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AKS Gaming News / Part 1 : 23/11/2018
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Next Battlefield 5 Patch Will Focus on Machine Gunners

A new patch is coming to Battlefield 5 and it will now allow the top machine gunners of tanks to duck. They usually die a lot since they have a huge gun under their control while they are located on top of a large tank that gets up close and personal with other tanks. This position makes you a sitting duck at times that just begs to be shot at. However, with the new patch, players will now be able to duck and avoid any fatal hits. Battlefield 5 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Europa Universalis 4 Lets Players Become Pirates in Next Expansion

The new expansion for Europa Universalis 4 is called Europa Universalis 4: Golden Century, and it will let players run around as pirates. Get to plunder the seas, run pirate republics and rob ships, but you can also choose to fight off the pirates, establish order and civilize the seas. There can be nine pirate republics and each one has different factions. There will be more naval-themed features as well as a wide variety of ship models to choose from. Golden Century will be available on December 11.

GOG’s Black Friday Sale is Now Live

Great news as GOG is having a Black Friday sale! The sale will run up until November 27, Tuesday. Some games that we will be seeing are: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition for $20, Mafia 2 Director’s Cut for $8, Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $5, Homeworld Remastered Collection for $9, Battletech for $28, Jade Empire Special Edition for $4, Police Quest: SWAT 1 and 2 for $2 and so much more. The discounts range from 25 to 75 percent off! Go ahead and check them out now.

Team-Based PvP 4Sight Coming to PC Next Year

A new game called 4Sight will be arriving late 2019. The game is developed by Shadow Masters, a Ukranian studio, and published by Travian Games. This is a team-based PVP where you will be controlling the whole team. First, you must pick your four characters. You can choose from assault and support mercenaries. The game uses real-time strategy controls where you can set formations, use covers, elevations as well as abilities to finish off your enemies. Gadgets, equipment, and skills are also available.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Glaz Gets Elite Skin

Glaz, the Spetnaz operator for Rainbow Six Siege, is getting a new skin called the Elite Citizen. This new skin will let Glaz look dapper with a fur-lined grey parka, pinstripe trousers, a newsboy-style wool cap, plus a yellow armband. Even his pistols would have a different look akin to that era with wood details found on the buttstock, hand guards, and pistol grips. Matching wood grip plates are also available for both his pistols. Glaz’s new look will be available with Operation Wind Bastion.

Brigitte and Doomfist are Getting Nerfed

Overwatch is getting a new patch called version 1.31 which is nerfing both Brigitte and Doomfist. The nerfs of Doomfist mainly gives other players the opportunity to fight back effectively. When it comes to Brigitte, it is mainly a turn around of her Shield Bash which lost the ability to hit through shields, and the damage it can cause has been nerfed as well and it can no longer give significant damage. Other minor tweaks are also available for Soldier: 76, McCree, and Torbjorn.

Minimum Damage for Fortnite’s Pump Shotguns to Triple

Fortnite’s update version 6.31will be launching later this week, and is set to bring a significant buff to the game’s Pump Shotguns. Fortnite design lead Eric Williamson announced this new update on Twitter, saying that the update will include a rebalance on Fortnite’s Pump Shotguns in order for it to be more effective. He added that “damage will increase in close quarters and range will be reduced slightly. Additionally, ALL shotguns will have a minimum damage of 3 pellets”

The Crew 2 Gets New Car and Boat in November Update

The Crew 2, which launched in June, promises that they would be giving out major content updates every three months as well as two new vehicles each month for free. The free vehicles coming for the month of November are a car and a boat. The car is an Audi RS3 LMS 2017 which is one very flashy vehicle. The boat is an Aeroboat – VS12 2018 which is fast and aerodynamic. Those who are holders of the season pass can already enjoy both vehicles while the rest would have to wait until November 28th.

Cell and Piccolo Confirmed for Jump Force

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has confirmed two new characters for Jump Force, and they are Cell and Piccolo. Along with the announcement are several screenshots of both characters. They look quite different from their Dragon Ball FighterZ counterparts since Jump Force has a more realistic art style. No gameplay video or trailer has been made available for the two just yet. We can expect more characters to be added soon. Jump Force is set to launch on February 15 available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Messenger Gets New Game+ Mode

Sabotage Studios has a new update for their inaugural title ‘The Messenger’. The update will be giving the game a New Game Plus mode as well as some quality of life improvements. Players who completed the game will now have the chance to go through the game again on a harder difficulty level but with the previously unlocked upgrades. For the quality of life upgrades, players can now map controls to how they like it as well as go through the dialogue much faster. The game is available for PC and Switch.

X4: Foundations is Coming to PC Next Week

X4: Foundations is arriving to PC this November 30th. This will be the latest entry to the long-running X series. The game offers a spacefight sandbox where you can research new technology, have creative station construction, a massive and dynamic universe to explore, as well as a complex economy where the whole economy reacts to the changes that you make. X4: Foundations will be available for $49.99 but you can always check with our trusted stores in our price comparison service for the best prices.

