Killing Floor 2 Twisted Christmas 2018 Is Here!

Shodan/ Dicembre 4, 2018/ Killing Floor 2


  • Twisted Christmas : Season’s Beatings
  • Ends on 01/18/2019

This update contains new holiday content, adjustments, and bug fixes from the Beta feedback. We appreciate your feedback and thank you very much for it!

New Additions and Highlights

  • 2 New Maps

    • Santa’s Workshop (Weekly, Survival, and Endless compatible)
      • Ally with Santa to take back his workshop from Krampus’ evil clutches
      • Survival experience with mandatory objectives

    • Shopping Spree (Weekly, Survival, and Endless compatible)
      • Experience the shopping spree rush of slaying Zeds in this mangled mall
  • 4 New Weapons

    • Battle Axe for the Berserker
      • Unlocked by completing all Christmas seasonal objectives
      • Shareable weapon content ( weapon is available to all players on a dedicated server if one player owns it )

    • Fire Axe for the Berserker

    • Tommy Gun for the SWAT and Commando

    • M32 Grenade Launcher for Demolitionist
  • Time-Limited Christmas Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
    • Christmas seasonal objectives to earn the Battle Axe and a unique weapon skin for it
    • Christmas Event Tickets
    • Christmas Cosmetics
  • New Paid DLC Character
    • Badass Santa, fully voiced by Gary Busey
  • New Steam Achievements for Santa’s Workshop and Shopping Spree and their Collectibles
  • Prestige System
    • Prestige Rank 3 is now available
  • Zedconomy
    • Added No Duplicates system
      • From this patch onward, the system records items granted from a crate, usb, or ticket. While the same rarity drop percentages apply, it will be guaranteed to grant one of each cosmetic (ware-variants included) until you have the full item set. Once you have obtained all the items from a crate, usb, or ticket, it will clear the records of that item set and begin recording anew.
      • This system does not factor in currently owned items obtained before the Christmas update.
      • This system does not intentionally function for the Dosh Vault crates and materials.
    • Added Cyber Samurai Crate
    • Added Neon Skin Pack MK IV USB
    • Added crate and key bundles
  • Dosh Vault
    • Added more Tier 3 weapon skins
    • Increased Vault Dosh capacity to 600 million
  • MKb.42 (H) Carbine Rifle is now available to all players


  • Added new daily objectives for the Fire Axe, Tommy Gun, M32 Grenade Launcher, Santa’s Workshop, and Shopping Spree.
  • Added E.D.A.R. Christmas model.

  • Added new armor model for Rioter Christmas model.
  • Added Badass Santa voice audio as the Trader voice for Santa’s Workshop Survival.
  • Added new Twisted Christmas video slides to the Main Menu.
  • Sound improvements to the Tommy Gun, Fire Axe, Battle Axe, and M32 Grenade Launcher.

Balance (From the Beta feedback)

  • Berserker
    • Battle Axe
      • Heavy attack speed reduced by 10%
    • Fire Axe
      • Heavy attacks now have a chance to stun
  • SWAT
    • Tommy Gun ( cross perk with Commando )
      • Bullet spread increased by 195%
      • Recoil reduced by 13%
      • Upward recoil reduced by an additional 15%
      • Fire rate increased by 20% (600 RPM to 720 RPM)

Designer Note – These adjustments were in response to provided community feedback via the BETA 1 survey. The Fire Axe lacked gameplay identity when compared to its other tier 2 weapon counterparts. As such, we added the chance to stun on heavy attacks, and head shots increase that chance substantially. This will be the first melee weapon that can stun.

As for the Battle Axe, its heavy attack damage is substantially higher than all of our other melee weapons, and the speed of those heavy attacks felt a bit too fast for its damage output. We adjusted the speed down to counteract that immense damage.

Lastly, the Tommy Gun’s recoil felt too high, and its fire rate felt too slow. We adjusted both values so that it is easier to control the gun and fire faster with it. We also increased its spread so that it is not effective long range. Community feedback mostly wanted this weapon to be effective close to medium range, so the spread adjustments should align it better to those ranges.

Bug Fixes
Top Community Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s 9mm Pistol would disappear from the inventory when not having enough weight to pick up a second 9mm Pistol.
  • Fixed an issue where the M32 Grenade Launcher grenade ammo floated during one of the weapon check animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Perk passives that applied an increase to ammunition were not applying.
  • Fixed an issue where the Pulverizer was not using the intended values for its explosion damage and explosion radius.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spitfire was not using tactical reloads with the Sharpshooter Perk.
  • Fixed an issue with the Loco Mask | Dancer | Precious not appearing in the Gear menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the 2018 Tier 3 Previous Vosh Vault Skins were using incorrect textures in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where Create a Match settings were influencing Find a Match settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Siren scream causing unexpected behaviors.
  • DieSector
    • Fixed an issue where DieSector difficulty achievements were only granted when dying after wave 25
    • Fixed an issue where the DieSector Suicidal Endless Achievement was not unlocking.

