Killing Floor 2 Autumn Update Changelog

Shodan/ Ottobre 17, 2023/ Killing Floor 2

KF2 Autumn 2023 Release Changelog

Killing Floor 2: Last Hans Standing - Update Trailer

Last Hans Standing

  • Scanners all over the world found Hans Volter’s hidden castle. Veiled by the Alpine fog and forests, Castle Volter seems to be a fortress in disguise. Your team has enough intel to determine that the castle is Volter’s personal clone laboratory. The time for the final assault to put the old man down for good has come in the new official map: Castle Volter.

Nevertheless, every operation needs funding. Horzine has put a nice and shiny price tag on some unusually dangerous Zed specimens. Hunt them down on the new Bounty Hunt Weekly Mode and make some good Dosh. However, we must warn you that the longer it takes you to take down the Bounties, the more dangerous they’ll be.
Try out the brand new HRG 93R, a burst-fire backup pistol. Tired of your old 9mm? This new handgun weighs like a butterfly but stings like a bee. Make sure you check it out on your Perk menu.
We hope you enjoy the new content coming up this Halloween!

New Additions and Highlights

  • 1 New Official Map
    • Castle Volter
      • Compatible with Survival, Weekly, and Endless Game Modes.
      • Hans Volter’s hidden fortress in the Bavarian Alps.

  • 1 New Weekly Mode
    • Bounty Hunt
      • Each wave Bounty Zeds will spawn.
      • Players will have to hunt them down and prioritize them as targets.
      • Killing other Zeds rather than the bounties will make them more dangerous.
      • Dosh will only be obtained upon killing Bounty Zeds at the end of each wave and healing teammates.
      • A larger amount of Dosh will be obtained on Bounty Zed kill or assist.
      • Length: 7 waves.
      • Complete the Weekly Outbreak to earn the Desert Eagle | Bounty Hunt | Precious skin

  • 2 New Weapons
    • HRG 93R as a backup pistol
      • A new backup pistol can be selected on the Perk menu as a starting loadout.
      • Burst-fire-oriented handgun has a tad more damage than the 9mm, but it’s a bit less precise.
      • Dual-wielding options are available.
      • Trader price is 150 Dosh.

    • MG3 Shredder for the Commando
      • The MG3 Shredder is a paid DLC weapon.
      • A Tier 5 Machine Gun with two fire modes: the regular automatic fire mode and an alt-fire that fires shredder rounds: bullets that split into a wide fan formation from the barrel at a lower rate of fire.
      • Trader price is 2000 Dosh.

  • New Steam Achievements
    • Castle-Volter related achievements

  • Time-limited Objectives, Tickets, and Cosmetics
    • Seasonal objectives related to Castle Volter and the Weekly Mode
    • Complete all seasonal objectives to earn the MKB42H | Volter | Precious weapon skin

  • Zedconomy
    • Spectre MKIII HRG Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Medieval MKII Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Chameleon MKIV Weapon Skin Bundle Pack
    • Last Stand Outfit Bundle
    • MG3 Shredder Weapon Bundle

As a reminder, the database update for ticket drops and setting up steam items for sale will occur at approximately 1 pm EDT after all the patches go out in order to verify that the patches are deployed across platforms.

Addressed Community Feedback
As mentioned in the 2022 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game,’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of QOL changes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any QOL changes you believe should be added to the game by submitting your feedback in the ‘general’ section on our official forums at:


  • Weekly mode Selector:
    • Added a way to pick any desired Weekly Outbreak as game mode
    • Here are more details on how the Weekly Selector can be used:
      • Find a match
        • This option prioritizes finding a populated Weekly Outbreak server regardless of the type first. If it needs to perform a server takeover to give the player a Weekly Outbreak server within their region, it will then be set to the current active weekly index rather than any hidden preference set within Create a Match or Solo.

      • Create a match
        • Creates a match with the chosen Weekly Outbreak, taking over an existing empty server enabled for takeover based on the requested Weekly Outbreak chosen.

      • Solo Offline
        • Lets you play locally on Solo mode for any Weekly Outbreak. Pick your favorite one using the selector (same filters as Create a Match).

  • Server Browser
    • Allows the player to search for a specific Weekly Outbreak, showing an icon in the main list and indicating the weekly that the server hosts within the details.

