Killing Floor 2 Winter 2024 Quality of Life Changelog (Game Version 1149)

Shodan/ Gennaio 23, 2024/ Killing Floor 2

Welcome to The Year of Killing Floor

Since 2024 marks Killing Floor’s 15-year anniversary – and with Killing Floor 3 on the horizon – we figured it’s time to celebrate! To kick things off, we have a Quality of Life update for all the millions of you who hop in to play Killing Floor 2 every year.

As we say almost every year that remains enduringly true, It’s been a pleasure to be part of this project for these many years. We’re deeply grateful for the millions of fans who own and play the game. We truly believe you’ll be excited about what’s coming next for Killing Floor 3 and to show you what we have cooking in the kitchen that we’ll look to communicate in the coming months. Stay tuned here to see the latest:

Winter Quality of Life

  • Volter is over (or so it seems), so it’s time to breathe and relax enjoying a nice sunset on the German Alps. For like about five minutes. The Zed threat never ends, and we need the best mercs to get the job done. But no job comes unpaid. We’ll grant a Community Gratitude Giveaway to all of you, brave and loyal soldiers.

New Additions and Highlights

  • Community Gratitude Giveaway
    • In gratitude to the community’s many years of support, we wanted to reward you all with a promotional one-time grant available on login that provides the following previously time-limited seasonal reward items and a stack of all 4 seasons’ tickets to enjoy.
      • The Tragic Kingdom Hazmat Suit- SUMMER 2017
      • The Tragic Kingdom Hazmat Helmet SUMMER 2017
      • Christmas | Objective | Pajamas Suit – CHRISTMAS 2017
      • Christmas | Objective | Pajama Hat – CHRISTMAS 2017
      • Steampunk Outfit Bundle – – SUMMER 2018 & 2019
      • MKB42H | Halloween | Precious – HALLOWEEN 2018
      • Battleaxe | Christmas | Precious – CHRISTMAS 2018
      • Kriss | Beyond Horizon | Space Elite – HALLOWEEN 2019
      • AA12 | Jaeger | Dynamic RGB – SPRING 2020
      • Space Pirate | Space Monkey Backpack – SUMMER 2020
      • Halloween |Voodoo Backpack – HALLOWEEN 2020
      • Christmas |Tactical Elf-pack | Precious – CHRISTMAS 2020
      • Cyborg | Companion Backpack | Precious – SPRING 2021
      • Astronaut | Companion Backpack | Precious – SUMMER 2021
      • DoZ | Companion | Precious – HALLOWEEN 2021
      • Holiday Shopping | Companion | Precious – CHRISTMAS 2021
      • Deep Sea | Trident | Precious – SUMMER 2022
      • Plague Doctor | Backpack | Precious – HALLOWEEN 2022
      • Train Conductor | Backpack | Precious – CHRISTMAS 2022
      • Shark Jaw | Precious – SUMMER 2023
      • MKB42H | Volter | Precious – HALLOWEEN 2023
      • (x15) Cyberpunk Treat Ticket
      • (x15) Summer Sideshow Prize Ticket
      • (x15) Halloween Treat Ticket
      • (x15) Christmas Treat Ticket
    • Please note that if you had previously unlocked the above seasonal unlockable items from its associated seasonal event this may appear as a duplicate stacked item within your inventory.

Addressed Community Feedback

  • Store Search Bar:
    • We included within the Store tab in-game search bar, making it easier to find specific bundles
    • Its functionality is similar to the Inventory search bar

  • Server Admin controls for Custom Servers
    • Added the following configuration for Custom Servers:
      • Enable/Disable Seasonal Zeds
        • To apply the changes, add the following line to your batch file: “?SeasonalSkinsIndex=<NUMBER>”
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=-1 -> not used
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=0 -> Default
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=1 -> Spring (Note No Seasonal Zed Variants Available with this index so will be the same as default)
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=2 -> Summer Sideshow
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=3 -> Halloween
        • SeasonalSkinsIndex=4 -> Christmas
  • SDK Updates and Modding Hooks
    • Two new modding hooks have been added for the community to use:
      • Addition of an “Enable Door” Kismet node
      • Now Elite Zeds can be replaced as well using Zed replacements
  • Survivalist Weapon List cleanup
    • The Survivalist weapon list within the trader was getting a bit too clogged, so now the trader will only show Survivalist Perk and Offperk-specific weapons while on that tab
      • This will affect inventory sorting per Perk as well


  • Weapons
    • Glock 18 and Riot Shield
      • Spread (default fire mode) from 0.06 to 0.045
    • FAMAS Masterkey
      • Buy price from 1200 to 1000
    • HRG Stunner
      • InstantHitDamage (default fire mode) from 60 to 80
  • Perks
    • Firebug – Firestorm
      • Increase ground fire duration a 20%
    • SWAT – Assault Armor
      • Now 50% of armor will be added at the beginning of each wave

Designer Notes:
With our balance tweaks, we aimed to polish up some of the remaining things the State of the Game survey showed as important.

