Dido Leads Phoenicia to Naval Dominance in Civilization 6 Gathering Storm

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - First Look: Phoenicia (INTL)


Firaxis has just launched a new trailer for the upcoming Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization 6. This time around, the spotlight is on Dido and the Pheonicians, a solid pick for those who are aiming for a domination victory by wresting control of the open seas.

Dido’s unique ability is Founder of Carthage. This allows Dido to move her capital to another city. This works in conjunction with the civ’s unique district, the cothon, which replaces the harbour and provides additional production towards naval units. As long as a city has a cothon, players can choose to start a project to move the capital there. This could be a great option for events like when sea levels get dangerously high where your current capital is located. Founder of Carthage also makes the Government Plaza grant additional trade route capacity and give bonus production towards building districts in the city.

Phoenicia’s unique ability is Mediterranean Colonies. This gives coastal cities located on the same continent as the capital 100% loyalty. Settlers also get sight and movement boosts when embarked and can embark and disembark at no movement cost. As for their unique unit, the bireme is a galleon replacement with higher combat strength and movement. It also protects friendly embarked trade units within four tiles of their location.

Dido and Phoenicia are the latest to be revealed out of the 9 leaders and 8 civilizations coming in the new expansion. Seven other civs, along with their leaders, have already been announced. Other new features coming with the expansion include a new Future era, the return of Diplomatic Victories, climate change, and natural disasters.

Civilization 6 Gathering Storm is set to launch on February 14th for PC.


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