Barn Finders – 15% Loyalty Discount and -10% Bundle with House Flipper!

Shodan/ Giugno 15, 2020/ House Flipper

The newest game by our friends from Duality Games is almost there so we have some special offers for you!

Anyone who owns House Flipper will get a 15% Loyalty Discount when buying Barn Finders, which releases on June 15th – the discount option will be displayed on its store page.
The developers from Duality Games also prepared an additional 15% Launch Discount and both deals merge in one which gives a 30% Discount total!

That’s not the end of the good news!
Barn Finders and House Flipper will be also available together in a bundle – SCAVENGE & RENOVATE BUNDLE with a 10% total Discount.

Barn Finders Loyalty Discount will last 7 days after release, and it’ll be available after logging in on your Steam account with owned game/games.

Check it out on STEAM: