WWAUT – Nick’s Plan

Shodan/ Ottobre 26, 2018/ Killing Floor 2

Ho Ho Ho everyone!

Nick here, with an important message to all mercenaries. I’ve got a big mission coming up and I’m building a team who is ready to deal with the fantastic, the magical, and the downright scary. That abomination of a Krampus stole my Workshop, and I am getting it back. You in?

So here is the plan. First, we have to break into my Workshop, should be easy enough with you there to cover my back. Then we’ll need to acquire a sleigh to haul a large package and move it deeper into the workshop.

From there we’ll need to get some of my old machinery up and running, as we’ll be building a special present for Krampus (that is why we need the sleigh dummies)! But once we’ve got that package ready, there is no turning back…. It packs quite a bit of Christmas spirit! More details will be provided on site, and I’ll be holding some test runs (beta) hopefully in the next few weeks – so keep an ear out for my jingle!