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AKS Gaming News 27/02/2019

New Overwatch Hero Baptiste Confirmed

Blizzard has confirmed that Baptiste is indeed the new character who’s joining the ever-growing Overwatch roster. The announcement came with a new origin story video uploaded in the Play Overwatch YouTube channel. Baptiste is a combat medic who grew up as an orphan in the Omnic Wars. Baptiste is presumably a mix of a healer and a DPS. Blizzard did not specify a release date for him, but we’re sure he will be added to the Public Test Servers soon.

Resident Evil Games Heading to Switch

Three Resident Evil games are heading to the Nintendo Switch this May! On May 21, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1, and Resident Evil 4 will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop as digital downloads. Pre-orders for these games will open on February 28th. In related news, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 will also be available in physical copies via the Resident Evil Origins Collection for North American customers, although a switch port has not been announced for this yet.

Fallout 76 Invisible Teammate Bug to Get Fix in Next Patch

A bug dubbed as “the invisible teammate bug” was discovered in Fallout 76 last December, and players of the game will be happy to know that Bethesda is working on a fix for it. In a reddit post, Bethesda community manager u/Valseek said, “This one’s on our radar and we’re hoping to have a fix roll out for invisible teammates in our next patch!” The next patch for the game is due to roll out on March 12th.

Apex Legends Team Working on Player Hitbox Issues

Apex Legends rose to popularity in just mere hours after it was surprisingly launched by Respawn, but as with other games, it was not spared from bugs and issues. Respawn took to Reddit to address its player base and said they are aware of issues in the game, specifically hitbox issues. And while they are not exactly sure how they will tackle the issue, it is quite comforting knowing that Respawn has taken note of this and will surely release a fix soon.

Massive Dead Cells DLC Gets Fresh Details in New Video

The action-platformer Dead Cells is getting a massive update, and it’s free to anyone who owns the game. It is now available for PC players in beta form. The DLc is called Rise of the Giant and it adds a new final area called the Cavern and a new boss. It will alaso add another secret area and boss, details of which are not available at this time. It will also add 10 new enemies, a new Skinning system, over 50 character outfits and many, many more. The DLC will also be available on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XII Xbox One and Switch Versions to Get New Improvements

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’s Xbox One and Switch ports will be getting new improvements. These two ports of the game will allow players to Respec their party members’ jobs as they see fit. The New Game+ mode has also been improved, allowing characters to start it at level 90 and bring their items, magic, weapons and more from their previous playthrough. The Switch and Xbox One ports of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age heads on Xbox One and Switch on April 30.

New Details on The Division 2’s Open Beta Released

This weekend will be The Division 2’s open beta, and players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will finally get to try the game before it launches on March 15th. In preparation for the beta, Ubisoft released new details on the game’s website. The beta runs from March 1-4 on all three platforms. Players will have access to three main missions, as well as two modes: Normal and Hard. The missions include 1 new mission for this beta, while the other two were available during previous betas. You will find all details in The Division 2’s website.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Upcoming Update Includes New Game Plus Mode

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s February 26 update introduces a much-awaited mode for the game: the New Game+ mode. To access this, players must be able to finish the Family Quest Line. Once completed, players will be able to see the option to play the game in New Game+ mode in the Main Menu. This mode will bring players back to the beginning of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s story, but with their existing gear, mount, abilities, and more.

Fortnite Season 8 Start Date Announced

Epic Games has finally revealed when Season 8 for Fortnite will be starting. The new season kicks off on February 28th across all platforms. Prior to the announcement, Epic has been dropping hints on what players can expect for the new season. So far, it seems like we can expect a pirate theme with references to treasure hunts and characters arriving by sea. The map has been experiencing tremors as well, which may end up splitting it into multiple islands.

Fallout 3 Remaster Could Possibly Release This Year

After Amazon listings popped up for a new Fallout game releasing this year, now players have noticed a ten second teaser with a classic Fallout countdown. If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice the letter ‘L’ mysteriously popping up at the 3 count. Some people on the internet are not interpreting this as a sign that the upcoming game will be a remaster of Fallout 3. Of course, we can’t be sure until an official announcement is made. Until then, take this with a grain of salt.

Outlaws of the Old West to Launch on Early Access on March 12th

If you’re bummed that Red Dead Redemption 2 has skipped PC altogether and need a good ol’ western gaming fix, you might want to check out Outlaws of the Old West. It’s an open-world sandbox survival game set in the American frontier in the 19th century. Players will need to hunt, forage, mine, and craft in order to survive. The game features a vast map to explore, up to 150 players in PvP, PvE and role-play servers, and an elaborate morality system. The game launches in Early Access come March 12th.

