Merc Report – All Aboard

Shodan/ Agosto 17, 2020/ Killing Floor 2


It’s getting to be that time of year where the strange, weird, mysterious, and lets just through this out there, downright demonic seem to pop up… even more so than usual given your line of work.

Some of our surveillance drones around London have picked up just such an event, so we are sending you in to figure out what’s happening, and more importantly, shut it down. The surveillance has picked up a cry from the streets close to some of your old haunts. Specifically the rail station formerly known as Kings Cross.

You won’t find any kids waving sticks at you on this visit, nor friendly pet shop boys waiting to sell you goods around the concourse. Things have taken a decidedly more hellish mark. And whatever world these portals lead you to, we want nothing to do with. But perhaps you can make use of some of the strangeness you will find yourself around for extra power… just remember, these sorts of things tend not to come without a price!

So get a move on you Pogues, break and enter into Hellmark Station, ride out what enemies are thrown your way, then terminate this line. We’ve set our high hopes on you.