Rust comes to Dying Light! Check out the crossover event and a free DLC!

Shodan/ Aprile 20, 2021/ Rust

The combination everybody needed! See what happens when two worlds of survival are brought together and meet in the midst of a zombie apocalypse! Don’t worry, though, we won’t leave you without proper equipment. Grab the free Rust DLC to get a set of unique items that will help you make it through the dangers of the unforgiving world.

When your life’s at stake, there’s only one thing you can do—grab whatever you find and use it to your advantage. Like that Heavy Plate outfit that’s apparently all the rage and will show everyone around how inventive you are. Or the Salvaged Cleaver with which you’ll chop both zombies and bandits as if they were veggies (quick disclaimer: do NOT eat the zombies! Or the bandits!). Prefer fighting from a distance? Then shoot your enemies with the Custom SMG or the Rust Assault Rifle, the latest advance in unconventional weapon-making. And for the final piece of your survivor’s kit—the new buggy, Rust Bucket—the capstone of your engineering skills. You can be sure it’ll put to shame all who have ever doubted your talent as well as remind you that nothing is impossible. Even building a car in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Now, let’s put all that equipment to good use and see just how long you can survive against flesh-hungry zombies and ruthless bandits. What’s more, the scientists from Rust must’ve heard about the Harran virus and have come to investigate the deadly pathogen. Surprise them with your amazing parkour skills and show them what you’ve learned from years of fighting the infected. They’re not the only enemies you’ll encounter, though. In both the Slums and the Old Town, you’ll find outposts full of Rais’ bandits. They’re dangerous places, but you’ve been to such by now, haven’t you? Crash through the front door and wreak havoc among the enemy lines or take them silently, through stealth. They won’t know what hit them, and you’ll leave with powerful elemental C4 explosives. You’ll use them better anyway, right?

Still, surviving in Harran may prove harder than expected—but you already know that. Fortunately, you’re a skilled inventor and a full-fledged survivor. Who better to build something out of nothing than you? With the right materials, you’ll be able to research and craft improved versions of your weapons. Look for the necessary resources and let ’em see how deadly scrap can become in the right hands.

The bundle contains:

  • Heavy Plate outfit
  • Buggy skin—Rust Bucket
  • Short axe—Salvaged Cleaver
  • SMG—Custom SMG
  • Assault rifle—Rust Assault Rifle
Global goal:

Hunt down bandits (1 000 000).
Reward: A docket for the C4 Elemental Variation Blueprints

Local goals:

Research bounties:

Collect Scrap (30) and Plastic Tubes (2)
Reward: Gold Rust Assault Rifle Blueprint

Collect Scrap (20) and Nails (10)
Reward: Gold Rust Custom SMG Blueprint

Collect Scrap (10) and Tin Cans (5)
Reward: Gold Rust Salvaged Cleaver Blueprint

Raiding bounties:

Find and raid Rais’ Bandit Outpost in the Slums
Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle

Find and raid Rais’ Bandit Outpost in the Old Town
Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle

The Rust crossover event and the Rust DLC will come to PC on April 19, 19:00 CET. The event’ll last for a whole week (until April 26, 19:00 CET).

Both the crossover event and the Rust DLC will appear on consoles mid-May.

Dying Light - RUST Free Bundle Trailer
Dying Light - RUST Crossover Trailer

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