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AKS Gaming News 26/01/2019

Stormdivers Open Beta Announced

Housemarque has announced that their action MMO, Stormdivers is releasing for open beta this weekend. The beta will run from January 26 at 08:00 AM until the 27th at 03:00 AM EST. Surely it is not a lot of time to enjoy the game in its entirety but the earlier you start, the longer you get to play. You can gain access to the open beta by filling out a form found on Housemarque’s official website. Sign-in at the appropriate time and you are all set. If you are without a team you can find one on the game’s discord channel.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is Free-to-Play on Xbox One for the Weekend

Bandai Namco is awarding Xbox One players the opportunity to play their anime fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ for free this weekend. The game has been performing very well, and is well sought after, for much of 2018. Now anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account can download and start playing up to the 27th of January. There are also huge discounts available to anyone purchasing the standard edition. These discounts are currently available for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch is Now Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Blizzard releases new skins in celebration of Overwatch’s Lunar Year. This annual celebration pays great respect to Chinese culture. This year’s event is named Year of the Pig and will last through February 8. The new skins include many Chinese generals from the Han dynasty, like Lu Bu Reaper, Huang Zhong Hanzo, Guan Yu Reinhardt, and Zhang Fei Torbjorn. Other Legendaries include Zhuge Liang Zenyatta and Hong Gildong Tracer. There are also 2 Epic skins included, Sanye Orisa and General Brigitte.

Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 Out Now

Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 is out now, and it also marks the return of Captain Spirit in the game. Its release came with a trailer, and by watching it you will have a good idea of what to expect in the latest episode. Bear in mind that all actions taken in the game have dramatic effects on the direction the story takes. Players interested in the story-rich, captivating adventure may access Episode 2 and play on PS4, Xbox One and PC

WRC’s Official Rally Racing Game Returns This Year

Evolution’s World Rally Championship racing game is set to return in 2019. The game is dearly missed as it completely skipped over 2018. Now finally after much anticipation, fans will be able to play World Rally Championship 8. The game is scheduled for release in September for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Publisher Bigben Interactive promises that the time the game spent in development was effective, as they have added many new features to it and enhanced the existing strong points.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Made Director Want to Stop Worldwide Releases

Kingdom Hearts 3’s leak of last year is proving to be more of a detriment than anticipated as it has now caused the director to reconsider simultaneous worldwide releases. Last year, four copies of the game were accidentally sold ahead of release and despite the Dev’s efforts at damage control a lot of things were leaked. The epilogue has not yet been seen by anyone and will unlock on the 30th of January. The secret movie will be available on the 31st. Players will need to complete the game to view the epilogue.

Hong Kong Massacre PS4 Release in America Slightly Delayed

VRESKI has reported that players in America will have to wait a while longer for Hong Kong Massacre’s PS4 Release as it will be slightly delayed. The developers released a tweet in which they apologized and stated that it is something out of their control. They then said, “The latest it will be out is 31st January, that is all we know at the moment.” In a more positive light the game is currently available on PC worldwide. The rationale for the delay is unclear but it will be resolved soon.

Deponia: The Complete Journey is Currently Free in Humble

Deponia: The Complete Journey is free in the Humble Store Winter Sale Encore. This serves good news for fans of point and click games that don’t take themselves too seriously. The Humble Store Winter Sale Encore will continue up until 10 am Pacific Time or 1pm Eastern Time on January 28. However, the free Deponia offer is only valid until the same time on January 26 or for as long as supplies last. Venture to the Humble Store to claim the game free of cost within the allotted time.

Anno 1800 Gets a New Release Date

Ubisoft announced that there will be a short delay for Anno 1800’s release from February 26th to April 16th. Ubisoft Blue Byte community developer Bastian Thun issued a statement in which he said, “Since the announcement of the game at Gamescom 201, we have always been committed to deliver the best Anno experience possible at launch.” Apparently, the delay is due to the studio’s efforts to polish and refine the game to a level more inline with their standards. The Anno 1800 closed beta begins on January 31.

Last Oasis to Launch on Early Access This Spring

Game developers Donkey Crew are pleased to report that their survival MMO action game Last Oasis is launching in Early Access in Spring of this year. From the very first glance, players can tell that the game has a unique feel to it as in the game everyone rides around in walking ships. The game thrusts you into a world where rations are scarce, forcing you compete with other players for dwindling resources. The environment outside of the last habitable space is inhospitable. Earn your Keep.

EverQuest Gets New Land and Raids in Its 20th Year

It has been 20 years since EverQuest’s inception and now it celebrates two decades of existence. In celebration the game is receiving a new land and raids. There will be scheduled in-game events to mark the occasion among other additions. Executive producer Holly Longdale issued a nostalgic statement in which she painted a picture of the many eras the game has transcended. She also expressed gratitude to all the fans for the continued support. The MMO is free to play and currently available on Steam.

