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AKS Gaming News / Part 1 : 20/11/2018


Quake Champions Update Nerfs All Damage Abilities

Quake Champions has a new update and it nerfed all the abilities that deal damage plus all heavy champions. The active abilities will now be less painful and all cooldowns are now the same at 45 seconds each. The maximum armor points of Heavy Champions are now down from 150 to 125 and the overmax from 225 to 200. For the Light Champions, however, the max armor is now 75 as compared to the previous 50 and the overmax is now 150 from the previous 125. You can check out the complete patch notes on their site.

Dragon Age-Inspired Game The Waylanders’ Kickstarter Campaign a Success

A new RPG called The Waylanders reached and surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal. The game was able to raise $ 170,000 on Kickstarter. The game offers a story that spans the Celtic Brigantia and the Middle Ages and players are able to travel back and forth through both. They do have a stretch goal in Kickstarter to reach $200,000 in order for them to get the former Telltale Games narrative designer Emily Grace Buck in their team as well as add two new locations and a new companion to the game.

Fortnite is Golden Joysticks’ Game of the Year

The 2018 Golden Joystick Awards has concluded and Fortnite was able to beat out Red Dead Redemption 2 for the overall Game of the Year award plus also getting the Best Competitive Game title as well. Other awards worth mentioning is that Subnautica is the PC Game of the Year, and Cyberpunk 2077 is the Most Wanted Game. The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award was also given to Hideaki Miyazaki the person responsible for the Dark Souls games, Bloodborne as well as the upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Artifact Gets Beta Update After Player Backlash

Just recently, a lot of complaints reached Valve regarding their upcoming game called Artifact. When the NDA was lifted for the game, players took to the internet to share their complaints. Even the top post in the game’s subreddit asked other players to cancel their pre-orders until the problem was fixed. Valve was able to address this immediately, releasing a beta update to make the fixes. This includes duplicated being recycled into event ticket and much more. Pre-purchase is now available.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Bans Lion for First Part of Season 9

The controversial Rainbow Six Siege Operator Lion has been banned in Season 9 of the Pro League. Since the operator has been introduced in Operation Chimera, he has received the most bans because of his ability to scan a map and detect where the enemy players are and share the information with his whole team by using his signature device called the EE-One-D. Just recently in August Paris Majors, Lion has been banned in 63.9% of his matches. This was the highest ban-rate for any attacker.

State of Decay 2’s Free Zedhunter DLC Launches

A free DLC is coming to State of Decay 2 and it is called Zed Hunter. A new weapon type is available with this expansion and it is a very silent weapon, which is the crossbow. What’s also great about this weapon is that it doesn’t break or jam easily. There will also be a new melee and close-combat weapon like swords. The ability system has also been changed, additional six “quirk” skills adding buff to your group and plague consumables giving superhuman abilities to your survivors like night vision.

Next Warframe Baruuk Revealed

Digital Extremes revealed the next Warframe during its recent livestream. The new Warframe is Baruuk, described as a “reluctant warrior” and dons a traditional clothing of nomadic African tribes. Digital Extremes said that the motivating factor for Baruuk’s design was to make a warframe that is “kind of the opposite of all the other warframes.” In terms of its abilities, Digital Extremes did not reveal much aside from that it is defensive or reflective.

Conqueror’s Blade Showcases Massive Sieges

Multiplayer medieval warfare game Conqueror’s Blade showed off its massive sieges in a new trailer. The trailer showcases tons of action as well as the customization options available for players. In Conqueror’s Blade, players take control of an army and will either defend or attack a fortress or a castle – these while also trying hard not to get killed. The game is yet to receive an official release date, but a beta access is available for purchase. Once launched, the game will be free to play.

CCG Eternal Officially Launches

After being in Early Access for two years, CCG Eternal is finally launching as a full game. To celebrate the occasion, developer Dire Wolf shared information about a 250-card expansion that will be coming in December called Defiance. Eternal is set apart from other CCG’s as it has ‘instant cards’ that are playable during the turn of the opponent. Mana cards will also have specific colors for each faction. Also, with the launch of Defiance, there will be more mechanics and decks to explore.

Overwatch is Free to Play for One Whole Week

You’ve got one whole week to play Overwatch for free! Yes, Overwatch is free starting Tuesday November 20th, until Monday, November 26th. Players on all platforms will get to play for free, with access to all 29 heroes in its current roster, as well as 19 maps and game modes. Should you decide to purchase the full game, all progress will be carried over as long as you use the same account you used during the free play period.

Frostpunk’s Endless Mode Expansion Launches Soon

A new dev diary released by 11-bit studios has announced that the expansion for Frostpunk called Endless Mode will be releasing very soon. It took some time, as it has more content. The Endless Mode has two sub-modes which are Endurance and Serenity. The Endurance mode is designed to challenge players, which will have randomized events. Serenity, on the other hand, will let players focus on just building and growing your city having abundant resources and a much more forgiving weather system.

