Allkeyshop TV News 11 February (Recap)

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AKS Gaming News 11/02/2019

New World War Z Trailer Shows Off Player vs. Player vs. Zombies

A new trailer was released for World War Z and it introduces the game’s four-player co-op. This will be a player versus player versus zombie mode where players are challenged to outlive other players – as well as zombies – in different competitive modes The unique thing about this is that a swarm of zombies will still be after you as you battle with your opponents. The multiplayer modes available are Scavenge Raid, Vaccine Hunt, Swarm Deathmatch, Swarm Domination, and King of the Hill.

Worbital Online Demo Now Available

If you are still unsure whether you would want to purchase the action, indie, strategy game Worbital or not, Team Jolly Roger has got the best solution for you. An online demo is available to play for free on Steam for those not too sure if it is worth the purchase. You can get to try out the game’s tutorial and online quickplay matches that would only have the default loadouts. This means you are able to play with other demo players online but with only a few selections of weapons. Worbital is out now!

Galactic Civilizations 3’s Retribution Expansion will Launch on February 21st

A new Galactic Civilizations 3 expansion will be arriving on February 21, 2019, and it is called Retribution. The announcement was made with a new trailer released by Stardock Entertainment. This new expansion will come with all new artifacts, hypergates, major civilizations namely Drath and Korath, new Cargo ships, a brand new Technology Tree, as well as a Retribution Campaign where the humans are actually willing to use violence against the malevolent Drengin Empire.

Epic Games Store’s Next Giveaway is Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is going to be free on the Epic Games Store this month! This point-and-click adventure by the creators of Maniac Mansion Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick will be giving you a brand new adventure in an old-school style setting. A once sprawling town, Thimbleweed Park had a busy business district and even a luxurious hotel. But all of that is gone now, the only buzz that the town has gotten recently is the dead body floating in the riverside which our two detectives will investigate.

Hearts of Iron 4 gets Man the Guns Expansion at the End of February

Hearts of Iron 4: Man the Guns will be launching on February 28, 2019, and with that announcement came a release date trailer. Man the Guns will be adding greater depth to the game’s naval warfare. Players will be able to design their own warships by adding armor or heavier guns. This will also add newer options for democratic nations like new paths for the United States as well as other great free nations. The launch of Man the Guns will come with a huge free update for Hearts of Iron 4.

Battlerite and Battlerite Royale are Getting a Battle Pass

Stunlock Studios announced that they’ll be launching a Battle Pass for both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. The Battle Pass will share progress over the two games and is scheduled to launch on the same day Battlerite Royale goes free-to-play, February 19th. The Battle Pass will have unlockable rewards including pets, emotes, weapons, outfits and others. The Battle Pass is free but can be upgraded to a Premium Battle Pass for 950 gems, or real-world money, for even more game content and other perks.

Project Winter Out Now on Steam Early Access

Project Winter is now available on Steam Early Access! The game previously had an open beta and there were thousands who joined. The Ocean Group’s servers did so well that all the traitors and survivors who joined in had an amazing time playing. The open beta was such a huge success that those who were able to play in its multiplayer is left wanting more. So having the game available in Early Access is amazing news as players can now go and partner up or even go against their friends in Project Winter.

Teaser Confirms Rainbow Six Siege is going Aussie Next Season

Ubisoft has just posted a tweet simply saying “g’day” with an animated image of a kangaroo crossing sign. This eliminates all doubt that the next Rainbow Six Siege seasonal theme is all about Australia. Two new Australian operators were also leaked a few weeks ago — Mozzie and Gridlock. The Australian theme makes the leak more likely to be true. A proper Year 4 Reveal is set to happen on February 17th, during the The Six Invitational, so we’ll learn everything that’s in store then.

Free DLC Released for NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

A free NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 DLC has been released by developer Saber Interactive and it is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The update comes with the new 2019 NBA All-Star playground in Charlotte plus a special Valentine’s Day playground. This will also come with some new cosmetic outfit items, new players to unlock as well as a lot of new content to enjoy like daily challenges and stability fixes. Also, the challenges can now be seen via the pause menu as well.

Upcoming World War 3 Update Mainly Based on Player Feedback

In line with The Farm 51’s Community Driven Development principle, World War 3 will be getting a major update focused on “stability, performance and bug-fixing”. The update will also introduce a long requested feature, a Server Browser, making matching up with friends a whole lot easier. Also included in the update are improvements aimed at player movement, sound effects, and gameplay, along with a new TDM map, weapon, vehicle and outfit. World War 3 is currently in Early Access.

Sigma Theory Global Cold War Release Date Announced

Sigma Theory Global Cold War, the upcoming turn-based strategy game from Mi-Clos Studio, finally has a confirmed release date. The game is set in the future amidst an ongoing global cold war and brings with it a new take on the espionage genre. The game’s story is written by FibreTigre, the writer and co-designer of the award-winning space exploration game, Out There. Sigma Theory is set to launch on April 18th for PC, Linux and Mac. Pre-ordering will get you instant access to the ongoing private beta.

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