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AKS Gaming News 18/02/2019

Metro Exodus Celebrates Launch with a New Trailer

After over a year’s worth of hype and anticipation, Metro Exodus has finally launched and 4A Games is celebrating the momentous occasion with a brand new trailer. In it, we see some of the best post-apocalyptic landscapes the game has to offer, each one brimming with dark and gritty atmosphere. It also showcases some of the praise the game has already received from critics. Metro Exodus is the third entry in the story-driven shooter series and is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

New Fate/Extella Link Trailers Reveal Tamamo and Nameless

Xseed Games has launched a couple of new trailers for Fate/Extella Link. The trailers feature two popular characters for the Fate series — the Archer-class servant Nameless and the Caster-class servant Tamamo no Mae. The game is a sequel to Fate/Extella The Umbral Star and will feature ten new playable servants from other entries in the Fate series. The game is set to release this March for PC, PS4, Switch and Vita. The game will feature a 4-on-4 multiplayer mode on all platforms except the Vita.

Nintendo may be Adding VR Support to the Switch This Year

Although Nintendo France managing director Philippe Lavoue has previously said that he doubts the VR will go mainstream, rumors are now surfacing that Nintendo may be announcing their own version of the experience for the Switch this year. According to Nintendo World Report, several sources have said that select first-party titles will receive VR support. Other evidence also exist, such as a screen-plitting VR mode hidden in the console’s firmware, and a Nintendo patent application for a head-mounted display.

Bayonetta 3 will be Launching Later This Year

The latest Nintendo Direct was definitely filled with lots of games to look forward to. However, it mentioned nothing about Bayonetta 3. This has left fans concerned about the development of the game, especially with PlatinumGames announcing a new ambitious game. Well, if you’re a Bayonetta fan, don’t fret. Senior product marketing manager Bill Trinnen has revealed that Bayonetta 3 will indeed be launching later this year. No specific window was mentioned, but we should get a solid date in the next couple of months.

Progress from the Private Beta Won’t Carry Over to The Division 2’s Open Beta

The Division 2’s open beta is scheduled to happen from March 1st to 4th. If you played during the private beta and are wondering whether you can continue your progress in the open beta, the answer is simply ‘no’. Given that the open beta will feature the same content as the private beta, those who played in the previous beta can choose to just skip this one and just wait for the full release. However, if you can’t get enough of The Division 2 and don’t mind starting over, go ahead and jump back in.

New Endless Mode ‘Stalker Trials’ Coming to Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden

A new endless mode called Stalker Trials is coming to Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden. According to Funcom, the mode “will populate a selection of the game’s maps with different types of enemies to create new challenges.” Players will have access to all crew members, mutations and skill, but weapons will have to be bought and upgraded, while armor and headgear will be unlocked along the way. The mode will arrive later this month and should give the rather short game a new breath of life.

Upcoming Jump Force Patch will Let Players Skip Cutscenes

Bandai Namco will be releasing an update for Jump Force “in the coming days” that will fix some stability issues, get rid of some bugs, and improve load times. The patch will also allow players to skip cutscenes, which, quite frankly, is a godsend given how most of them are definitely missable. No exact release date was given for when the patch will roll out. Bandai Namco has also said that there are other patches in the works for the game that will be revealed in future announcements.

Tencent Plans to Bring Apex Legends to China

Reports are saying that Tencent is currently in talks with EA to bring Apex Legends to China. An anonymous source told the South China Morning Post that both companies are locked in negotiations to reach a deal. Apex Legends has been a huge hit since its launch, hitting more than 25 million registered players in just one week. Not bad for a game that was announced and launched on the same day. Of course, bringing the Titanfall battle royale spin-off to the massive Chinese market will only serve to boost those numbers.

Dead or Alive 6 Demo Announced

Team Ninja announced during the recent EVO Japan that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting a demo. This will be available for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members only, and will run from February 22nd until the 24th. The Dead or Alive 6 Demo will give players the chance to try the game’s free training mode, tutorial, and also the introduction to the story mode. There will also be online ranked lobbies, plus all 24 characters will be playable. The game fully launches on March 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

PlanetSide Arena Has Been Delayed Again

PlanetSide Arena has suffered another delay. The game was first supposed to launch on January 29th but was pushed back to March. Now, after a closed beta, Daybreak Game Company has decided to push the game’s launch back even farther to this summer. Daybreak will be refunding all PlanetSide Arena pre-orders as well. It’s possible that Daybreak’s decision may be because of the feedback they got from the beta, but it’s hard to imagine that Respawn’s surprise hit, Apex Legends, didn’t play a part in changing the dev’s plans.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Launches on PC

The two versus two fighting game by SNK will be coming to PC! SNK revealed during EVO Japan 2019 that the SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy will be arriving on PC via Steam on February 21, 2019. Get to assemble your heroines and battle head-on with your opponents, choose from an iconic cast of female SNK characters and defeat your enemies with style as well as elegance. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy first launched for the Nintendo Switch is will be arriving next week for PC!