AKS Gaming News / Part 2 : 20/11/2018


Fallout 76 Gets New Update, Improves Gameplay

Bethesda rolled out a new update for Fallout 76 and it focuses on several improvements on the game’s performance and stability, as well as resolving some gameplay issues, and stabilizing the game client and servers. Bug fixes focus mainly on combat, especially the glitch that allows enemies to chase players further than intended. The correct cap reward will now also be seen in PvP. The full patch notes is available in Bethesda’s website.

Valve to Reduce Hidden Costs in Artifact

The beta for Valve’s card game Artifact is out now, and players took to the internet to voice out their complaints to the company. Players have observed that Artifact requires players to spend real money to earn new cards. In response to feedback from beta players, Valve said in a blog post on Steam that they will be making changes to this. In the next beta build, the game will now include the drafting with friends feature, as well as allow them to “practice” drafting without spending on a ticket.

Wasteland 3 and The Bard’s Tale 4 Still Heading to PS4

InXile Entertainment has recently been acquired by Microsoft, and fans are wondering whether its upcoming titles Darksiders 3 and The Bard’s Tale 4: Barrow’s Deep are also heading to the PlayStation 4. inXile founder Brian Fargo said in an interview with Eurogamer that yes, both games are also going to be released in Sony’s console, for the simple reason that they have already announced them, and they don’t intend to break any of their promises.

Star Citizen Free to Play Until November 30th

Star Citizen currently has a Free Fly event which allows players to play the multiplayer game for free from November 23rd until November 30th. Another good news is that all 80 plus of its flyable in-game ships are accessible to everyone during the free fly event. That’s roughly 9,000 Dollars’ worth of ships! After November 30th, the game will be back to retail, and players who wish to continue playing will have to pay a minimum of 45 Dollars.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Has Missing Subtitles, Activision’s Response Angers Fans

Spyro Reignited Trilogy players have voiced out their disappointment after finding out the game’s cutscenes do not have subtitles. Activision has released a statement about this, but it appears like it has upset players more. Activision said there’s o industry standard when it comes to subtitles, and they respect “accessibility for people with different abilities and will evaluate going forward.” Fans are not happy with this response and are petitioning to have subtitles added in a new patch.

Fallout 76 Servers Crash After Three Simultaneous Nukes Were Launched

Just recently a group of Fallout 76 players launched three synchronized nukes on the game’s map. As it neared the target, the servers crashed and the group was kicked out of the game. This has been shared by YouTuber Nickaroo93 after they were able to defeat the Scorchbeast Queen. The three nukes that they were able to get was because of the time that they were able to spend in the beta. And with that, a patch was made available for the game which includes performance fixes and optimizations.

Anthem is Not Delayed, According to BioWare

In case you’re wondering whether BioWare’s Anthem is still on track for its February 2019 release, executive producer Mark Darrah wants you to know that its release is “the same as always.” Darrah confirms this through a tweet, saying, “Hey all, Our release date is February 22, 2019. Same as always.” Darrah had to post this tweet after a rumor surfaced that Anthem is a “mess” in current-gen hardware and may be delayed.

PUBG Corp Details Fix PUBG Results

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds recently shared a post that rounds up the Fix PUBG campaign which was a three-month-long process. Here, the developers took the time to take different approaches to optimize the game. This campaign started last August and it is broken down into five categories which are client performance, server performance, anti-cheat, matchmaking, and bug fix/quality of life issues. For those who would want to find out, the complete roadmap is available in the Fix PUBG site.

New Dead or Alive 6 Trailer Showcases Lisa, Kokoro, and NiCO

A new Dead or Alive 6 trailer features three new characters added to the roster. The first one is Lisa Hamilton who we first saw in the Xtreme Beach Volleyball in 2003. She is returning as luchadora La Mariposa. The next one is a young geisha named Kokoro that uses the Baji Quan fighting style. The spotlight though is on the new character named NiCO. She is a young, Finnish scientist that uses a pair of electro-shock gloves. Dead or Alive 6 will be launching on February 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Re-built Black Mesa Xen Level Showcases in New Trailer

Half-Life is celebrating its 20th year, and Crowbar Collective gave players a peek at Black Mesa’s Xen level. The team has rebuilt Xen from the ground up, and plans to release it by Q2 2019 on Steam. It also contains almost brand-new content, with 6 additional hours of play. While you’re waiting for Xen’s release, you can go ahead and play Black Mesa on Steam as it is currently on Early Access.

FIFA eSports League eMLS Expands

The FIFA eSports league of Major League Soccer will be expanding after a successful inaugural season that started earlier in the year. The league will be running in partnership with EA Sports and will be welcoming 2019 with additional three new squads. The three new teams are the Atlanta United, D.C. United and FC Cincinnati. The three will be competing for the eMLS cup and will be a part of the new eMLS League Series events. The 2019 season comes with a new competition called the League Series.

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