Merc Report – Bloody Fangs

Shodan/ Ottobre 27, 2020/ Killing Floor 2


The weapons development teams here at Horzine have one dream that they share with the world with all of their latest creations: Making sure none can question the effectiveness or bloodiness of their “fine” work. With that in mind, we have two new “lovelies” (their words) to show you.

Did we mention blood? You want to see more of it? You want to weaponize it? Congratulations Medics we may just have the weapon for you! We are stroker’d to introduce you to the HRG Vampire.

Designed to actively suck the life force (blood) out of your targets, the Vampire operator can choose to either project it downrange as a coagulated ball to hurt enemies and heal friends, or keep the carnage going by shooting it as a powerful crystalized blood spike.

Now the other project, from what we understand, was driven by a mad night of binging the latest RPG action games and watching The Techno Viking vid show. Boy it seems that science will not be deterred by fiction. Part shotgun, part axe; the Frost Fang is what happens when someone with a welder puts it all together as an industrial age workshop experiment. Point in the direction of Zeds for best results.

Did we mention that they imbued it with some freezing tech? Supports and Berserkers, get ready to wield the ultimate in close quarters offense. Your shells will freeze your opponents and your Axe will shatter them with extreme force. Get ready to sculpt some Zeds!

Now mercs, we know you are prepped for just about any scenario, from posh castles to murky swamps. Be sure to read up and take the time to smell the flowers before setting off on your next expedition.

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while the Frost Fang will be purchasable after the Winter Update Final Launch as a Weapon Bundle packed with weapon skins for cosmetic customization.