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AKS Gaming News / Part 1 : 15/11/2018
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THQ Nordic Currently Working on 35 Unannounced Games Including Darksiders 3 and Metro Exodus

THQ Nordic will be releasing some big named titles like Darksiders 3 and Metro Exodus and they are not slowing down a bit as the company is said to have 35 unannounced games that are currently in development. According to founder and CEO Lars Wingefors during the Q3 financial report, the studio has 55 total games being produced by the end of the recent quarter and only 20 of which had been revealed. The company has been recently buying developers like Coffee Stain Studios and Bugbear Entertainment.

Ubisoft Teases Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion Operator Kaid

More teasers had been made available for the two new operators of Rainbow Six Siege. Both operators will be coming with the Operation Wind Bastion update and will be fully revealed on November 18th. One of the operators is Jalal “Kaid” El Fassi who has the ability to put up an electrified proximity device that can be attached to hatches. His partner named Nomad has a concussive wave that can launch enemies into the air. In addition to their reveal is the new map called the Moroccan Fortress.

Sonic Fox Dominates 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals

Sonic Fox dominated the 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals. With a grand prize of $40,000, the 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series attracted some of the well-known names in the industry like Scar, TekkenMaster, Rewind, and IrishMantis, but SonicFox dominated the series none the less. During the grand finals, SonicFox, who chose Joker as his character, faced off with Rewind who chose Batman. The game was long and very intense but SonicFox was still able to secure a 3 – 1 victory over Rewind.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Day One Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Codemasters revealed what’s in store for players who will purchase the retail versions of DiRT Rally 2.0 Day One Edition. Players who own the Day One Edition will get early access to different cars in the game as well as exclusive pre-order incentives. DiRT Rally 2.0 – Day One Edition will include a Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec plus early unlocks for the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally and Alpine Renault A110 1600 S. Players who pre-order the game in selected retailers will get the Opel Kadett C GT/E.

Torchlight Frontiers Introduces Forged Class

Runic Games and Blizzard North Co-founder Max Schaefer announced that the new hero class called the Forged is coming to the game Torchlight Frontiers. This brand new automaton has an arsenal of weaponry that is able to build up heat before being unleashed making a destructive explosive attack. In Torchlight Frontiers, players can team up with friends or their pets and brave the world of the game. No specific release date is available for right now but it will be launched by 2019.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Gets New Update

Assetto Corsa Competizione received a new update. The game’s Early Access update 0.3 brings a new car, a new track, and some basic multiplayer gameplay. The new car is the BMW M6 GT3 which is one of the cars the community has been eagerly waiting for. The update also reproduces the Paul Ricard circuit for the game. It also adds a new multiplayer mode that allows players to join practice sessions the game’s 3 available circuits.

Armored Warfare Season 2: Arabian Nights Heading to PC Next Month

The free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game Armored Warfare is getting a second season content called Arabian Nights, which is slated to release for the PC early this December. This will introduce a new chapter to the Magnus Holter’s campaign with an all-new special operation mission and so much more. The newly advanced customization system will also come with this expansion and it is called the “Skin” system. The complete list can be found on their official site.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gets New Mythical Boss Monster

Ubisoft announced a new mythical boss fight in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In a tweet from the Assassin’s Creed Twitter handle, the company revealed Steropes, a cyclops players will meet in the Lightning Bringer quest. The monster’s whereabouts is in a cave in Andros. Steropes is said to be a high level challenge, and killing him will reward players with the Steropes bow legendary weapon.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Coming to PC

Marvelous Europe announced the release window for Fate/EXTELLA LINK. The game is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019 and will be available for PC. Fate/EXTELLA LINK picks up where the 2017 Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star left off, and adds 10 servants to the game’s original roster that had 16. The game features a more refined high-speed action gameplay. It also features massive armies as well as four-on-four online battles.

The Sims 4 Gets First-Person Mode and Terrain Tools

The Sims 4 has rolled out its free massive update, which adds terrain tools and a first-person mode to the game. The new terrain tools will allow players to create trenches and hills on their lots. This also allows players to create buildings at different heights within the same lot, and also gives them two extra basement levels. The new first-person mode allows players to explore and interact with their environment. The new Style Influencer career is also included in this update.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege Servers to Shut Down in 2019

Microsoft announced that Age of Empires: Castle Siege will no longer be supported and will be unavailable for download after May 13, 2019. Players who own the game can still play until the said date, after which matchmaking services will halt, and eventually making the game unplayable. For fans of the franchise, there are other Age of Empires games coming out such as Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 4.

