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AKS Gaming News 15/03/2019

The Grappling Hook Returns to Dying Light 2

The grappling hook is making a comeback in Dying Light 2 and the developers promise that it won’t break the game this time around. All this has been confirmed by the game’s programmer Bartosz Kulon. He even shared that the idea of the grappling hook was actually a coding mistake on his side in the first game, but fans went crazy about it, even complaining that it was released very late in the game. So there you go, when Dying Light 2 releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the grappling hook will be available.

Path of Exile’s PS4 Release Date Announced

Grinding Gear Games has announced in a Tweet that their popular free-to-download action RPG, Path of Exile, will be launching on the PlayStation 4! This will be arriving along with the game’s latest expansion called Synthesis. All these will be dropping on March 26th. This is great news as the game had been previously delayed from a December 2018 release to a February 2019 release and then to March. The delay was due to some certification issues, according to Grinding Gear Games.

Indie Game Solar Ash Kingdom Revealed

Indie studio Heart Machine, makers of Hyper Light Drifter, has a brand new game. The new game is Solar Ash Kingdom, and although it is not a direct sequel to Hyper Light Drifter, it does share the same universe and DNA, as Heart Machine describes it. Solar Ash Kingdom will fully be a 3D experience with a third-person camera, basing on the game’s trailer. We don’t have news on when the game will be released, but it will most probably be launching on the Epic Games Store.

New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Goes Live Next Week

Overwatch’s new hero, Baptiste, has been in the PTR for quite some time, and finally all players will get to play him as he heads to the live servers on March 19th. This will be the first time the hero will be available to everyone on all platforms. Baptiste is the 30th Overwatch hero who’s a combat medic serving as a support class during matches. His primary weapon is the Biotic Launcher, while his secondary fire can heal his allies. His Exo Boots also allows him to jump extra high.

New Dauntless Patch Adds a New Monster

Phoenix Labs’ monster-hunting game Dauntless will launch to the Epic Games Store and on consoles later this year, and the developer has released a new patch in preparation for launch. This new patch adds a new Behemoth, as well as a third Hunt Pass for players who love cosmetics. This also includes a rework for the hammer, one of the six weapons in the game. The new Behemoth is the Boreus, who comes with a pack of minions who will protect it at all costs.

Fortnite on Switch Still Has Cross-Play Features

The patch notes for Fortnite’s update v8.10 has sparked a bit of confusion, as some have reported that the Switch version of the game will no longer be supporting cross-play with Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is not true, according to Epic, as what they only did was group Switch with mobile – meaning mobile players will automatically be matchmaked with Switch players. Switch players can just party up with players on consoles to play together.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Remaster Promises Gameplay Improvements

Ubisoft is promising players that Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered will include gameplay improvements. In a video, Ubisoft highlighted some of the gameplay improvements like firing arrows which will now be free-aim. There are also more stealth options for players to choose from, such as the ability to whistle from hidden areas so they could lure enemies. They also added double silent assassinations. All these and many more will be at your fingertips when Assassin’s Creed 3: Remastered launches on March 29th.

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia Now Live With a Quest for Booze

Fallout 76’s Wild Appalachian update is finally live, and players will be busy with new things to do every week. A new questline, called ‘Wasted on Nukashine’, kicks off the update. This quest allows players to use the new brewing and distilling systems to craft beverages. Daily quests will require players to brew boozy drinks and also learn new recipes. A new limited-time event is also slated to take place starting March 19th, so players can look forward to that.

Dwarf Fortress Heading to Steam

The classic game Dwarf Fortress is making a comeback. This is big news to fans of classic games as Bay 12 and publisher Kitfox Games have announced that the game will be heading to Steam and The game will also launch with stunning artwork. The game’s Steam release date has not been announced at this time.

Gearbox Teases “Another Game” for PAX

Following a teaser on what appears like an upcoming announcement for Borderlands 3, Gearbox has posted a new tweet for “another game” for PAX. The tweet says, “Time to tease another game for PAX!” and it comes with an image of a figure lying on some lab apparatus with lines of cords. Whatever this is, we can learn more when PAX East takes place on March 28th.

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch

17 Bit’s Samurai-themed turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. A specific release date has not been announced, but the game will be launching to the handheld this Spring. The game features a fast-paced combination of arcade action and turn-based gameplay. Players will enjoy playing through 24 levels in its epic single-player campaign. There’s also multiplayer, and many more awesome features this game can offer, so you might want to check this out.

