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Shodan/ Ottobre 18, 2018/ 7 Days to Die

@Mathaniel Adorable. 16 Updates in 6 Years.
What about the substance of those updates? The biggest thing added in the last two years was a moped.
(Cue the f***ing fireworks)
Still have an Alpha, still have half of a game, still have half of what was intended.
Also, as for the whole “Why are you here if you don’t like it?” argument.
Why not? Complacency breeds mediocrity. If you are fine with something being half-finished, then half-finished will be the new standard. It’s the same line of thinking that’s led to “Deluxe/Super-mega-Ultra-Founder’s-Pee-pee-sucking-editions” and “Day 1 DLC”
I’ll not be a part of that continuing trend, thank you very much.