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AKS Gaming News 02/02/2019

Project Winter Open Beta To Launch This Weekend

Project Winter is launching its open beta this weekend which will end on February 3rd. This is a co-op survival game where backstabbing and betrayal can bring you very far. There will be eight players and everyone is stuck in a snowy wilderness where you would need to survive by gathering supplies, fending off wild animals as well as make some repairs. But not everyone in the group has the same intentions, there will be two traitors that will stop the whole team from escaping.

Overwatch Players Enjoy Playing the Piano in the New Paris Map

Overwatch’s Paris Map which is out now is super fun, since it has a playable grand piano! The piano is fully functional and players are able to play tunes on it using their guns. That is actually the only way to play the piano in this map- with the use of a gun. You might think that that would be hard, however, some players have already stepped up to the plate and were able to share some videos of the tunes that they played. One even playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise and the current favorite is the La Vie En Rose.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Officially Revealed for Switch

THQ Nordic was able to announce that the Darksiders: Warmasterd Edition is actually releasing for the Nintendo Switch. This will happen on April 2, 2019, and is available to be purchased on both the retail stores as well as at the eShop which is Nintendo’s digital storefront. The game will cost about $29.99 for the Switch. Also, according to a leak, Darksiders 2 will also be reaching the Switch but none of that has been confirmed as of right now. We will know more soon as announcements are made.

First Chapters of Left Alive Revealed in Latest Gameplay Video

Square Enix was able to share a new gameplay video for their upcoming game, Left Alive. We are introduced to one of the three protagonists named Mikhail. Mikhail starts with a handgun and a few tools and the catch is that the handgun has no bullets left. Left Alive’s Director Toshifumi Nabeshima explains that the game is more on survival rather than only a third person shooter. Left Alive is set to launch on February 28 in Japan and March 5 in the West for PC and PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy 7 is Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

Our well-loved RPG Final Fantasy VII is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This was seen in a short commercial where we can see the game on a Switch with the words “Final Fantasy VII coming soon!” The intention for this was announced by Square Enix back in September 2018. Other Final Fantasy games are expected for the handheld hybrid console as well as the Final Fantasy IX, X, and X-2 remaster and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. No specific date was given but we are sure that it will arrive this year.

Persona Q2 Won’t Be Voiced in English

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth will be arriving in North America and Europe later this year. However, Altus USA confirmed that the game will only have a Japanese voice track with English subtitles. This could be disappointing for fans as previous Persona games had English voice work in them. But this time around it may not be cost-effective for Altus. Persona Q2 was made available in Japan on November 29, 2018, and it will be available in the west on June 4, 2019, for the Nintendo DS.

Battlerite Royale Free to Play Release Date Announced

Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite Royal will be exiting the Steam Early Access and will be a free-to-play game on February 19th. This action-packed MOBA and Battle Royale mash-up will have players jumping off a back of a dragon and skydiving on to Talon Island. The game’s map is about 30 times larger as compared to the regular Battlerite games and Champions can be chosen and are optimized for battle royale, each will have a unique fighting style. Both the combat and input system will still be the same.

For Honor’s Year of the Harbinger Now Underway

For Honor’s third year of content called the Year of the Harbinger is coming! This will arrive with a new map, a new hero and so much more. There will be four seasons available throughout the year. The first season called the Vortiger is available now and will be running until the end of April. Season 2 will be from May to July, Season 3 will run from August to October and the fourth and final season will be on December. This will also come with a special Halloween event for October.

Kano Joins Mortal Kombat 11 Roster

The next character announced to be coming to Mortal Kombat 11 is the guy with the cybernetic laser eye – Kano! The announcement was made via Twitter with an image of a shirtless Kano with his cybernetic eye glowing orange. He is also holding a huge knife and the post read “Greed personified…Kano returns to Mortal Kombat”. This may not come as a surprise to many as Kano has been a frequent character available in the MK games. Mortal Kombat 11 will launch on April 23, 2019, for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Bannermen Open Beta Announced

A new medieval RTS called Bannermen will be having an open beta on February 8 to 10. The game has been announced a couple of years ago and a Kickstarter campaign had been set up for it but was canceled. However, the game’s development still pushed through and it is now expected to launch on February 21. The game features dynamic environments as well as a semi-fantasy medieval realm called Valtoria. Base building is also available as well as resource management. Bannermen will be available for PC.

Loot Cave with 3 Supply Crates Added in PUBG’s Latest Patch

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a new patch coming and it comes with a loot cave with three supply crates! The announcement was made via a trailer video. The cave is found in the north-eastern corner of the Vikendi map and can be seen behind some walls. There are three entrances for it. The entrances are blocked with rocks, so you could either blast your way in with a grenade or ram the wall down with a vehicle. Or better yet, just wait for somebody to break it down and just enter without any effort.

