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Shodan/ Ottobre 16, 2018/ 7 Days to Die

National pride equals a mental disorder? Are you from mars? If you don`t have national pride living in America GTFO. This is a discussion forum, not the deluded msm name calling platform. os I have 5,880+ hours in a game I have played for a mere 2 years, never played a horde 42 day, “yet”. Do I, like this game? Yep, but hey, that`s me and me only. I`m not here to try to convince anyone the pos or neg `s of this game. I do enjoy the entitled gamers`s posts in their ill fated attempts to bully TFP into releasing an unfinished version that would then, fuel their illogical rants. Shees, it`s still EA! Please, oh please, read what the EA disclaimer says. What? Don`t have time to read directions, yet plenty of time to ridicule, belittle, blame, and bemoan being cheated? Cheated out of what? The audacity of young gamer over a dang game!
DLKMN. ps Please search <national pride> Must be hard to wake up every day a hater.