  • Shopping Spree
    • Fixed an issue where crawlers were getting stuck at their spawns.
    • Fixed an issue where Zeds were unable to cross over a couch and enter the playspace.

  • Monster Ball
    • Fixed an issue in Monster Ball where dying or leaving the map while on Han’s dance floor was causing music to mute on the next played map.
    • Fixed an issue where the Death Pit in Monster Ball stayed open after Endless boss waves.


  • Fixed an issue where crashes would happen mid-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the M99 AMR had broken 3rd person reload animations.
  • Fixed an issue where the SPX 464 Centerfire and Winchester 1894 were doing significantly less damage during Zedtime in an online match when the Ranger Perk skill was selected.

  • Fixed an issue with Molotovs causing team damage.
  • Fixed an issue where dropped dual pistols could be sold for a higher price than originally intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kill Boss Daily was only awarded to a single player for a Patriarch kill.
  • Fixed an issue where explosive projectiles could be stopped by Zed collision without any detriment to the Zed.
  • Fixed an issue with Molotov fire effects remaining for too long.
  • Fixed an issue with the Freezethrower’s 3rd person hand animation.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly objective icons overlapped the text of the weekly description.
  • Fixed an issue where Objective counters were not updating while in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Horzine Supply Crate | Series Loco was not tradable or marketable.
  • Fixed an issue in the Inventory Tab where selecting any category in the Weapon Type drop down besides “ANY” caused the items in the Inventory to become hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where the Seeker Six’s description text was cutting off at the end.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rarity filter was applying to the “Items” section of the Inventory Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Rack ‘Em Up was placed too low on the screen and was too large.


  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination’s Gorge attack can cause players to take damage from any location.


  • Santa’s Workshop
    • Fixed an issue where the sleigh cart was unable to be welded during the 2nd and 3rd Escort missions.
    • Fixed an issue where untextured presents appeared near the sleigh cart.
    • Fixed an issue where lag spikes occurred during the 1st Escort objective.
    • Fixed an issue where code script text appeared whenever the sleigh cart exited a gate.
  • Shopping Spree
    • Fixed an issue where the splattermap was enabled on water meshes.
    • Fixed an issue where a dosh necklace on top of the elevators was undestroyable.


  • Fixed an issue where when the player is defeated on an Endless game of Santa’s Workshop, Santa’s defeat voice lines are played instead of the Patriarch.
  • Fixed an issue where the Santa Trader VO lines for the 10 second reminder of trader time were too long.
  • Fixed an issue with Santa’s VO not fading as you traveled farther from him
  • MKb.42 (H) Carbine Rifle
    • Fixed an issue where footstep audio was missing when holding the MKb.42(H) Carbine Rifle.
  • Doomstick
    • Fixed an issue with the Doomstick where players could hear it at full volume from anywhere in the map.


  • DJ Skully
    • Fixed an issue where DJ Skully’s goggles were clipping through Halloween Masks.
    • Fixed an issue with DJ Skully having a floating backpack with the Steampunk outfit equipped.
  • Ana Larive
    • Fixed an issue with the position of the Undead Mask on Ana Larive.
    • Fixed an issue with Ana Larive’s mohawk clipping through the Lord Mask.
  • Mr. Foster
    • Fixed an issue with the Warrior Mask clipping Mr. Foster’s gas mask.
  • Classic Masterson
    • Fixed an issue with the Halloween Witch Hat clipping through Classic Masterson’s head
  • Oisten Jagerhorn
    • Fixed an issue with the Halloween Witch Hat clipping through Oisten Jagerhorn’s head.
    • Fixed an issue with the Doctor Mask clipping through Oisten Jagerhorn’s head.
    • Fixed an issue with the Incognito Mask clipping through Oisten Jagerhorn’s head.
  • Donovan Neal
    • Fixed an issue with the Warrior Mask clipping through Donovan Neal’s face.
    • Fixed an issue with the Incognito Mask clipping through Donovan Neal’s head.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple guns partially missing weapon skins in 3rd person.
  • Fixed an issue with the positioning of the Halloween Cyclops Eyes on many characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu cinematic would freeze after returning from a game session.
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting an Emote animation by equipping a cosmetic breaks all Emote animations.


  • Fixed an issue where all STS Supported Languages were not supporting features from after game launch.
  • Fixed an issue where debug text displayed for the Battle Axe on the shared content window.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tommy Gun was missing a localized description in the Trader Menu.
  • Fixed an issue in Spanish where Santa would play English lines while swinging a melee weapon.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and feedback!