Set Everything Ablaze with Breach’s New Class: The Pyromancer

Breach has released a trailer for its newest class, the Pyromancer. According to QC Games, the class excels in setting enemies on fire, sustaining the DPS from burning, and finishing them off by consuming burn stacks. Players will be able to sample the class for free from February 6th at 4PM GMT to February 7th at 6AM GMT. To do so, just enter the code ‘freepyro’ either in the Breach game launcher or in your player profile on the website. Breach is currently in Early Access on PC.

Grip: Combat Racing Reveals Big Ass Update

Grip: Combat Racing has a new update coming up and it is called the “Big Ass Update”. The update is packed with stuff giving an overhaul to the game’s online lobby as well as matchmaking systems. A rebalance will also be available for the game’s AI and catch-up systems. There will be new modes, race courses, new vehicles as well as some unannounced content. You can check out the complete breakdown of the Big Ass Update in the game’s official site. Grip: Combat Racing launched back in February 2016.

PC System Requirements Announced for Devil May Cry 5

The PC system requirements for Devil May Cry 5 have been finalized. Those wishing to play the demon-slaying adventure on PC will need a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or later, an i5-4460 or FX-6300 processor or better, 8 gigs of RAM, a GTX 760 or Radeon R7 260x with 2 gigs of VRAM, and 35 gigs of storage space. You’ll need either at least an i7-3770 or FX9590, and a GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon RX 480 8GB to hit the recommended specs. Capcom also recommends the use of an XInput controller.

New Playable Character Aneska To Be Added To Spacelords

Developer MercurySteam announced that a new playable character named Aneska will be the joining Spacelords. Aneska is not totally new to the game as she had been the fearsome final boss in the campaign Hades Betrayal that launched last year. Since then the Spacelords community asked if she could be a recruiteable character for the game. Aneska, AKA the Scrouge of Phobos, was an alpha operative of the Hades Division. She is known as the most lethal Mech-Raider in the battlefield.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Launches A New Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been revealed by developers nWay. We get to see the Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers. There will be some screen-filling attacks as well as some assist and tag options. Battle of the Grid will actually launch with online ranked as well as casual modes, plus a story mode. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is expected to be priced at around $20 and it will be available by April this year for PC, PS 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Ape Out Delayed To February

Devolver Digital’s newest game called Ape Out is supposed to launch next week, but it has been delayed for a late February launch, specifically February 28th. You will get to play as a huge gorilla going amok in what looks like an office building, a park, a harbor, and even a forest. And also, just because you are an ape you can not use guns — you actually can! It offers a free-flowing approach to its combat plus the dynamic jazz soundtrack will keep you at the ready. Ape Out will be available for PC and Switch.

Crackdown 3 Gameplay Features New Weapons And A Boss Fight

After being delayed for so long, it looks like Crackdown 3 will really be releasing this February 15th. Previously what we had been seeing is the game’s multiplayer mode but this time we get to see the game’s single-player campaign that features Terry Crews as well as agent Isaiah Jaxon which all leads up to a boss fight with Reza Khan. We first heard about this game during E3 2014 and delays were made stating that the developers would want to deliver a gaming experience that their fans deserve.

Battlefield 5’s Squad Conquest Will Be Running For An Additional 2 Weeks

Due to popular demand, Battlefield 5’s multiplayer game called Squad Conquest will be extended by two weeks, meaning it will run up until February 13, Wednesday. Squad Conquest is a smaller version of the 64-player Conquest match where two teams of eight are further broken down into two squads of four. There will be three flags to take control of in smaller versions of Arras, Rotterdam and Hamada maps. Players would have to control the flags until the rival team runs out of respawns.

Destiny 2 will be Changing Clan System for Season 6

Bungie will be making changes to the Clan system for Destiny 2’s sixth season and the upcoming Joker’s Wild expansion releasing in March. Season of the Drifter, AKA Season 6, will see clans become a combination of mechanics from Year 1 and Year 2. Completing activities out in the world will become the main way for leveling clans but weekly clan bounties will also reward large amounts of clan XP, not to mention legendary gear. Changes to Ethereal Keys and Iron Banner bounties will be made as well.

Horror Mystery Game Kholat is Free to Keep on Steam Right Now

Kholat, the first-person horror adventure game from IMGN.PRO, is free to keep for a limited time on Steam. The game is set in the Ural Mountains and is inspired by true event surrounding the mysterious deaths of nine Russian hikers. Oh, and it’s narrated by British actor Sean Bean. Players will explore the dangerous mountain and find clues as to what caused the fate of the hikers. You have until February 4th to add it to your library for free.

BioWare Responds to Fan Questions About Anthem Microtransactions

A few fans have been asking BioWare about microtransactions in Anthem and the devs have been happy to clear up a few concerns. General manager Casey Hudson reiterated that microtransaction items are optional, cosmetic only, and earnable through playing. Also, all post-launch content, features and story will be free. As for whether crafting materials can be purchased with real money, executive producer Mark Darrah had just one word to say — no! Anthem releases on the 22nd.

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