AKS Gaming News / Part 2 : 23/11/2018
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Total War: Arena is Shutting Down

Creative Assembly and Wargaming’s Total War: Arena will be closing down its doors on February 22, 2019. Total War: Arena has been in open beta since February of this year, however it looks like it has not captured the attention of players as much as the developers have been hoping. For this reason, the game will instead be shutting down. Players who were able to play 100 battles or more during the open beta will get 30 days of premium time in World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes.

The Bard’s Tale 4 Gets Grid Mode in New Patch

InXile Entertainment rolled out a new update for The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrow’s Deep. This update not only includes balance changes and fixes, but also additional features. Players can now take advantage of grid-based movement along with a selectable free or fixed camera. Grid mode is currently in its beta phase. This update also now adds a save-anywhere feature which is accessible from the Pause Menu. Quicksaves and loads using F5/F9 are now also available. A new Legendary setting has also been added to the game. The full patch notes is available on Steam.

Wreck-It Ralph Might Be Heading to Fortnite

It appears like we’re getting a Wreck-It Ralph crossover in Fortnite! spotted him in the game, appearing briefly on the screen found in Risky Reels drive-in. It’s possible that this might just be simply a promotion for the recently released movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, where Fortnite also made some cameos. This could also be a teaser for an upcoming limited-time event. Either way, we’ll have to wait for official word from Epic Games.

Black Ops 4 Gets New Update, Adds Auto-Mantle

Just recently Call of Duty Black Ops 4 received a 10 GB patch and a new update has been released to provide additional tweaks for the game. One of which is the addition of the auto-mantle toggle. For right now, this auto-mantle is live on the console versions of the game and will be coming soon to PC. This second update only had a few things to fix, like the issue with the spawns in the round-based respawn game modes. You can check out the complete patch notes in the game’s official website.

Outcast: Second Contact Free Until November 24th

Black Friday sales are literally everywhere right now, but that doesn’t stop some stores from giving away freebies! Over at the Humble Store, you can score a free copy of Outcast: Second Contact until November 24th, 10 AM Pacific! There isn’t much time, so head over there to get this free game while you can. Outcast: Second Contact is an action adventure game released back in 2017, and is a remake of the 1999 Infogrames game.

New Just Cause 4 Trailer Shows Rico Fighting a Tornado

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix released a new trailer for the fourth outing of the Just Cause series. Here, we get to see the game’s protagonist Rico do some pretty amazing things like jumping off a burning helicopter, launching a parachute while jumping off a jet ski that is about to crash and burn, running away from a sandstorm and barely making it, and the craziest of them all, we see him taking on a tornado. Just Cause 4 is set to launch on December 4 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

World War 3 Gets Team Deathmatch, New Map, and More

Battlefield-like shooter World War 3 has received a new update which brings in quite a number of new things to the game. The update adds a Team Deathmatch mode, which also comes with its own map called Warsaw Shopping Mall. It also added a new weapon, the MSBS Bullpup, a new IFV Boxer vehicle, a Russian Partisan uniform, and a new dynamic spawn system which are also all currently available in Team Deathmatch. The update also includes fixes, gameplay changes, and some tweaks.

Artifact Cards Can Now Be Recycled Into Event Tickets

Artifact received an update which gives players the ability to swap their unwanted cards for event tickets. For every 20 cards they swap, players can get 1 event ticket. Event tickets are usually sold in bundles of 5 which costs $5. These can be used to join events like the Expert Gauntlets that has great prizes awarded to its winners. The update also came with some fixes to the gameplay, UI, draft and deck editor. You can check out the complete patch notes from the game’s website.

Black Ops 4 Sales Not Affected By Lack of Campaign

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does not have a single-player campaign but that did not really affect the game’s sales. According to NPD, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the “best-selling game of the month, the year, and one of its best-sellers of all time”. The game’s launch month was the highest in video game history since NPD started tracking in 1995. This makes Black Ops 4 the best selling game of the year and the second best across the twelve-month period.

Monster Hunter World Celebrates Winter with Winter Star Festival

Monster Hunter World is gearing up for winter! The Winter Star Festival is heading to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and will run from November 30th until December 17th. During the festival, The Gathering Hall will be donned with crystal chandeliers and ice sculptures, while the staff will be sporting Scandinavian-style snow gear. The festival also allows players to craft a new armor, gear, and outfits through event tickets. Simply log in every day during the festival and complete daily event quests to earn these tickets.

DayZ Gets New Beta Patch

A new beta patch for Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ has been rolled out. This new patch updates the game’s version to 0.63.149525, and at the same time adding reworked vehicle physics, vehicle simulation improvements, IK poses, animations, and more. This latest patch also includes fixes for invisible items that are dropped during gestures, various client/server errors that are related to in-game actions, and much, much more. You can read the full patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

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