AKS Gaming News / Part 2 : 15/11/2018
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Sony Won’t Be Participating in E3 2019

We won’t be seeing PlayStation and Sony in E3 2019. This will be the first time in 24 years for the company. The reason behind this is that they are looking for other ways to engage the community. The industry is evolving and Sony Interactive Entertainment would want to innovate or think of something different as well as experiment with new ways in order to “delight gamers”. Plans are already being made as they announced that they cannot wait to share the new plans with us.

Killer7 Surprisingly Appears on Steam

Killer7 has made a surprise appearance on Steam. The game was previously announced to be arriving to the platform, but an exact release date was not mentioned. The Steam remake of the game is actually a graphical refresh rather than a remake. The Steam version also supports mouse and keyboard controls. The standard edition costs 20 Dollars, and you’ll shell out 30 Dollars for a version that includes the soundtrack and digital artbook.

Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Will Get Better With Upcoming Update

Changes to the Gambit mode in Destiny 2 is coming with the new update. Some of the changes include Gambit-exclusive gear as awards for Gambit rank-ups. Gambit bounties will also be doubled as well as retooled in order to be “easier to complete”. The boss-killing phase of the Gambit will be much longer and exciting because of the Primeval Slayer buff. Also, the Primeval Meatball bug where players lose the Malfeasance Exotic quest award will be fixed, as Grinding Gambit is hard enough.

Sunset Overdrive is Officially Launching on PC

The rumors are true! Sunset Overdrive is indeed coming to PC, after weeks of speculation thanks to unconfirmed listings and ratings board updates. Developer Insomniac Games confirmed the game’s PC release themselves through a tweet. While the company’s announcement did not include a price point, the release date that players have seen in Amazon which is November 16th has been confirmed.

Earthfall is Free for the Weekend

Earthfall, the co-op alien shoot fest, is free to play for the weekend up until November 19th, Monday. Get to survive an alien invasion that threatens the very existence of humanity. Grab four of your friends and kill hordes and hordes of the extra-terrestrial scum and their mysterious masters. What’s great is that you are able to use some futuristic weaponry, deployable barricades, and mounted turrets. If you enjoy the game you can actually purchase it for 66% off.

Overwatch is Free for a Whole Week

Overwatch will be free to play during Thanksgiving week! From November 20th until the 26th, the game is free for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you can start pre-loading the game as early as now, although a PlayStation Plus membership and an Xbox Live subscription are required. The free week will give players access to the full game including the entire roster of heroes, maps, and game modes. All progress will carry over to the full game should you decide to purchase it.

GTA, FIFA, and Call of Duty are Top-Selling Games of All Time on PS4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is celebrating its fifth year, and the company has shared some of its milestones. The company said in its report that the top five games of all time on the PlayStation 4 are Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Call of Duty World War II, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and Grand Theft Auto 5. The company did not provide numbers to support this report, and it is also worth noting that they are listed in alphabetical order. The PlayStation 4 was officially launched back in 2013.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gets New Update

A new update has been released by Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games for the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam game. The update is called Rearmed and Remastered and it will come with some performance improvements, new maps, new heads, audio occlusion as well as new weapons for the North Vietnamese forces, cinematics for the conclusion of the campaign are also added. The complete patch notes can be found on the game’s site. Also, the game is free to play up until November 21, Wednesday, 6 PM UK.

Hunt Showdown Gets Second Map

Hunt Showdown’s new update has rolled out, and it includes the new Lawson Delta map. Lawson Delta is built around a train station, a prison, as well as a fort. The update also includes a new skill-based matchmaking system that was inspired by the Elo system in chess. The update also includes major changes to melee combat “to improve internal consistency and better highlight each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses.” The full details on this update is available in the game’s Steam page.

Discord’s Storefront Now Supports Early Access Games

Discord, the community chat app, launched its digital game storefront early access program. This allows developers to sell the early access builds of their games while they are still developing it. For right now, there are five games already available which are Descenders, Parkasaurus, Kynseed, Visage and Mad Machines. Since the Discord store is directly attached to the chat client, the game developers can use it to easily communicate with their communities.

Vermintide 2 Launches on PlayStation 4 This December

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is finally heading to PlayStation 4! The game is set for launch on December 18th. If you want to give it out a try, a closed for the game’s Ultimate Edition is available on the PlayStation Store now for those who pre-ordered the game. This also gives pre-order customers four days early access to the full game before it officially launches. The Ultimate Edition also includes the game’s two DLCs, extra skins, portrait frames and a keep statue.

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