House Flipper 2 – Story & Environment

Shodan/ Dicembre 1, 2023/ House Flipper

Another trailer – the last one before the upcoming grand release!

Story and Environment Trailer - House Flipper 2

This is not the usual length, but we felt like this certain topic requires a little bit of extra love on our side.
We’d love you guys to delve into House Flipper 2 and the whole story that surrounds it!

It’s December, we are so hyped, and we can’t wait to finally pass the work of our recent years to your hands.

House Flipper 2 is going to be 39.99$, but we’re already figuring out a special promotion for the Flippers who purchased House Flipper and all of it’s DLCs!

These last 2 weeks, we’ll be still doing our best with QA, preparing all the launch details, and spreading the word about House Flipper 2 release on December 14!

Cheers to all the supportive Flippers! ❤️❤️