    • How to configure your server
      • Add the following line to your batch file: “?WeeklySelectorIndex=<NUMBER>”
        • The <NUMBER> will correspond to the desired Weekly. The list is the following:
          • 1: Boom
          • 2: Cranium Cracker
          • 3: Tiny Terror
          • 4: Bobble Zed
          • 5: Poundemonium
          • 6: Up, Up, and Decay
          • 7: Zed Time
          • 8: Beef Cake
          • 9: Blood Thirst
          • 10: Coliseum
          • 11: Arachnophobia
          • 12: Scavenger
          • 13: Wild West London
          • 14: Abandon All Hope
          • 15: Boss Rush
          • 16: Shrunken Heads
          • 17: Arsenal Ascent
          • 18: Primary Target
          • 19: Perk Roulette
          • 20: Contamination Zone
          • 21: Bounty Hunt

The current Weekly Outbreak rotation will continue working as usual, updated weekly. Weekly rewards will only be granted if the Current Weekly is chosen. Playing any custom Weekly Outbreak won’t grant any reward.


  • Weapons
    • Reducto Ray
      • Duration of Reducto Ray’s Shrink incap reduces from 10s to 0.5 (dissipation rate from -10 to -200), meaning that after not attacking ZED for 0.5s, the internal meter resets back to 0 and you’d need to start applying incap from scratch. Incap wears off really fast now but ZEDs grow in size very slowly

    • Head Hunter
      • Time to start head reduction x5 times quicker
      • Head reduction rate decreased 10%

    • Killerwatt
      • Default fire mode damage from 50 to 55
      • Alt-Fire charge time 30% reduction
      • Camera turn ratio is now x5 faster than the previous version when alt-firing
      • Spare ammo increased from 300 to 450

    • HRG Vampire
      • Crosshair added:

  • Perks
    • Support
      • Fortitude
        • 10% Defense increase IN ADDITION to the regular health buff

      • Armor Piercing Shot
        • 10% Perk Weapon Damage increase IN ADDITION to the regular penetration buff

      • ZED TIME – Penetrator
        • Reload in real time IN ADDITION to the existing buffs. This will affect both mag-fed and non-mag-fed guns.

    • SWAT
      • All ammo prices reduced by 10% except for the HRG Nailgun

    • Field Medic
      • Acidic Rounds
        • Removed poison effect from Perk Weapons’ regular shots
        • Darts’ base damage increased; it’s easier now to break Zeds’ poison resistance threshold
        • Dart cost reduced in a 20% (except for HRG incision and HRG Healthrower)

  • Additional
    • Trader time on Castle Volter is increased by x1.17 (x2.5 during the last wave so you can admire a museum for a bit longer).

Designer Notes:
We agreed that the heavily requested ability for players to set their Weekly Outbreaks is a must. The Weekly Selector is now in the game! Choose your favorite Weekly Outbreak to play, or find any specific match in the server browser from our expansive list of Weekly Outbreaks.
Regarding balance, we have made tweaks in some weapons following the feedback from the Community:
The Killerwatt was powerful but could be more comfortable to use. We sped up its alt-fire charge rate, increased the default fire mode damage, and made it easier to control while alt-firing.
The Head Hunter and the Reducto Ray had a shared problem: it took too long for Zeds with altered sizes (either heads or full bodies) to return to their original state. Now, recovery rates are sped up.
Also, the crosshair was enabled for the HRG Vampire, which is always handy!
We heard your feedback regarding the ammo price for one of the most ammo-consuming perks of the game, the SWAT. We hope players enjoy the ammo pricing adjustment.
Many players also expressed that these 3 Support skills weren’t being used as they did not feel enticing enough alternatives to their counterparts. We believe these additions will make choices more interesting for players. The addition of real-time reloads for mag-feed and non-mag-feed guns will allow players to fire off more shots in real-time when supports find themselves in need of more ammo.

Player input suggested that Acidic Rounds was a skill that caused more harm than helped the cooperative playstyle. We’ve taken that feedback and revamped the skill, maintaining the poison theme: now the darts shot from Medic weapons cause more damage and break the Zeds’ poison resistance quicker, allowing the Medic to help in specific situations instead of poisoning Zeds in unwanted scenarios.
Bug Fixes
Also mentioned in the 2022 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game,’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of community-reported bug fixes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: and posting in the ‘PC’ or ‘Console’ sections.

Community Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Server Details and Spectate buttons would become unavailable due to the types of servers displayed and the placement in the server list of those servers.
  • Fixed an issue where Default ZEDs were using the seasonal SFX when seasonal skins were enabled.
  • Abomination will no longer get stuck when using the Gorge Attack on drones.
  • Addressed issues with EGS servers and online services being unavailable.

Weapon Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the MG3 Shredder where the ADS Alt-Fire tracers and FX would appear misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue with the Killerwatt where two third level charges could not be fired from a single magazine.
  • Fixed issues with the Minigun that would cause ammo amounts to be lost when swapping weapons.
  • Fixed issues with the Minigun that would cause ammo amounts to be lost reloading and purchasing ammo during Trader Time.
  • Fixed an issue with the G36 Assault Rifle where the ammunition would disappear from the magazine during the magazine check after partially reloading.
  • Fixed an issue with the HRG 93R pistols where the barrel materials were too thin.
  • S12 shotgun alt-fire FX now displays correctly on top of various environmental surfaces.
  • Drones will no longer target Zeds through the Trader Pod.

Map Fixes

  • Castle Volter
    • Updated the splatter mapping throughout the map where it had missing or incorrect blood splatters.
    • Updated the Spectator collision throughout the map to prevent the Spectator camera from leaving the map bounds.
    • Updated light sources and lighting in general throughout the map.
    • Updated textures throughout the map to properly reflect the illumination from the flashlight.
    • Updated the bullet decals and impact sounds to reflect the correct materials throughout the map.
    • Adjusted props throughout the map to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment and other props.
    • Adjusted Ammo Crate and Drop Weapon placement to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment.
    • Adjusted railings throughout the map to reduce and remove clipping with the surrounding environment.
    • Walls were adjusted, and seams were welded together throughout the map to remove the visible seams within the environment.
    • Fixed multiple invisible collision boxes throughout the map.
    • Fixed multiple collision boxes around props and railings that would leave the player twitching when right up against them.
    • Fixed multiple instances where players could step up onto a railing and take fall damage when stepping back off.
    • Fixed the multiple instances of barriers not having collision for ZEDs allowing them to walk through them.
    • Fixed multiple instances of walls not having collision allowing players to get to unintended areas.
    • Fixed multiple instances of walls, props, and environment dressing having single-sided textures, making them invisible or able to be seen through based upon camera angle.
    • Fixed multiple instances of Z-Fighting/flickering throughout the map.
    • Fixed the fir trees so the needles do not have bullet collision.
    • Updated ZED spawns to remove the spawning from the players’ sight line.
    • Fixed multiple areas where the shotgun jump allowed players to get to areas ZEDs were unable to path to.
    • Fixed an issue where the welding seam on the doors would not fully render on doors throughout the map.
    • Updated the inability to climb on tables in multiple areas in the map to make behavior consistent throughout.
    • Updated draw distance throughout the map to reduce issues of pop-in and disappearing as the player moves through the map.
    • Fixed an issue where some SYG zones were not activating.
    • Updated the SYG zone outlines to reduce clipping with the environment and increase visibility.
    • Updated the SYG zones to ensure that the marked areas are representative of where the players need to be to qualify for the SYG zone bonus.

Perk Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the medic weapon dart recharge rates were overly fast for non-medic perks.
  • Fixed an issue with the Support perk Fortitude skill not increasing resistance by the appropriate amount.
  • Survivalist weapon loadout will reflect players’ choices in the main menu.

Seasonal Objective Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where collectibles were only triggering for the user that hit the collectible rather than all users on the server.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Seasonal Objective “I could do this all day,” not counting progress for both those that got the boss kill and those that did not.

Weekly Outbreak Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd and subsequent waves in endless mode would not match with the announced timing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Weekly Selector where the “Outbreak Completion Reward” text and dosh reward frame would no longer be visible after changing back to the Current Weekly.
  • Santa’s workshop was excluded from certain weeklies to avoid spawn issues.

Localization Fixes

  • Updated the Castle Volter localization to include all supported languages.
  • Updated the “Current Weekly” localization to fit within the textbox.
  • Updated the Seasonal Objective “I could do this all day” to fit within the textbox across multiple languages.
  • Updated the punctuation within the Seasonal Objectives across the supported languages.
  • Corrected misspelling of “password” in Spanish on certain menus.


  • Fixed multiple clipping issues with the Last Stand Neck Gaiter.
  • Fixed an issue with the HRG Crossboom Spectre skins covering the scope.

General Fixes

  • Updated the display name for Castle Volter within Web Admin.
  • Updated the cinematic and music in the main menu to the seasonal versions.
  • Fixed an issue where trader time could increase after the 1st wave across multiple modes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Server would be highlighted and selectable when a player hovered between the Server List and the Server Detail button.
  • Web Admin fixed client crashes due to high image resolution.
  • Adjusted weapon type and filtering flags on various weapons.

Known Issues:

  • Castle Volter is still undergoing optimization, and some machines within the recommended specs may experience lower-than-expected performance. We’re continuing to improve this for all platforms within a forthcoming update post-release.
  • Weapon pickup rewards within the museum rooms, along with some props available when unlocked, have been removed for this release to address stability concerns observed on some platforms within internal testing. We’ll be looking to replace these assets with a new solution within a forthcoming release post-launch.

As always, thank you for your continued support!