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Steel Division 2 Release Date Announced

Steel Division 2 now has a definite release date. The real-time strategy wargame from Eugen Systems will be launching on April 4. As a bonus for their loyal fans, the devs will be giving owners of Steel Division Normandy 44 access to exclusive divisions featured in the first game. Dubbed as the “Back To War” pack, the collection will feature three hundred fifty units from eight divisions. This gives the sequel a total of nine hundred fifty units for owners of the first game.

The Divison 2’s Private Beta Includes One Endgame Mission

Ubisoft has revealed that The Division 2 beta happening from February 7th through February 10th will include one endgame mission. Starting the beta’s second day, players will be able to try out level thirty characters plus their three specializations and take on the “Invaded” mission. Players will also be able to sample the crossbow, grenade launcher, and sniper rifle — signature weapons that don’t unlock in the full game until players complete the main campaign.

League Play Coming Back to Black Ops 4

League Play is finally coming to Call of Duty Black Ops 4. League Play is the competitive ranked mode that was supposed to come out in December but was delayed. The mode will come to PlayStation 4 first sometime in mid-February while other platforms will follow soon. No specific launch dates has been announced, but Treyarch says they’ll reveal the dates near launch. PC and Xbox One players are not very happy with the timed exclusivity given that League Play is a major feature.

Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Final DLC is Free for PC Customers Who Pre-Ordered

Fans of Valkyria Chronicles 4 were disappointed when the last two DLCs for the game were delayed, but Sega is generously making up for that. Sega has announced that “Advanced Ops” and “United Front with Squad 7” will now be free for anyone who either pre-ordered the game or bought any other DLC for it. This reward is exclusive to PC players only however. If you own the game and did not pre-order, make sure to buy at least one DLC to get both of the upcoming ones for free.

Upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl and Jiren Showcased in Action-Packed Trailer

The first two characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ with the Fighter Pass 2 have been revealed. The first is the highly fan-requested antagonist from the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super — Jiren. He features some pretty hard-hitting moves. The second character is Videl, a welcome addition for fans who feel there aren’t enough female characters in the game. Videl features her Dragon Ball Z look and summons The Great Saiyaman for some of her moves. Both are out now.

World of Warships Adds Lunar New Year Event

In celebration, Wargaming Group Limited has added a new event to their naval war game, World of Warships. The new update that is 0.8.0 comes with a huge change to one of the core elements of the game, Aircraft Carriers. The carriers now have more accessibility to management and control for players. The new update also brings new aesthetic upgrades to the game, making it look more festive for the Lunar New Year. Ranked Battles are back and an all-new “Naval Battle” series of Clan-focused missions have been added.

Attack of the Earthlings Console Release Date Announced

Team Junkfish’s turn-based alien adventure game Attack of the Earthlings has received a release date for PS4 and Xbox One and it is March 5, 2019. Melissa Lim, who leads global marketing at Junkfish, spoke about the company’s excitement to be partnering with Wales Interactive, who will be bringing the comedic turn-based strategy Attack of the Earthlings. She shared that the goal was to create a game with a darkly comedic theme of aliens vs humans with a twisted spin on the genre, and mission accomplished.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun Has Dropped Steam and Will Release on Epic Games Store

Operencia: The Stolen Sun adds itself to the list of games that have dropped Steam in favor of Epic Games Store. Zen Studios has also announced that their game will be coming to Xbox One. This new role-playing game aims to resuscitate the classic first-person dungeon-crawler genre. It features Central European folklore and legends. The majority of the legends included have never been depicted in video games; at least not into one cohesive universe. Operencia: The Stolen Sun will be released later this year.

One of Sekiro’s Boss Highlighted in Latest Video

From Software released a new video for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which reveals one of the game’s bosses. Based on the very brief exposure to the boss in the trailer, players are already hyped. Players can already tell the fight is going to be just as epic, if not more than that found in preceding From Software titles. The studio has a very solid reputation for birthing some of the most insane boss battles and this will likely be more of the same. The game drops for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 22, 2019.

Black Ops 4 Gets Double Merits in Blackout All Weekend

Treyarch’s charitable mood persists as they are enabling players to earn double Merits in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode this coming weekend. Last weekend players could earn double XP and double weapon XP, now it’s double Merits. You can earn Merits in Blackout by acquiring specific achievements in-game. These achievements include Kills, challenges, and making it to a certain place in a match. The double Merits weekend commences on February 1 at 1:00 PM EST and concludes on February 4 at 1:00 PM EST.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Switch Version Leaked

THQ Nordic has revealed that Darksiders: Warmastered Edition will be Coming to Switch. While the developers were teasing the news for weeks, it appears they wanted to leave it unconfirmed for much longer. This can be said because the moment they posted the video containing the conclusion they removed it. However, they were not quick enough as some fans were able to grab hold of the video. Though prematurely announced, it is confirmed that Darksiders: Warmastered Edition is Coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Sea of Thieves Getting New Matchmaking Option for Console Players

With the upcoming PvP Arena mode nearing release, Rare has now revealed plans for changing the way cross-play works for Sea of Thieves. In an update that will be rolled out before the competitive mode arrives, Xbox One players using controllers will be able to opt into a dedicated pool meant only for players with the same set up. PC players and Xbox One players using keyboard and mouse will automatically be pooled together, along with Xbox One players using controllers who don’t opt out.