Earthquakes Create Cracks in Fortnite

Huge cracks courtesy of earthquakes persist to appear as we draw closer to Fortnite’s 8th Season. We know what had caused the cracks to appear but we know not what caused the earthquakes themselves. Players have been speculating as to what the source of the earthquakes are and what these events are signaling. All guesses are presumed to be unconfirmed until February 28, 2019 when season 7 concludes and Season 8 commences. All that is shrouded will be unveiled with time.

Flower Celebrates 10th Anniversary By Launching on PC

thatgamecompany has brought its beautiful adventure game, Flower, to PC via Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary. In doing so the developers spread all the love, joy and peace that Flower promotes to a much wider audience. The game places you in control of the winds as they carry petals across breathtaking landscapes. Use the petals your have gathered to resuscitate dead areas. The developers accomplished their mission of making Flower “an escape from stress and loneliness.”

Valve’s Card Game Artifact Continues to Struggle

Artifact’s bleeding persists as it struggles to have up to 1000 concurrent players a day. This is very alarming because when the game was marketed last year, many players took interest in it and it did very well during its first week. Since then, the game’s active player-base has been rapidly diminishing. Artifact is now at a critical stage and some effort needs to be invested if the game is to have any type of longevity. Valve has not spoken to the state of their card game so Artifact’s future is unclear.

The Elder Scrolls Online Wrathstone DLC Release Date Revealed

ZeniMax Online Studios’ MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving its Wrathstone DLC soon. This DLC sets out to challenge players to find both halves of the mysterious Wrathstone tablet with two new four-player dungeons, Depths of Malatar and Frostvault. Wrathstone also initiates the Season of the Dragon year-long adventure. The DLC game pack will drop for PC on February 25. PS4 and Xbox One will receive the DLC on March 12, 2019. Visit the game’s official website for more information.

Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Launches on Steam

FALL OF LIGHT: DARKEST EDITION is officially on steam and it launches with a free update for all players. Now everyone can embrace the darkness of this story-driven dungeon crawler. Get ready to embark a dark adventure as an old warrior who is taking his daughter to see the last remnants of sunlight. Should they desist converging forces, all efforts to defeat the shadow born enemies will prove futile. The new patch 1.5 also features a new dungeon with a new boss fight, traps, enemies and weapons.

Dungeons 3: An Unexpected DLC Available Now

DUNGEONS 3: AN UNEXPECTED DLC is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The DLC prolongs the story of Dungeons 3. Realmforge Studios shared that this DLC takes the dungeon-building sim on a challenging, fully-voiced new campaign set across three new maps. Players will encounter a new creep type and a new boss to contend with in the form of the Queen of the Forest. The announcement also came with a video which gives a gimps of what players can expect when they indulge in DUNGEONS 3: AN UNEXPECTED DLC.

Dead or Alive 6 Gets Demo, SNK Collab and World Championship Revealed

Team NINJA left fans salivating after churning out a stream of exciting announcements at EVO Japan. The announcements included the pre-launch DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Deluxe Demo, a new eSports venture named the DEAD OR ALIVE World Championship, and the first news on the upcoming Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1. The Season one pass will feature two characters from SNK’s THE KING OF FIGHTERS 14. You can visit the Dead or Alive 6 official website for further information.

Forgiveness Out on Steam This Month

February 28, 2019 marks the day Forgiveness graces the Steam store with its presence. Noam Matam Rotam extends an invitation to you to try the mind-bending puzzle game on the mentioned date. As further incentive to grab a copy, the game will be 15% off from the store price during the first week of launch. The trailer issued with the announcement is narrated by a chilling male voice proclaiming to be the voice of God. On the 28th the onus is on you to prove that you are worthy of “God’s” forgiveness.

Car Mechanic Simulator Debuts on the Switch

Finally Car Mechanic Simulator enthusiasts on the go can enjoy the game as it’s now on the Nintendo Switch. Now there is no excuse, as even while on the road, players can roll their sleeves up and get to work. If you have prior knowledge on fixing cars it is definitely a plus. However, the developers have made the game accessible even to players that do not have knowledge on fixing cars. Car Mechanic Simulator has very intuitive controls and clear instructions which makes the experience on the Switch every bit as fun as on other platforms.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Gets Stalker Trials Mode Later This Month

Funcom has announced that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden fans will receive a Stalker Trials mode late February. This endless mode features some changes to the base game which gives players a new challenging way to play. The full Stalker Trials mode will only be available for PC at the end of this month, but the developers fully intend to release it on consoles. The date for the console release is yet to be announced. Funcom also reminds players to back up their game data as any beta bugs may cause them to regress.

Dungeon Stars Launches on the Switch February 19th

DUNGEON STARS is available on the Switch as of February 19, 2019. Dungeon Stars is a family-friendly game set in a rich 3D world where very lovable characters reside. Rescue your fellow heroes from ferocious beast that hail from the shadows of creepy dungeons. Prepare to engage button mashing action as you attempt to return the stars to their celestial homes. Players who detest excessively grind intensive games will have a blast with Dungeon Stars as it is cheered for having a very rapid progression system.

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