platform. This was recently revealed during Google’s GDC 2019 Stadia announcement. According to id Software Executive Producer Marty Stratton, the sequel to id Software’s Doom reboot will be playable on Google’s recently announced gaming platform, Stadia. However, Doom Eternal is only one of many illustrious titles to be featured on this promising platform.

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