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AKS Gaming News 20/03/2019

System Shock 3 Teaser Revealed

At the Game Developers Conference held this week, developer Warren Spector revealed the first teaser for System Shock 3. The teaser is less than a minute long and shows the game’s environment and some of the creatures players will encounter in the game. The teaser did not include any information on its release date, and which platforms it will be available on. The first System Shock launched back in 1994, and its sequel followed in 1999.

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Critical Mode Coming Soon

If you’ve been wanting to have another go at Kingdom Hearts 3 but want a more challenging playthrough, we’ve got some good news for you. Co-director Tai Yasue has revealed that critical mode is coming very soon to the game. Yasue made the revelation to Game Informer at this year’s Game Developers Conference, adding that the mode will be “more technical and offensive” and that it is targeted towards players who are “good at action games” and “timing attacks”.

Splatoon 2 Gets a Special Demo on Switch

Nintendo just made it a whole lot easier for everyone to test out their hit third-person shooter, Splatoon 2. Anybody with a Nintendo Switch and an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription can download a special demo for the game from now until March 25th. After downloading, players will get an email from Nintendo with a seven-day free trial eShop code. If you end up wanting to buy the game afterwards, you can do so with a twenty percent discount from the eShop.

Apex Legends’ New Character Octane Confirmed

Octane has finally landed on Apex Legends. Although the newest legend to join the hit battle royale game from Respawn arrives at the same time as the game’s Season 1 Battle Pass, he is not part of the Battle Pass. Instead, players will have to purchase him separately, either with twelve thousand Legend Tokens or seven hundred fifty Apex Coins. Octane is described as a thrill-seeker with metal prosthetic legs. As players figured out, the jump pads that appeared briefly in-game serve as his ultimate.

House Flipper is Getting a Garden DLC

House Flipper, the simulation game where players buy dirty houses then fix them up to sell for profit, is getting new downloadable content this May. The DLC is called Garden Flipper and will allow players to take their home improvement skills to the outside of the house. It will add hundreds of outdoor items, including pools, benches, plants, trees, bushes, gazebos, playhouses and more. Garden Flipper is set to launch on May 16th for PC.

Battle Royale Game The Culling to Shut Down Servers in May

With giants like Fortnite, PUBG, Blackout and now Apex Legends, it’s easy to forget that the battle royale trend has given birth to less popular entries that have come and gone. The Culling is the latest to join the list of axed titles from the genre. The Culling was renamed to The Culling Origins as it transitioned to free-to-play, but developer Xaviant says that even that move couldn’t save the game. The game’s servers will go dark come May 15th.

Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference Schedule Announced

Bethesda has announced their schedule for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. They’ll be hosting a press conference on June 9th, which is the Sunday before E3 actually opens, at 5:30 PM Pacific. That’s 12:30 AM on the 10th in the UK. Bethesda will be streaming the entire press conference for those who won’t be able to attend. A lot of fans are expecting for a proper reveal for Starfield, which Bethesda seems to be teasing in their tweet.

Two Point Hospital’s Pebberley Island DLC Out Now

Two Point Hospital is getting new content, thanks to its latest DLC, Pebberley Island, which is now available on Steam. Pebberley Island brings a new gameplay where players will tackle three new scenarios. It also brings new hospitals for players along with new illnesses and new items. As this is a DLC, players who wish to play this will need a copy of the base game, Two Point Hospital on Steam.

Apex Legends’ Battle Pass Revealed

EA has confirmed Apex Legends’ Battle Pass! The Apex Legends Wild Frontier Battle Pass is set for launch on March 19th. This day also marks the game’s first season. The battle pass is similar to Fortnite’s. It will cost players 950 Apex Coins, or roughly 10 Dollars in real money. The battle pass will allow players to unlock more goodies such as rewards, skins, and cosmetics. Alongside the release of this battle pass is also the launch of the game’s newest hero, Octane.

Latest Trailer for Generation Zero Features Fight Against Robots

Open-world shooter Generation Zero is set for launch in a week, and Avalanche Studios has released its launch trailer. The trailer shows players taking on a legion of heavily-armed robot menace. In the game, players can use scavenged weapons and their environment to their advantage against enemies. Of course, teamwork will also be crucial. Generation Zero is set in the 1980’s in Sweden.

