House Flipper VR Giveaway!

Shodan/ Ottobre 30, 2020/ House Flipper

Are you mulling over the idea of picking up the Steam version of House Flipper VR once it comes out on the 5th of November?

Do your VR goggles vigorously scream “RENOVATE!!!” every time you get close to them?


You can now win a copy of House Flipper VR by joining our last pre-release giveaway!
To get in, simply click here[] or on the banner above.

Enjoy and good luck Flippers!

Oh! Just a quick reminder that you can also come over on our developer stream that’s going to happen on the day of release! (November 5 that is!).
We’ll be hosting some live giveaways, answering all sorts of questions and having a chill time with our community!
If you’re interested, stay tuned as we’ll be giving you some more information about the stream next week.