PC Building Simulator v1.8.6 – Esports Expansion Bug Fixes

Shodan/ Agosto 13, 2020/ PC Building Simulator

Hello PC Builders,

In case you missed it, last week we released the Esports Expansion for the game and have since been absorbing all the feedback provided by the community.

This first small update is to address some of the initial concerns reported in the launch week, we will be continuing to collate further feedback for future updates.


  • Added the tool upgrade toggles into this expansion to allow players to turn off any of the automatic help if they wish.
  • This can be found in the Pause menu (Esc) when playing.
  • Fixed issues that could cause duplicate PCs and no timer in the Arena.
  • Adjusted the budgets for the last two leagues for Trinity.
  • Various localisation text fixes.

If you would like to report an issue or provide feedback please do contact us via the following link: https://www.pcbuildingsim.com/help

We have noticed some bug reports coming in that are actually incomplete jobs – we know some jobs are a little tougher in this new campaign. If you are having a problem with completing a job, our Discord server is often a great place to seek support ahead of submitting a bug report. You can join our Discord via this link: https://discord.com/invite/pcbuildingsim

Is PC Building Simulator going to get further updates?
We have been asked a few times now if this Expansion means an end to updates to PC Building Simulator so we wanted to highlight that this is not the case. Development and content for the original game are ongoing and it will continue to get updated in the coming months.

Thanks for all the support around this new DLC launch, we look forward to your continued feedback.

– The PC Building Simulator Team