Mortal Kombat 11’s Closed Beta Schedule Announced

The dates for Mortal Kombat 11’s closed beta have been revealed! The beta will take place from March 27th until March 31st for players in The Americas, and April 1st for the rest of the players. Full details on what players will expect in the closed beta have not been revealed at this time. The beta will be open to players who pre-ordered the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mortal Kombat 11 is set for launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on April 23rd.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Won’t Probably Be an Xbox Play Anywhere Title

Bonnie Ross, boss of 343 Industries studio has confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC won’t support Xbox Play Anywhere at launch. Unfortunately, this means that if you own the game on Xbox One, you are still required to purchase it for PC. Ross continued to express that for now, the primary focus is “getting these PC products out the right way…” He also promises that they will be releasing much more information surrounding the collection as we draw closer to Launch.

Bethesda to Showcase Doom Eternal and More at E3

It has been reported that Doom Eternal will be showcased at Bethesda’s E3 conference. This is no surprise considering Bethesda is the gory first-person-shooter’s publisher. Aside from an in-depth look at the title, Bethesda has managed to keep everything else hush as far as the conference is concerned. Fans of the Doom franchise will be undoubtedly looking forward to the 9th of June, which is when the conference is scheduled to take place.

Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Map is 10x Larger Than the Game’s Biggest Map

Battlefield 5’s Firestorm battle royale mode comes with a map that is over 10 times larger than the original Battlefield map. Being 10 times larger than one of the largest maps in the genre is mind blowing and unfathomable by some. However, It does make sense for the map to be humongous considering Firestorm features helicopters, tractors, and lots of other vehicles bringing the total to 17. Firestorm launches for all Battlefield 5 players on March 25, 2019.

Beat Saber Will Be an Oculus Quest Launch Title

Oculus has announced that Beat Saber will be coming to Oculus Quest as a launch title for the headset’s release later this year. The chief benefit for Beat Saber being on Oculus Quest is that players can play wireless. This is a plus for Oculus as Beat Saber is already a juggernaut in a developing VR world. Though no precise date has been announced, the headset is set to be released in spring of this year. Beat Saber is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

First Look at Oddworld: Soulstorm Featured at GDC

Everyone who tuned in to GDC 2019 were blessed with a first look at the long-awaited next entry in the long-running series, Oddworld: Soulstorm. Oddworld Inhabitants completed a presentation in which they shared several new glimpses at game, the biggest of which included a look at one of the game’s cinematics. This video provided all in attendance some very noteworthy footage of the game’s visuals, the best since being announced in 2016.

Days Gone to Feature a Photo Mode at Launch

Bend Studio has shared that Days Gone will feature a photo mode. This photo mode will enable players to pause time to take some beautiful snapshots of the game’s world and characters. This feature appeals especially to creatives who will undoubtedly have a blast orchestrating mesmerizing moments to be captured. The photo mode will not be added via an update following launch like titles that have employed the same feature and will instead be available at launch.

Sekiro’s Latest Trailer Highlights the Game’s Combat and Story

A new Trailer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been released bearing interesting details of the title. The wonderfully compiled video provides viewers with the bulk of the need-to-know features that will be available to them. The Narrator gave detailed explanations of the game’s lore, combat arsenal, combat mechanics and strategical approaches. The trailer also showcased quite a few of the enemies and bosses with which the Shinobi will tussle to the death.

The Division 2 Debuts at the Top of the UK Charts

The Division 2 is currently situated at the top of the UK charts for being the best selling game of the week. This is, of course, no surprise as the title was dubbed one of the most likely to do well on the market. It also did not hurt that it was the only big release of the week. However, despite what the UK chart says The Division 2 is performing significantly poorer sale wise than it’s predecessor. The original had 80% more sales within its first week.

GTFO’s Launch Date Delayed Until Further Notice

10 Chambers Collective has revealed a roadmap for GTFO and announced its release will be delayed until further notice. According to the developer, it is entering a “test stage” and its duration is dependent on how quickly it can “implement the features, squash the bugs and nail the balancing.” The developer also assured the players that it is testing the game because it “genuinely needs it.” If you desire to view the roadmap, you may visit the game’s official website.

EverQuest Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Daybreak Game Company has launched progression servers, released new content and done collaborations in celebration of EverQuest’s 20th anniversary. Not many titles can boast about being active for multiple decades so it is truly remarkable what the game has managed to accomplish. There is no greater way to celebrate a milestone this monumental than to reward the fans that have kept the game afloat. Congratulations to Daybreak for creating a true testament of longevity.

Square Enix Announces Its PAX East 2019 Lineup

Square Enix has announced the lineups and events for PAX East 2019 that will occur from March 28-31. This grand event will take place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Any eligible person in attendance can be the recipient of special prizes and are also awarded an opportunity to play some of the publisher’s best titles. Attendees may even get to play Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt, or the upcoming Tomb Raider Legends The Board Game.

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