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AKS Gaming News 05/01/2019
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Doom Over The Holidays Meant Playing Doomba and Hellshots Golf

The game Doom celebrated its 25 years of existence and it was able to release some fun game mods. First is the Doomba where it lets you play in a space that resembles the layout of your house through the vaccum Roomba which was made by programmer Rich Whitehouse. The other mod is by modder TerminusEst13 which is called Hellshots Golf. It is a multiplayer golf conversion of the game having eighteen holes. Players will have a handful of golf clubs with the goal of putting Ball A into Hole B.

Here Are The Top-Earning Esports Organizations Based on Their Winnings

The eSports 2018 scene had a lot of prize money to fight for which was totaling about $130 Million USD. Get to know the Top 10 eSports organizations based on their total winnings here! The 10th through the 4th are Vici Gaming with $3.04M, Cloud9 with $3.28M, Fnatic with $3.63M, Astralis with $3.65M, with, $3.96M, FaZa Clan with $4.09M, and Evil Geniuses with 4.14M. 3rd spot is Paris Saint-Germain Esports earning $5.36M, Team Liquid $7.2M in second place, and OG having $11.47M in the top spot.

New Trailer Announced For Beyond Skyrim Morrowind

A new Beyond The Skyrim mod called Morrowind has been announced with a trailer. This will bring players to the ‘New North’ which is made up of Morrowind’s northern islands. Players will get to see big mushrooms, people wearing chitinous armor, huge wizard towers, and so much more. It all looks professionally done even though all of these are just made by volunteer enthusiasts. No release date is made available as of yet but parts of Beyond Skyrim is available to play right now.

Epic Explains Exclusive Deals On Epic Games Store

Epic Game’s chief executive Tim Sweeny answered some concerns about their new game launcher the Epic Games Store. One of which is the belief that it is a “spyware” of sorts which Sweeny refutes. He also explained that exclusivity in games actually helps the game developers more which generates “more investment in new content and innovation”. However, from a player’s point of view, this will be another game launcher to be added to the many game launchers available right now.

New Blazing Chrome Gameplay Video Features Boss Fight

Developer JoyMasher shared a new trailer for their upcoming game called Blazing Chrome which was tagged to be “a perfect successor to Contra and Metal Slug”. The game looks great with sharp characters and backgrounds having amazing detail. There is smooth precision in the game’s animation and nothing about it looks frustrating. The game definitely gives you that old arcade feel that these games usually have. Blazing Chrome doesn’t have a specific launch date but is said to launch soon.

DMCA Takedown Notice Issued For Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins has been removed from Steam and GOG following a DMCA Takedown notice by Paul Reiche III and Robert Frederick Ford against the title. They are the designers behind the 1990 Star Control 2 game and claim that they have the rights to the franchise. However, Stardock which is the maker of Star Control Origins said that they were able to acquire the rights to the title from Atari back in 2013. However, those who were already able to buy the game should still be able to play it.

Error in 14 Days Of Fortnite Resulted in Free Glider For All Who Completed Challenges

The two-week holiday event of Fortnite called the 14 Days of Fortnite recently concluded and the developers promised special rewards for completing the various challenges that came with the event. However, it seems that Fortnite actually had an error in announcing the correct date in completing the challenges which caused dissatisfaction to its fans. To make up for their mistake Fortnite promises to give out the Equalizer Glider to any player who was able to complete at least one challenge.

Boost Stats By Crafting And Cooking in Red Dead Online

Get to boost your game stats in Red Dead Online by cooking and crafting. Players are able to cook different meats that will give stat boosts to their characters. Mix in some herbs to some meats and it will give you boosts for different things like Mint for health, Oregano is for stamina and Thyme is for your Dead-Eye. Your weapons and ammo would also benefit from this, combine herbs, fats, and weapons to create deadlier ammo as well as throwable weapons. Forage across the world for different herbs.

Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash Mod Adds Twice As Much Content

Thanks to mod creator Grimrukh, the Dark Souls Daughters of Ash is born. The creator spent two years as well as about a thousand hours making this mod and claims that it “has approximately twice as much content as the original”. The new mod will have new bosses as well as new enemies that were previously cut from the game. It will also have some complex interactions between storylines which give it the massive content. Daughters of Ash is currently available for the Dark Souls Prepare To Die edition.

Next Call Of Duty Game Hinted

A recent Tweet for a skull image without any accompanying text from Ashton Williams, the senior communications manager of Infinity Ward, has got everybody talking. The image may hint on what is to come next for the Call of Duty title. Fans are speculating that it would be a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 or it could also be a Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. It could also be a whole new different thing. Right now, everything is just speculation and we should wait for more details to be shared about this.

The Future of Esports Racing Could Be eNASCAR Heat Pro League

A different type of racing is heading your way with the newest esports league – the eNASCAR Heat Pro League. This will be running on the NASCAR Heat 3 available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Qualifiers has been going on and will run for another two weeks. There will be 32 racing fans that will be placed with real-life driving teams. The inaugural season will be beginning sometime later this year. Those interested can register their accounts through the 704 Games site until January 15.

