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AKS Gaming News 22/12/2018
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Squadron 42 Planned for Release in 2020

Cloud Imperium Games announced that their game that is eight years in the making will finally launch in summer of 2020. The game is called Squadron 42. This was made possible by a generous private investment of 46 million Dollars that came from a billionaire record producer and his son. In return, the investors will get 10 percent of the shares of Cloud Imperium Games plus some seats on the board of directors. Chris Robers of Cloud Imperium Games would still have the majority of control over the company.

EVE Online World Tour Locations and Dates Announced

EVE Online is getting a world tour in 2019 and we’ve got the dates for you. This will kick off on March 23rd in the Netherlands in the Compagnie Theater; next on May 4th in Petersburg, Russia at the Akakao; then in Australia on May 23rd to 26th at the SMC Center. June 21st to 23rd will be in Toronto, Canada; August 23rd at the Kaimonsaari in Finland; September 13th to 14th in Berlin Germany at the AltMunze; then in Las Vegas on October 25th to 27th; then finally on November 23rd in London at the 02 Arena.

Tiny Metal Adds New Campaigns and Competitive Multiplayer Mode

Turn-based strategy game Tiny Metal has received a free update, and it brings an online competitive multiplayer mode. The competitive multiplayer mode lets players choose from 11 maps as they take on friends. Also included in the free update is the new ACT 5 which adds 6 more missions to the story campaign. This also comes with a New Game+ mode. Aside from additional content, the update also brings a host of other inclusions such as bug fixes, balances, visuals, and much more. Tiny Metal is available on Steam, PS4, and Switch.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Update Brings New Content

Ubisoft released more Starlink: Battle For Atlas content before Christmas and some of it has been requested by fans. The update is free and is available right now and it includes new enemy units that will be introducing some unique gameplay mechanics and new strategies to the game. A new activity is also available where players will be taking down some outlaw fortifications for loot. Lastly, a Photo Mode is now available allowing players to capture their favorite moments in the game.

Fallout 76 Gets a New Mode with No PvP Restrictions

Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 is getting a new mode by 2019 and it will have no PvP restrictions. This new mode will allow players to duel without both agreeing to it. As compared in the main game, if a player shoots another player, the damage is greatly reduced unless the other player returns fire. In addition to the new mode, a new patch will also be launched which will come with a fix to the Lever-Action Rifle reload animation, some perk cards, robot duplicating issue and so much more.

Farming Simulator 19 Gets First Huge Patch

GIANTS Software has released the first major patch for Farming Simulator 19. This patch includes the new Landscaping feature which allows players to modify the ground in the game. Landscaping gives players the freedom to build the farm of their dreams by giving them access to tools that can modify the land from moving mountains, to touching up some areas. Currently, this feature has 16 varieties of land that has its own texture and color. Players can personalize the land by adding mud, paths, and more.

Control Reveals Creepy “Oldest House” in New Story Trailer

505 Games and Remedy released a new story trailer for their upcoming game Control. The trailer gives players a peak at the Oldest House, or in simpler terms, the world where Control is set. The video describes it as “a place of power” where it seems like it’s an ordinary building outside. Inside, however, lies a mysterious other dimension that “breaks the laws of our reality, unstable, mad and shifting.” We can expect to see more of Control as it launches sometime in 2019.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Shows Off Iconic Cars Players Can Drive

DiRT Rally 2.0 has a new trailer and it features the iconic cars that you will get to drive in the game. This includes the Alpine Renault A110 1600 S of the 1960s, Ford Escort Mk II of the 1970s, the Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 of the 1980s and the Colin McRae’s SUBARU Impreza 1995. Another thing that you will get to see is the stage degradation feature where the road surface replicates what actually happens when it gets passed through many times. The road surface will evolve throughout the event.

Amazon’s MMO New World Features Fortress Construction

Amazon Game Studios has been releasing a few teasers for its upcoming MMO New World, and recently, the studio has released some screenshots that shows the game’s master craftsmen: Blacksmiths, Builders, Engineers, and Alchemists. the screenshots hint at a sandbox-like experience in the game, with these craftsmen teaming up to conquer the new world. The game is currently in alpha, and sign ups are available for the next batch of invites.

The Long Dark Redux Story Mode Overhauled with New Update

Hinterland Studio’s The Long Dark, a wilderness survival game, received an update that completely overhauled the game’s story. The developers decided to pause the remaining episodes of the story mode and concentrate on improving the existing ones. The improvement includes rewritten dialogue, voice acting, new mission structure, additional locations and more. The update is called the Wintermute Redux and it is a free update. With the looks of it, nothing in the game was left untouched.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is Fastest Selling Superhero Game of All Time

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been a huge success. The game had topped the PS4 charts as well as NPD’s sales charts back in September. This time it has reached a new record to beat as the game has been dubbed to be the fastest selling superhero game ever in the United States. The announcement was made by Mat Piscatella of the NPD via his Twitter account saying “over the first three months in the market, Marvel’s Spider-Man is now the fastest selling superhero game in US history”.