The Glock on the Glock 18 and Riot Shield tandem was a bit scattered on its shot, something a SWAT cannot afford! The spread was reduced to make the gun a tad more reliable

The FAMAS is an interesting gun to play with, but couldn’t compete with high-tier shotguns. Reducing its price makes it a weapon available in earlier waves

The HRG Stunner needed a buff on its regular fire mode damage, so we applied it! Enjoy the carnage, Stunner fans.

Regarding the Firestorm perk Skill, it now makes the ground fire last for longer in addition to the fire spray weapons range increase. Firewall much?
Last but not least, the SWAT can now benefit from its Assault Armor each wave, not only at the beginning of the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the in-game voice chat to improve the overall experience.
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could be caused by substituting out all of a base ZED for elites.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grabbed sound would play endlessly until rebooting the title.
  • Fixed an issue where the WebAdmin MOTD Image was not working.
  • Fixed multiple instances of reported crashes to improve overall game stability.
  • Fixed a noticeable performance drop when moving to the Inventory tab and switching filters within it.


  • Fixed an issue where shotgun projectiles were not visible in 3p.
  • Fixed an issue where self-damage would be increased by switching weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo counts could become incorrect while welding doors.
  • RPG-7
    • Fixed an issue where the damage increases from upgrades were not shown in the UI
  • HMTech Mine Reconstructor
    • Fixed an issue where “pending fire” was not working after using the alt-fire.
    • Improved the excessive screen shake when using the weapon.
    • Fixed an issue where the projectiles could not destroy Bloat mines.
    • Fixed an issue where the was not granted correctly in multiple circumstances.
  • Sentinel/HRG Bombardier
    • Fixed an issue where the drone could be moved by some intractable objects.
    • Fixed an issue where the drone could be manipulated with the Gravity Imploder.
    • Fixed an issue where the drone could be moved by traps.
    • Fixed an issue where the drone was unable to hit Zeds that were located higher than it.
  • Frost Fang
    • Fixed an issue where the reload sfx was exceptionally loud in 3p.
    • Fixed an issue where the impact sound upon frozen targets was not affected by distance.
  • Blood Sickle
    • Fixed an issue where no effects were displayed for the Smash and Massacre skills.
    • Fixed an issue where the SFX of the secondary attack would continue to play in 3p when the attack was interrupted.
  • Rhinos
    • Fixed an issue where XP was not being granted for kills after the rounds had ricocheted.
  • Piranha Pistol
    • Fixed an issue that allowed saw blades to be picked up even when the user’s ammo was full.
  • Blunderbuss
    • Fixed an issue where the primary fire was not impacting with a Scrakes hitbox in certain instances.
  • S12 Shotgun
    • Fixed an issue where the ammo counter would remain inconsistent after any type of server reconnect.
    • Fixed an issue where the partial reload animation would play in 3p during a full reload.
    • Fixed an issue where the ammo in the weapon would be inconsistent when being picked up after being dropped either intentionally or from death.
  • HRG 93R Pistols
    • Updated the reload animation to show the correct model.
    • Updated the dual pistol holding animations in 3p to be held correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the firing and reloading sounds would stop playing.
  • MP7
    • Fixed an issue where a floating magazine was visible when reloading using the Tactical Reload skill.
  • MG3 Shredder
    • Updated the SFX based on the player surveys to be more in line with other equivalent weapons.
  • Corrupter Carbine
    • Fixed an issue where bash attack sfx played inconsistently.
  • HRG Blast Brawlers
    • Fixed an issue where the second alt fire strike would strike twice.
  • HRG Arc Generator
    • Fixed an issue where there was no sound dropoff when firing over distance.
  • Doomstick
    • Fixed an issue where certain shooting and reloading sequences could leave the weapon empty.
  • Dragonsbreath
    • Updated the logic on where Residual Flames spawn based on the weapons penetration value.
  • Spitfire
    • Updated the logic on where Residual Flames spawn based on the weapons penetration value.


