‘Ubisoft, this ain’t it’—Skull and Bones beta testers quit in droves due to boredom

Shodan/ Febbraio 15, 2024/ Skulls and Bones

The Skull and Bones closed beta test is live until Dec. 18, and it lets players experience some of what the full game will offer. But many players with access to the closed beta aren’t enjoying what they’ve played so far, and some are calling the experience “boring.”

A recent Reddit post by user achilleasa is rapidly gaining traction as it highlights several issues with Skull and Bones that many players agree on. The Redditor begins the post by addressing the publisher directly, saying “Ubisoft, this ain’t it.” They explain how little fun they had with the game, particularly within its first hour, which they claim has “zero combat or excitement other than the combat tutorial at the start.”