Merc Report – M&Ms

Shodan/ Agosto 28, 2020/ Killing Floor 2


After extensive and continued study of bloat bile, the lab coats have managed to re-weaponize it in the form of proximity mine deployable via a Medic launcher device (they tell us you don’t want to be too close, just in case something goes wrong, but also assure us that there are beneficial properties for your team).

May we introduce you to the latest in Horzine medtech research. They call it the Mine Reconstructor. In the field, it can be charged up to deploy mines of different sizes which will increase the damage, radius, and healing properties (And don’t forget you can manually detonate for your teammates who may be down range). Get ready to belch some rounds downrange! You will of course understand that the source of the grenade material is classified.

While the Medics are laying a trap, someone needs to cover the backwards advance to safety, and go full Commando. This one is pretty simple, the lab figured out how to reduce the weight of a mounted minigun, effectively making you the mount.

It isn’t all bullets out there, as mercs will need to give up accuracy, speed, and time to spin this baby up and reload it. But these tradeoffs come with the ability to decimate an “area of effect” for as long as you can keep that trigger held, which uhhhh won’t be long.

Now get to that chopper, as we expect to start field testing (beta) next week at the earliest if all goes well!

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while the Minigun and Mine Reconstructor are purchasable after the Fall Update Final Launch as Weapon Bundles packed with weapon skins for cosmetic customization.