Darksiders 3 Gets Classic Combat Mode

Darksiders 3 has received a new update, and it brings a new feature to the game – switching combat styles. With this update, players are asked to choose between the Default combat style which came with the game, and the Classic style which is a combat style similar to previous Darksiders games, when starting a new game or loading up a saved one. The Classic mode allows players to start an attack without the need to finish it. Players can also use items during combat in Classic mode.

The World of SCUM Becomes a Winter Wonderland with Its Latest update

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SCUM’s Winter Wonderland update has rolled out, and it brings winter-themed items for players. The update includes the Willy Warmers cosmetic item which is some sort of a knitted sock traditionally made by women in the mountains of Croatia and giving them as gifts for men “to keep them warm and safe.” If you’re the owner of the Supporter Pack, you’ll get the elephant Willy Warmer, which is considered as the highest rarity. Aside from this, the update also includes the new snow-covered terrain, emotes, and snowball fights.

Black Ops 4 Gets Festive With Holiday Events

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is also jumping on the holiday train, as its December 20th update rolls out along with some holiday-themed events and modes. The game’s Blackout mode gets a holiday event where players can use snowballs – it even has holiday-themed supply stashes. Zombies has unique challenges for players to complete for new exclusive personalization items. The Black Market also gets a Winter Event Stream which offers winter-themed loot such as warpaints and gestures.

Atlas Finally Out After Delays

Studio Wildcard’s highly-anticipated MMO Atlas has finally entered Steam’s Early Access after delays. The game was first announced to be released in Early Access on December 11th, however, Wildcard said they’re pushing it back by six days. The game’s website then showed a countdown timer that shows a December 19th release, however, the game still did not release after the countdown ended. The nautical-themed game boasts that its servers can handle 40,000 concurrent players, and is 1,200 times larger than Ark: Survival Evolved.

HITMAN 2’s Elusive Target Number 2 Mission Released

Hitman 2’s Elusive Target #2 is here, and the clock’s ticking! Io Interactive has revealed the new mission to take down the second Elusive Target: Vicente “The Revolutionary” Murillo. Agent 47 has until December 30th to eliminate him, and he’s got only one chance to do so! The Revolutionary disappeared in South America back in the 80’s but he’s apparently back and is planning to create a new world order starting with Colombia. Successfully eliminating him will reward players with the Casual Tourist with gloves suit.

Valve’s Artifact Gets Its First Patch

Valve’s Dota-based card game Artifact has received its first patch. The December 20 Build Your Legend Update focuses on skill rating, card balance, and account leveling. the update also includes other new features such as new keywords: Quicken and Equip Effect. It also includes fixes to several bugs. The full patch notes can be found in the game’s Steam page. Valve says more patches will be released in the future, so stay tuned.

Fortnite’s Save the World is On Sale, Frozen Legends Pack Leaks

The holidays have not even started yet, but Epic Games is feeling generous by kicking off its holiday promos! All editions of Fortnite Save the World are currently on sale, and you can get them at 50% off! The cheapest one is at 20 Dollars. It’s worth noting, though, that Save the World will become free-to-play sometime next year, but til then, you’ll just have to pay 20 Dollars if you want to play now. In other news, players discovered a glitch that leaked the Frozen Legends Pack, which looks like Epic’s Christmas surprise.

Quake Champions Battle Pass and CTF Mode to Launch Along with December Update

Quake Champions’ December update has rolled out, and this brings the Battle Pass as well as a Capture the Flag mode to the game. The Battle pass is available now and it will cost players 1000 Platinum. The 100-tier pass will bring additional changes to the economy, such as consolidating currencies. An optional Battle Pass that can be bought with real money also brings more exclusive items. The Capture the Flag mode also returns with a new map called Citadel.

Overwatch League Introduces New Player Discipline Tracker

The Overwatch League has launched a tracker which shows a list of names of player who were breaking the league’s rules. The list, which has seven names as of this report, consists of suspended and fined players that were found guilty of account boosting, account selling and obstructing league office investigation, throwing matches and toxicity, and account sharing. The tracker also says the number of games the player is suspended as well as the amount he’s been fined with if necessary.

The Bard’s Tale 4’s Huge 2.0 Update Brings New Free Dungeon

The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrows Deep is getting a new dungeon which comes with the new 2.0 patch for the game. The new dungeon is called the Royal Necropolis of Haernold and it is free for all those who own the game. This is a combat-focused dungeon as it will come with some new mini-boss fights as well as two new bosses. The dungeon will also allow players to discover the truth of Tarjan’s treachery and reverse the destruction it had brought to the tomb of Gaerwyn who was the greatest hero of the Dwarves.

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