Update 1.15 is Live!

Shodan/ Settembre 25, 2020/ Astroneer

Update 15 Release Notes (

Unreal Engine 4.23 Upgrade
  • Optimized Astroneer-specific rendering and network replication code for 4.23 which should lead to better overall performance
  • Smaller package sizes for Xbox One and PS4 due to optimization
  • Much lower overall memory footprint due to optimizations and general 4.23 memory savings
Manual Platform Locking
  • All platform items are now manually locked/unlocked through their tooltip
  • Locking/unlocking no longer occurs when connecting or disconnecting cables to a platform
  • Only platforms that are anchored to terrain can be locked, and platforms that become unanchored from the terrain (such as when the terrain is dug out beneath them) are automatically unlocked
Updates to terrain tool equipping and activation in relation to the backpack
  • If the terrain tool was not equipped when the backpack has been opened, it will no longer become equipped when the backpack is closed, regardless of whether you had opened the terrain tool storage while the backpack was open.
  • When closing the backpack with left mouse or right trigger and returning to a state where the terrain tool is equipped, terrain deformation will not occur until the next input, so that the backpack can be closed safely without causing terrain edits.
Additional Updates
  • Added improved slot proximity detection & prioritization when placing objects into slots or hooking up cables. The game will now automatically select the nearest available slot to the cursor so that slots can be accessed with less precision targeting, sometimes no longer even requiring line of sight.
  • Sections in the customizations menu are now collapsible
  • The EXO Outfitters icon on the main menu and item categories inside will now show a small notification icon when new items have been added

Thanks to everyone who called out long standing bugs to look at for this update. We will continue working on them for future releases! The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • [AS-3350] Fixed a bug where power cables could become twisted
  • [AS-8496] Fixed an issue where the Gateway engine would become unusable if the user saved and reloaded the game while the Geometric Triptych was being consumed
  • [AS-8612] Fixed a bug where Rover or Buggy wheels would sometimes clip through the ground
  • [AS-8661] Fixed a bug where hydrazine canisters would snap to empty oxygenator slots on shuttles rather than to open thruster slots
  • [AS-5684] Fixed a bug where holograms would jitter in the backpack on most planets
  • [AS-11303] Fixed an issue where batteries were not draining at the correct rate when connected to a directional power loop
  • [AS-11481] Fixed a bug where the bar filling sound effect would not play when unequipping an item from the store
  • [AS-11892] Fixed a bug where item tooltips would still appear when the user is in the store menu
  • [AS-11925] Fixed a bug in multiplayer where clients would not see VFX or hear SFX on newly spawned motion sensors until the item is picked up
  • [AS-9878] Fixed an issue on dedicated servers where users would sometimes appear outside of shuttles during extra-orbital flights
  • [AS-11823]  Fixed a bug where players on dedicated servers were not able to unlock The Wanderer’s Way achievement
  • [AS-11974] Fixed a crash related to using the Auto Extractor
  • [AS-11502] Fixed a crash related to players losing some camera movement while in vehicles
  • [AS-11696] Fixed an out of memory crash on PS4
Xbox One
  • [AS-4211] Fixed a bug on Xbox One where landscapes would have low LOD when landing on a planet
The following are still known issues as of version
  • Locking Platforms tool tips phrases: “Lock” and “Unlock” will not be translated into other languages with this release.