Automated Mass Production Protocol Event

Shodan/ Luglio 22, 2023/ Astroneer

The Automated Mass Production Protocol returns!

Astroneers are asked to undertake the creation of large quantities of valuable resource nuggets to send off via the EXO Request Platform in exchange for useful goodies and stylish customizations.

All Astroneers present are awarded points when a rocket is launched – cooperation is encouraged for efficiency!

  • 1 Point – Compound
  • 3 Points – Aluminum
  • 5 Points – Tungsten Carbide
  • 15 Points – Nanocarbon Alloy

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with:

  • 160 Points“AMPP Throwback” Bundle –Contains cosmetics rewarded from the previous year:
    “Forge Ahead” (Mask)
    “Dot Com” (Palette)
    “Thinking” (Emote)
  • 480 Points – NEW “V Tech” Mask
  • 1920 Points – NEW “Cage Suit”
  • Useful incremental rewards along the way and randomized recurring rewards at the end of the event – including QT-RTGs, Portable Smelters, EXO Chips, and useful resources!

Tether Toppers

Tether posts have been updated to get your automation vibes cranking – log in to experience these temporary decorations that are sure to turn heads!