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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Second Live Epic Mercenary Event Also Cancelled

The second live Epic Mercenary event of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been canceled as announced by Ubisoft. This has been brought to us via the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Twitter feed saying, “Remember Damais the Indifferent? So far we’ve had no success in tracking him down, so, unfortunately, there won’t be a live event this week.” This is all due to some technical difficulties causing Damais the Indifferent to go M-I-A. The developers are working towards a solution to address the issue.

Agony UNRATED Released, Free for Players Who Own the Original Game

Agony Unrated is finally out, fulfilling a promise Madmind Studios made to supporters of the game that nearly never saw the light of day. The unrated version of the game will be free to owners of the original release and will feature new types of threats, additional boss fights, a new type of environment, and the new Agony mode. There’s also the promised uncensored content that ranges from more nudity to gore, plus some additional quality of life features.

Hitman 2 Details Stealth Improvements in New Trailer

Io Interactive highlighted some of the improvements players will see when Hitman 2 releases. Apparently, the game has been receiving a bit of backlash from players, as they think the game is similar to its predecessor. Thankfully, Io Interactive released a short video which shows gameplay improvements such as more adept combat AI, security camera grids, hiding using crowds, and tons of new weapons and tools. The trailer also showcased additional content such as Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, and more.

Sony Has Shipped Out Over 86 Million PS4’s to Date

Sony’s latest financial report has revealed that the company has shipped 86.1 million PlayStation 4 consoles since it launched in 2013. Although sales have been declining year after year, the company still managed to ship 3.9 million units during the three-month period which ended September 30th. Sony also projected that the console will still sell up to 17 million units between now and March 2019, taking into consideration the upcoming holidays.

Fire Wrestling World’s DLC Roadmap Revealed

Spike Chunsoft revealed their roadmap for Fire Pro Wrestling World with release windows for a slew of extra content heading to the sandbox wrestling game. First up is the Fire Promoter mode, which will be released this year. This mode allows players to build, promote, and run their own federation. A new scenario which retells the story of 2017’s NJPW’s Junior Heavyweight Championship will launch in 2019, followed by another unnamed scenario. Spike is also working on some fixes to improve the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Now 40 Million

Rainbow Six Siege has reached another milestone! The game has reportedly increased its player count from 35 million back in June to 40 million now. Ubisoft’s latest financial report also showed that monthly active users have been up, which implies that more people are regularly playing now as compared to 12 months ago. The game’s more robust Halloween event may be one of the contributing factors. It is also worth noting that these numbers represent players across all platforms.

Gun Game Heads to Black Ops 4 for a Limited Time

Treyarch is holding a limited run of the Gun Game mode, a mode that’s been a staple since the first Black Ops but something Black Ops 4 shipped without. The mode pits players in a free-for-all match that rewards each kill with new weapons. The mode opened a day earlier on consoles but is now available on PC as well, and will be available for all platforms until November 6th. Just be ready to download a 10 GB patch in order to play.

Earthfall Gets Massive Free Update

Four-player shooter Earthfall has just received a massive new update which brings new weapons, skins, and a whole lot more! The update is called Invasion, and is considered the biggest update for the game to date. This update also brings an entirely new progression system along with a new horde mode. There are four new maps, and the new weapons are an additional grenade and a pair of Akimbo MP5s sub-machine guns. The Invasion update is available now and is free.

The Blackout Club Now on Steam Early Access

The Blackout Club, a first-person horror co-op game from Question, is out now on Steam Early Access. The game puts one to four players in the shoes of a group of teenagers who discover they’ve been having “blackouts” they have no recollection of. The game featured procedurally-generated missions and the entire experience can be taken at the players’ preferred pace. There are also customization options and unlockable and upgradeable abilities.

Super Volley Blast Launches on PC and Consoles

If you’re a fan of old-school sports games, then you’re in luck as Super Volley Blast is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One! It first released on the Nintendo Switch. The game will let you in on a journey of becoming the best volleyball player in the world. The game features a character editor, a story mode, local multiplayer for up to 4 players at a time, or 16 players in a tournament, celebrity teams, and even a New Game mode! There’s also a Super Blast mode which allows players to create their own crazy sets of rules.

GTA Online Halloween-Themed Adversary Modes Get Double Dollars and RP, and More

GTA Online players have a lot to look forward to in-game as it is filled with Halloween-themed goodies! The game is currently offering double GTA Dollars and RP bonuses which will be delivered across Adversary modes Slasher, Slashers, Lost Vs. Damned, Condemned, Come Out to Play and Beast Vs. Slasher. Halloween-themed unlocks are also available this week and will be available until November 5th for anyone who logs in. Also available are Halloween-themed vehicles, which will also last until November 5th.