South Korea’s Gaming Juggernaut Nexon For Sale

Nexon, South Korea’s largest gaming powerhouse is for sale for an estimated 10 billion dollars. Nexon founder Kim Jung-ju is reportedly selling 98.64% of the company shares. When challenged about his rationale for selling he expressed it was due to him being worn down by prolonged legal battles. Kim was tried for corruption and found innocent. There are many speculations and guesses but fans are curious to see what the future has in store for the gaming juggernaut, Nexon.

Dusk Gets Console Ports

On December 10, 2018 the gaming world was graced with a very well received action FPS horror game named Dusk. The game was fresh out of early access but was only available on PC, which left console players engulfed in envy. In a celebratory post, developer Dave Oshry expressed sincere gratitude to all the fans for all their love and continued support. He also announced incoming updates such as a new game plus mode and co-op multiplayer. Lastly, he said Dusk will be coming to consoles.

Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland Mod Is Making a Comeback

Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland Mod is returning but not without sacrifice. Almost a year after their last post Road to Liberty posted an update. The update detailed the reason why they had stopped initially. According to said post, Capital Wasteland intended to use all of the dialogue from Fallout 3 which was risky leading HcGxGrill, to put the project on hold. Bethesda Softworks had not threatened them legally. It is not impossible but it is a lot of work for Capital Wasteland’s 5 man team.

“Great News” Teased By Studio Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream Tweeted thanking all the fans and supporters for ensuring an excellent 2018. The most recent launch was the most successful of all. The tweet continued to state that “great news” is imminent after which, the developers requested that the fans stay tuned. Fans are now anxiously awaiting the “great news” as per Quantic Dream’s request. Everyone loves a good surprise but there will still be much speculation and discussion until fans are rewarded for their patience.

Complete Fortnite Season 7 Challenge Collect Battle Star or Banner

As season 7 progresses in Epic’s Fortnite, new content is being added to the game. A fresh batch of challenges are there to complete for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. Completing these challenges earns Battle Stars that, level up your Battle Pass and unlock the new Season 7 rewards. Clearing added levels will potentially reveal a clue to the whereabouts of the free item. It can either be a Battle Star which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier or a Banner which can be used as a profile icon.

Bayonetta Steam Page Shares Strange Hint

Sega invites all Bayonetta fans to employ their deductive abilities after they posted a bizarre image of a sheep on their Steam page. Fans immediately started speculating with a Sherlock-like nature as to what the image could mean. The clue is so vague it is welcoming to almost any interpretation. However, the most prominent of the theories suggest the clue is hinting at a crossover between Bayonetta and a story-based puzzle game named Catherine. In Catherine, the sheep plays a very important role.

New Marvel Game In The Works By Former Hearthstone Developers

Studio Second Dinner is gearing up for a new and their first ever video game which will be a Marvel game. The Second Dinner crew are made up of previous Blizzard developers that have departed from the company. The new Marvel game is backed by a Chinese technology company called NetEase who is investing a cool $30 million USD which could see the game though until shipping. The new Marvel game has not been detailed though but some are guessing that it will be a Collectible Card Game.

Dreams Beta Up On PlayStation 4

Media Molecule’s Dreams public beta will be launching for the PlayStation 4 starting January 8th. The beta will include the creator’s mode demo that focuses on the creation aspects of the game. A semi-closed test started at the end of December which was available for those who subscribed to the online mailing list of Media Molecule. The public beta will have what the semi-closed test previously had which is the creator’s demo which focuses on the creative aspects of the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Top Sales On Amazon 2018

Amazon shared their top 100 best selling video game items for 2018. What topped the list is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game is the top-seller in the video game segment last year for Amazon. Do keep in mind though that this is only taking into account the single SKUs. If it would be the total number of copies sold for multi-platform games most possibly a different game would top the list. Part of the top 10 are PlayStation Network and Xbox Live gift cards and the Switch Pro Controllers.

CS:GO Player Count Soared After Going Free To Play

CS:GO had one of their best months ever recorded according to the steam charts. Late 2018 CS:GO went free to play and there were very mixed reactions from the fan-base. The immediate response left much uncertainty as it relates to the game’s future. A month later It is reported that the game is doing remarkably well and the numbers seem completely unaffected by 14,000+ negative reviews the game received upon going free to play. SteamCharts recorded an average player count of 395,509 during December.

New Feudal Alloy Trailer Revealed

A new trailer has been shared for the upcoming action RPG Feudal Alloy. The trailer is less than a minute long and it features Attu, a farmer robot who is controlled by a tiny little fish going on a big adventure. The premise is quite strange but you will surely love its hand-drawn world. There will be lots of robots, all being controlled by the tiny fish. Get to battle with your enemies using swords, special attacks, grenades and so much more. Feudal Alloy is set to launch on January 17 for PC.

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