The Division 2’s Open Beta Includes an Extra Mission

The Division 2’s Open Beta now has an extra main mission granting players even more content to comb through before the game’s official release. According to Ubisoft, the beta commences on March 1 through to March 4. The beta will feature some endgame content, so players who indulge will be awarded some early hostile interaction with some of the members and weaponry from the Black Tusk organization. The Division 2 is due for release on March 15, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Claybook is Heading to the Nintendo Switch with a Creative Mode

It was recently revealed that Second Order’s Claybook is headed for the Nintendo Switch and is releasing on March 12, 2019. With this title, the developers intend to provide a nostalgic experience for players as they unleash their inner youth and enter a world where having a creative imagination matters. In the trailer that accompanied the announcement, you can see that the world is made from clay and you can modify it using the in-game editor. The trailer also teases a new creative mode.

Fortnite’s Respawn Mechanic Could Launch on Season 8

There is a possibility Fortnite is getting a re-spawn mechanic according Epic Games. The company said that they have been considering the mechanic for a while and have been exploring it. They then went on to say they would like to be certain they give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole. Epic then urged the fans to look for further updates during Season 8. Said mechanic is present in Apex Legends which is Fortnite’s main competitor.

Release Date for Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland Revealed

March 11, 2019 marks the date fans can expect Scriptwelder’s 2D adventure game, Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland. The developer also released screenshots and a trailer which gives players a glimpse of what they can expect in when the game releases. Scriptwelder gave a statement which reads “This game is my biggest project ever. Thank you for your patience and I hope the finished game will be worth the wait.” Surely the developer’s hopes are synonymous to that of the patient fans.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s Varnhold’s Lot DLC Launches February 28th

Owlcat Games’ role-playing game Pathfinder: Kingmaker is poised to receive its second DLC Varnhold’s Lot on February 28, 2019. The DLC consists of a complete and challenging self-contained side story and a huge new dungeon laden with secrets. In Varnhold’s Lot your objective is to lead your commander to victory in combat and to prosperity in peace. Visit Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s Steam page for more information on the DLC, its content, and how to acquire it.

Devotion Removed From Steam After Chinese Players Review Bombed It

On February 26, 2019 Devotion was temporarily removed from Steam after Chinese players launched a review bombing campaign on its Steam page. The rationale for the attack is a controversial meme about China’s president that was present in the game. In response to the issue, developer Red Candle Games posted on Facebook saying they are reviewing the game material to ensure there are no other unintended materials were inserted in. Hopefully, this will be rectified when the title is reintroduced.

No Plans for Cyberpunk 2077 Beta, CD Projekt Red Says

CD Projekt Red has no immediate plans for a Cyberpunk 2077 beta. This confirmation came in response to a fan who tweeted at the game’s official account inquiring about a beta. The exact confirmation tweet read ‘We have no plans for closed/open beta.” However, this should not come as a surprise considering most of the games that generally get a beta are multiplayer focused, while Cyberpunk 2077 gives more of a single player story experience.

Brawlhalla Gets Offline Events in 4th year of Its eSports

Ubisoft officially announced the offline events for Year Four of Brawlhalla Esports, including over $500,000 in prize money. Many official tournaments for Brawlhalla are hosted online, but in this instance, a large portion of them will take place at in-person tournaments. This means that the platformer fighting game will share events with other titles. The tournaments include brackets for 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, with an even split in the prize pool for each. Registration is free.

Overload Heading to Xbox One

Revival Productions’ first-person BR game Overload, will be available for the Xbox One on the 6th of March 2019. Soon Xbox One players will have no need to envy players on the other platforms as they too will be able to destroy robots, rescue hostages, blow up reactors, and escape the inevitable explosion. You can visit the game’s official website for a better understanding as to what the game entails. Overload is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

RuneScape’s Elite Dungeon’s Trilogy Concludes with The Shadow Reef

The Shadow Reef marks the end of RuneScape’s Elite Dungeon’s Trilogy. The trilogy commenced in summer last year with The Temple of Aminishi and Dragonkin Laboratory. Many months later it is finally ending with the launch of The Shadow Reef. The new RuneScape chapter sends players on a mission to deal with the subsurface perils that lurk within the depths of the troubled water. The next chapter also comes with a significant change for the previous Elite Dungeons.

Deep Rock Galactic Celebrates Anniversary With an Update

Ghost Ship Games has released a new update in celebration of Deep Rock Galactic’s first anniversary. This is the 22nd update and it features a host of festive celebrations to encourage wild dwarven space parties. The update also includes festive Space Rig dressing, a fancy party hat for your dwarf, happy hour at the Abyss Bar, as well as a host of technical tweaks and a weekly assignment system. Deep Rock Galactic is available on Steam Early Access.

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