Epic Games Store’s Next Free Game is Axiom Verge

Epic Games Store’s tradition of issuing free games persists and Axiom Verge is the latest selection. This Metroidvania will be available for free from February 1 until the 21st. In the game you assume the role of Trace, a character who manipulates weapons and power-ups. Aid him in traversing a world that serves as a residence for a mix of ancient and futuristic technology. The game’s most recent release was on October 5, 2017 for the Nintendo switch. It can now be played on all major game platforms.

Black Ops 4 Players Can Earn Double XP This Weekend

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players can earn double XP and double weapon XP this weekend. Leveling up can be a bit of a grind irrespective of how fun a game is, so the players will be very grateful that Activision has extended a helping hand. These bonuses will be available from Friday at 1:00 pm EST or 10:00 am PST, to Monday at 1:00 pm EST. make sure to sign in early to get the most out of the bonuses awarded. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Dead in Vinland PC DLC “The Battle of the Heodenings” Out Now

Dead in Vinland has received downloadable content on PC and is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch later this year. The DLC is titled The Battle of the Heodenings. Matthieu Richez, Game Designer and co-founder at CCCP expressed that the DLC is perfect for all fans that want to fully focus on the management and RPG elements of the game. Dead in Vinland is the second installment in the “Dead In…” universe, after Dead in Bermuda. The game was released in April of last year.

Guardians of Ember Relaunches This Year, Closed Beta Underway

Runewaker Limited has announced that Guardians of Ember will be re-launching later this year. They have also shared that the closed beta for the game is currently available. Players can gain access to the closed beta by registering for it on the game’s official website. Regional release will be added in stages throughout the duration of the Closed Beta up to commercial launch. This possess will gradually progress as additional servers and language support become available.

Triton Survival Launches on Early Access Later This Year

DreamsSoftGames recently revealed that Triton Survival is coming to Steam Early Access later this year. This announcement came with screens and a trailer. The trailer gave a brief introduction to some of Triton Survival’s gameplay mechanics. The game is still in development but the developers assure us that they are working tediously to make the game as polished as possible at release. The full game is proposed to be more balanced with a 4 player co-op mode and a procedural interplanetary system.

Anthem’s VIP Demo Off to a Rough Start

Anthem’s VIP demo kicked off on January 25th, but players are unhappy. Despite access given exclusively to VIPs, the game faced issues such as login problems and getting stuck at the loading screen. Those who were able to log in experienced disconnections and crashes. As of this report, login problems have already been fixed, and EA said they’re also working on fixing other issues. For the meantime, players are advised to relaunch the game and rejoin the mission to see if it works.

Subnautica Below Zero Early Access Announced

Subnautica is getting its sequel really soon! In a surprise announcement, Unknown Worlds revealed the livestream schedule for Subnautica Below Zero which is scheduled to happen on January 30th. During the livestream, the studio will be launching its trailer, and at the same time the game will be launching on Steam Early Access. The livestream will take place at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET/ 6PM GMT. The studio added that players should expect bugs and missing features when Below Zero launches, as the game is not finished yet.

Cross-Play Confirmed for Wargroove

Cucklefish announced that Wargroove now supports cross-platform play on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It’s quite obvious that Sony is not included as the company tends to bow out of cross-play features, except for Fortnite. Cross-play on Wargroove will allow players across platforms to play against each other with some multiplayer twists. The game is set to release February 1st on all platforms, including the PS4.

Metro Exodus PC System Requirements Revealed

Metro Exodus will be launching on February 15th, and Deep Silver has announced the game’s system requirements for PC. The full information on specs are available on, and ranges from Minimum, Recommended, High, and Extreme. PCs with the Recommended, High, and Extreme specs will be able to support the game at 60fps. To run it at recommended settings, your PC should at least have 8GB RAM, 8GB VRAM, a Windows 10 OS, Intel Core i7-4770K CPU, DirectX 12, and GTX1070 or RTX 2060 or AMD RX Vega 56 GPU.

PUBG Corp Teases Secret Cave in Vikendi

A new trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teases a secret cave in the Vikendi map. However, VG247 reports that the cave had already been discovered a few days ago when Patch 25 came out in the PC Test Server. The cave is actually difficult to find as it is hidden well inside some rock formations somewhere between Peshkova and Podvosta. You’ll need to either blast your way in or ram the entrance with a high-speed vehicle to get in. The cave can only be found in the Test Server for now.

Fortnite’s Save the World Loot Boxes Reveal What’s in Them Before You Buy

Loot boxes in Fortnite Save the World come in the form of Llamas, and Epic Games has announced that they’re making changes to how these llamas work. Included the game’s 7.20 update, the X-Ray Llamas will now show players what’s inside them before they purchase them. This obviously gives players an idea what’s inside the llamas. The good news is that their prices will remain the same. Mini Llamas and Event Llamas will remain unchanged, though.

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