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Sea of Thieves’ Festival of the Damned Includes Awesome Rewards

The latest update is now live for Rare’s sea-faring adventure, Sea of Thieves. Festival of the Damned is the latest Bilge Rat Adventure, which are bi-weekly mini-events held in between larger content updates. Players will find a new Well of Fates in the Ferry of the Damned whose flame changes color depending on what caused the player’s death. Completing the new set of Commendation challenges will also net players doubloons which can be used to purchase limited-time goodies.

Fortnitemares Ends This Sunday with Live In-Game Event

Fortnite’s very own Halloween special event Fortnitemares is set to end this Sunday. But Epic Games is giving fans one final treat as the developer announced that there will be a live in-game event happening on Sunday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Epic did not specifically say what this event is, but their announcement simply advised players to “login early and be in-match to witness the one-time event.”

Just Cause 4’s DLC Plans Revealed

Avalanche Studios revealed what will be included in Just Cause 4’s Season Pass. The Season Pass includes three DLCs which are all slated for a 2019 release. The first DLC is called Dare Devils and Rico will face underground gangs “in heart-stopping death races and rampage rallies.” The next one is called Demons where Rico faces off with an ancient demon. And finally, the third one is called Danger where Rico’s former employer shows up in Solis armed with highly advanced weapons.

Blizzard Launches Overwatch e-Sports Viewer

Blizzard has just released a standalone spectator mode for Overwatch that fans can use to watch the upcoming matches of the Overwatch World Cup. The interactive spectator mode packs a good amount of control that will allow fans to customize their viewing experience according to their preferences. The program was developed from the set of tools Overwatch announcers use during esports events. You’ll however need to own Overwatch to download the spectator mode.

Capcom Shows Off Unlockable Classic Costumes in Resident Evil 2

Capcom has just released a new teaser trailer for the Resident Evil 2 remake that showcases the unlockable classic costumes of the protagonists. This should get anticipating fans more hyped as remakes are after all built on nostalgia. In the video, you see Leon donning his classic R.P.D. uniform while Claire sports classic red jacket. The costumes aren’t exact recreations of the originals but still manage to induce nostalgia even with their updated look.

Fallout 76 Beta Extended After Bug Deletes Game

A bug in Fallout 76 on PC has resulted to some users accidentally deleting the entire game. Bethesda quickly issued a statement advising users not to click any buttons in the client, telling them to redownload the beta. Some, however, were not lucky and got their game deleted. Bethesda is aware of the issue and luckily announced they are extending the beta across all platforms. The Fallout 76 beta will now be available until November 2, from 11 AM to 8 PM PT.

DUSK Leaves Early Access in December

DUSK, the retro shooter from David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive, will soon be leaving Early Access. The announcement was made on Steam where the team revealed that the game’s 1.0 launch is scheduled for December 10th. Those who backed the game during Early Access will also be treated to a free copy of the game’s 50-page digital graphic novel and early access to the game’s Episode 3 update. The game has also just received a new endless arena and some tweaks to the first two episodes.

Fortnite Installed By Almost Half of Switch Owners Worldwide

Fortnite launched on the Nintendo Switch back in June, and in just four months, the game has already been downloaded by almost half of Switch owners worldwide. This is according to Nintendo’s latest financial report. Exact numbers were not provided, but the financial report revealed that Switch has sold 22.86 million units since its launch, so we can say it’s around the 11 million mark. Fortnite on Switch also comes with cross-play support, so that may be one of the contributing factors.

Battlefield 5 Final System Requirements Revealed

Battlefield 5’s system requirements were prematurely revealed earlier this year, and now DICE has revealed the official system requirements for the game. The game will require at minimum an AMD FX-8350 or Core i5 6600K CPU, 8GB of RAM, GTX 1050 / GTX 660 2GB / RX 560 or HD 7850 2GB GPU, and 50GB of hard disk space. On the other hand, DICE recommends a 64-bit Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809) OS, an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 or Intel Core i7 8700 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and RTX 2070 GPU.

EA Confirms Command and Conquer Remasters

In EA’s recent quarterly earnings call, the publisher has confirmed that a new PC-focused content for the Command and Conquer series is currently being worked on by the Command and Conquer team. They are planning to release the remaster of the series by 2020, just in time for the series’ 25th anniversary. The company did not say whether they are also bringing in a new game under the Command and Conquer banner.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Releases New Creepy Trailer

Bandai Namco has just released a new trailer for the upcoming narrative-driven horror game , Man of Medan. The trailer was timed to coincide with Halloween and is meant to highlight the importance of choices made in the game. These choices affect how the story plays out and will need to be made carefully if players want to keep all five characters alive. The game is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 but no exact release date outside of a 2019 launch window has been announced.

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