PC Building Simulator Update v1.0.3 – Hotfix recap

Shodanxxx/ Febbraio 4, 2019/ PC Building Simulator

Hello PC Builders,

There’s been a couple of small patches over the last week to fix a few of the more common issues you all have reported to us.

This is what we have been fixing:

  • Fixed an issue that caused some save games from failing to load when advancing to the next day.
  • Fixed an issue with non-modular PSU cables being counted towards cable objectives in jobs (this meant the objective would fail even though the player couldn’t actually swap the cables).
  • Fixed an issue with the top fan slots on the GamerStorm New ARK 90 where EKWB case fans would block each other incorrectly.
  • Fixed the missing power button cable in the GamerStorm New ARK 90 case.
  • Fixed an issue in the Fractal Design Meshify C where the reservoir would block the GPU even though it was nowhere near it.
  • Made some improvements to try and stop PC’s being generated that have parts blocking each other.
    If you have a PC that currently has this issue, the job will need to be discarded as the fix will only work for newly generated PC’s after the update.

Thanks for all the save games and images everyone provided for the issues found – they really did help us get to the bottom of them much faster!


The PC Building Simulator Team