Persona Q2 is Headed West this June

Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth will be coming to the west. The franchise crossover game features the complete casts of Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5, plus the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable. The game follows Persona 5’s Phantom Thieves who get trapped inside movie-themed dungeons and meet the cast of the other games as they try to escape. The game will feature Japanese voice tracks with English subtitles and will release on June 4th for the 3DS.

A More Portable Version of the Nintendo Switch Maybe Launching this Year

A report from Nikkei translated by Gematsu reveals that Nintendo has been in talks with game developers and suppliers about a new version of the Switch set to release as early as this year. The new version will be dropping some of the features of the original to lower cost and lean more towards portability. No specifics are available as to which features will be dropped though, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know. That, however, probably won’t happen in the near future.

Cities Skylines Green Cities Out Now for Consoles, Season Pass 2 Announced

The Green Cities expansion for Cities Skylines is finally out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The eco-themed expansion will give players new “green” buildings and specialized zones. The expansion can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass 2 for consoles. Season Pass 2 will also include the Parklie and Industries expansion, the European Suburbia content creator pack, and a few music packs. A 2019 Premium Edition that bundles the base game and Season Pass 2 is also available.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has Now Sold Over 12 Million Copies

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to enjoy commercial success as it hits another major milestone. Nintendo has just revealed that the mash-up brawler has now sold more than twelve million copies worldwide and is now the third best-selling Switch title. It has now sold more that double the copies of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and may soon overtake the series top seller — Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to be the Switch’s top seller at 15 million units sold.

Post-Launch Kingdom Hearts Secret 3 Movie Out Now

The “Secret Movie” for Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now. Depending on their chosen difficulty, players who have photographed an adequate amount of Lucky Emblems may now view it. This is the second post-launch movie released following an “anti-spoilers” plan necessitated by previous leaks. The first was a special epilogue that can be viewed after completing the main story. There’s also a collection of short videos called “Memory Archive” players can view to get up to speed with the series’ story so far.

EA Clarifies Anthem Launch Schedule with Helpful Chart

EA’s release schedules can get very confusing. Because of this, EA has released a chart that should help players figure out just when they can start playing Anthem. Anybody who has pre-ordered the game or has an active subscription will have access to the beta that starts today. Those with Origin Access Premier can start playing the full game on February 15th, while other subscriptions get a 10-hour trial starting the same day. The game launches for everybody else on February 22nd.

Warhammer Quest 2 Arrives on PC

Turn-based tactical game Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times has arrived on PC! The game first made its debut on mobile back in 2017. The PC version comes with all the DLCs released in the mobile version. The game is set in the world of Warworld where players will have to form a party and bash their way from enemies while looting and leveling up along the way. The game has three unique campaigns, each one with its own unique enemies and challenges.

Capcom Pro Tour eSports Series Returns This Year

Capcom announced their plans for this year, and it comes with the return of the Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter tournament series that has a 600,000 US Dollar prize pool. The Capcom Pro Tour will happen across the year in order to find the 32 best Street Fighter players around the world. At the end of the year, these 32 players will compete in the grand finals in order to crown the Street Fighter world champion. The locations for this will range from London, the US to Ireland and more.

Overwatch League Fans Now Have Other Viewing Options to Watch Matches

Blizzard is providing fans of the Overwatch League more viewing options on Twitch. This comes after the success of a tool that allowed viewers of the Overwatch World Cup finals to watch it at any angle. This time, Blizzard has provided more perspectives for viewers through the All Access Pass which allows them to switch between individual pros’ perspectives at will – it’s like watching these players’ personal streams while playing pro. The All Access Pass costs 15 Dollars and also includes tokens for OWL skins, emotes, merch discount, and more.

Mage’s Initiation Now Available

Mage’s Initiation is finally out after being in development for about a decade. This is a point-and-click adventure from Himalaya Studios and it is greatly inspired by classics like Kings Quest and the like. There is no technology in the game as it is replaced by elemental magic. There are wizard towers, some goblins as well as bird people who will hinder the protagonist named D’arc from becoming a full-fledged mage. As D’arc, you must save the kingdom as well as work hard and get your magic license.

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