Russia 2055 Gets Public Beta Build This Week

Russia 2055 developer Invictus Volition posted a tweet stating that on March 15 they will release a public build for everyone to test. In the same post, he apologetically highlighted that there are still people who never received keys to the preceding beta. The developer then expressed gratitude to the fans for their continued support. Invictus Volition has also launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to better scale the project. An official release date for Russia 2055 is yet to be shared.

Anthem Players Threaten to Boycott the Game

Anthem players are threatening to boycott the game from March 11th to the 15th. This was incited by a post published by Reddit user, Afinda. Said post implored Anthem players to boycott the game due to the 11-hour bug. This bug caused ‘Masterworks’ and ‘Legendary’ loot drops to start appearing much more frequently. Once the developers were alerted it was immediately patched, however, it was very frustrating for the players because this appears to be a recurring theme.

Black Desert Online’s 3rd Anniversary Activities Announced

Pearl Abyss prolongs its celebration of Black Desert Online’s 3rd Anniversary with awesome new in-game events. According to the developer, these events will award players an opportunity to gain coveted rewards should they participate. Said events are the Glimmering Old Moon event and the Cron Collector event. A Hall of Fame will also be erected to honor Black Desert Online’s most loyal players. New players may earn a free game pass through the game’s new battle royale mode.

Bandai Namco Releases Trailer for Bless Unleashed’s New Berserker Class

Bandai Namco recently released a brand-new trailer brandishing the Berserker Class for Bless Unleashed. The trailer highlights some of the various moves and situational combos available to the class. The video also gives players a detailed view of the Berserker’s character model then concluded the trailer with the game’s tagline of “Make them Pray.” The developer has not divulged the official release date for the title but it is expected to drop sometime this year.

200-Player Survival Game CryoFall Announced

Daedalic Entertainment is shining with excitement as they announce that CryoFall will be released on April 3, 2019. CryoFall is a new sci-fi-inspired, multiplayer, survival game that hurls 200 players into the wilderness of an unknown planet. The players will then have to contend with the lethal inhabitants of said planet while uncovering the hidden and mysterious story behind the destination. CryoFall is set to be released for Windows PC via Steam Early Access.

Death end re’Quest Gets a PC Version This Spring

Death end re;Quest is scheduled for release for PC in spring of this year according to developers, IDEA FACTORY. The PC iteration of the game includes all the original content found in the Japanese version of the game. Steam users will also be granted access to the free and paid DLC indigenous to the PlayStation 4 version, with the exception of the Bonus Weapon DLC. As a bonus addition, the Steam version will come with Japanese and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

PlayerUnknown Gives Up Development of PUBG, To Take On Special Projects

Brendan Greene, who is the creator of PUBG, announced that PlayerUnknown is forfeiting development of the game to pursue other projects. He spoke about the formation of a new team within PUBG Corporation and located in Amsterdam, dedicated to work on an all new project. He then concluded his statement by thanking all the players and fans for all the support issued, after-which he extended an invitation to anyone who thinks they have something to offer the PUBG Special Projects team.

Skyworld Launches on March 26th

Vertigo Games and Wolfdog Interactive have announced that Skyworld will be launching for PlayStation VR on March 26, 2019. The award-winning VR strategy game will see some cool new player-progression features added to it. The developers have combined turn-based strategy gameplay with real-time battle scenarios to give players truly special gaming experience. Grab your copy of the game for chance to control a kingdom at war in VR against friends online or within solo campaigns.

War Thunder’s 1.87 Update Now Available

War Thunder has revived a new content update that comes bearing some new and interesting features. The update includes radar systems as a new game mechanic for aircraft, helicopters and tanks. Also, over 30 new vehicles have been added to the game. The extensive list of new machines comprises of the first French helicopters, new cruisers, new destroyers, the first ground vehicles of the new Rank VII as well as the first surface-to-air missile system and the Soviet 2S6 ‘Tunguska.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Gets New Content in Latest Update

The brand-new World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth update sees the inclusion of some interesting new content. The new update enables you to play as a Zandalari Troll or Kul Tiran Human as you master your craft with Tools of the Trade. Get ready to solve the mystery of who murdered the guild’s quartermaster in an all-new Brawler’s Guild quest line. These and other noteworthy additions come as part of the update. You may visit the game’s official website to view the full patch-notes.

Open World RPG-Shooter Ashes of Oahu Revealed

Wyrmbyte recently announced that Ashes of Oahu will be released in Spring of this year. The game draws inspiration from unique stories, traditions, and beliefs of the Hawaiian Islands. Ashes of Oahu promises an experience unlike any other you have ever lived. Delve into this open world, story-driven shooter in which you work with or against the surviving factions of a post apocalyptic Hawaii. The game also comes with 25 sq/km terrain complimented by some truly mesmerizing locations.

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