  • Castle Volter
    • Reworked multiple areas throughout the map where performance dropped significantly.
    • Updated the collision boundaries for the spectator camera to prevent the leaving of map bounds.
    • Fixed multiple assets that had one-sided textures throughout the map.
    • Fixed multiple areas where users could get to unintended places shotgun jumping allowing them to avoid ZEDs.
    • Fixed multiple areas where the textures on the ceilings were stretched.
    • Fixed multiple areas where visible seams were seen in the floor and the walls.
    • Fixed multiple instances of Z-fighting on the doors and floors throughout the map.
    • Fixed multiple assets that did not have collision for ZED corpses throughout the map.
    • Fixed multiple instances of larger assets disappearing/culling in the player’s view.
    • Added lighting to the area surrounding the fire in the Boss area.
    • Updated splatter effects on multiple assets where either none or very few splatters were appearing.
    • Updated Zed spawn points so as not to spawn in player view unintentionally.
    • Fixed the resolution on wall panels so as not to appear low res.
    • Updated the Lamp assets so that they do not fall when shot in the Torture Room.
    • Updated collision boxes for multiple assets throughout the map that were missing or unintentionally small.
    • Fixed instances of mixing textures throughout the map.
    • Removed unnecessary water splashing effects on the floor and in the air in several areas on the map.
    • Fixed a beam that was hanging in mid-air in the Dinner Room Balcony area.
    • Fixed an issue where offline players could see through the map when starting the match immediately after loading into the lobby.
  • Dystopia
    • Updated splatter effects on multiple assets where either none or very few splatters were appearing.
  • Netherhold
    • Updated the bullet decals throughout the map to appear and to be consistent with the type of material the base asset is.
  • Moonbase
    • Fixed multiple gaps in the floor in the Rocket Dome
    • Fixed multiple instances of one-sided textures throughout the map.
  • Carillon Hamlet
    • Updated splatter effects on multiple assets where either none or very few splatters were appearing as well as where blood splatters were duplicating.


  • Fixed an issue where the selection frames do not dynamically update after equipping and unequipping skins in the Inventory Tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would shift and freeze when hovering over weapon characteristics.
  • Removed the “View Profile” option in Steam and EGS in the cross-platform party menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the link account button would not highlight when using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where the cross-platform invite button doesn’t disappear after sending an invite.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons viewed in the Gear tab would hang there after moving to the Perk tab.
  • Fixed multiple scenarios where cross-platform invites were not being sent after the invite button was selected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the friends and invite buttons to not appear in the Invite Friends tab.
  • Fixed an issue in the Server Browser where the maps in the filter were not being reset when viewing servers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Store Featured tab would update a second time after a few seconds when moving from the Inventory tab.
  • Updated the copyright year on the opening splash screen.
  • Updated old icons and thumbnails on Xbox.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Welcome Screen from appearing when joining a server.
  • Updated the MOTD size to allow up to 1024×1024 on custom servers.
  • Fixed an issue where player names are unreadable under the health and armor UI of friendly allies when scaled below 50%.
  • Fixed an issue where dual weapons that had ammo remaining would show as red on the ground in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would freeze on the interface if the Perks tab in the Trader Pod was left using the “Esc” button.
  • Fixed an issue where the weight of the Dual version of pistols was not updated when buying one of the pistols.
  • Updated the UI to show the correct message when a player leaves the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where a match could not be started if a player left the server while voting to resume the game.


  • Fixed an issue where part of the HRG Head Hunter’s skins are missing part of their textures.
  • Fixed an issue where the scope for the HRG Head Hunter is covered by a number of the skins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Stand Neck Gaiter on Anton Strasser covered too much of the Last Stand Ballistic Glasses.


  • Fixed an issue with the Patriarch where the minigun shots had no audio during ZED time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gorefiend blade brandish had no SFX.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gorefiend’s spin attack SFX would play continuously.
  • Fixed an issue with the Abomination where if you destroyed its armor with an explosive shell it would teleport as it stood back up.

Weekly Outbreaks:

  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to repeat weeklies obtaining multiple rewards.
  • Removed Santa’s Workshop from the Weekly Mode selection and from the map travel selection while in Weekly Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Weekly descriptions would be missing in the Main Menu after exiting from a match or lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arachnophobia Weekly where XP was not granted for stomped ZEDs.
  • Fixed an issue where Weekly music could be superimposed over itself when playing.
  • Fixed an issue where visible ammunition/projectiles in weapons would not always appear during the boss death cinematics.
  • Fixed an issue on Steam Fortress that would allow players to move into the Boss encounter room during Trader Time while playing the map on Weekly.


  • Fixed an issue where the Survivalist starting loadout was not applied in the game when changed in the lobby of a match already in progress.


  • Updated the author names on Netherhold to fit within the text box.

Vs. Survival:

  • Fixed an issue where Skip Trader voting could be initiated when using a hotkey or controller.


  • Fixed an issue where dead zone settings do not work while a controller is plugged in and a keyboard and mouse are in use.

As always, thank you for your continued support!