Update 1.10.9 is Live!

Shodan/ Marzo 11, 2020/ Astroneer

Steam players should receive this update today, March 10, 2020.


We have introduced a new item to help players achieve truly flat surfaces, the leveling block! Use them in Creative Mode to snap to the existing voxel grid to create flat surfaces that automatically snap to each other.

For now, the leveling block only exists in Creative mode, but we will evaluate how we can roll it out into the main game without completely breaking the soil economy!
Small scrap items in the world can now be bundled for easier transport! T1 scrap objects will now bundle into a single T1 Scrap Bundle much like Tethers, Glowsticks, and Extenders. It takes five T1 scrap objects to create one full Scrap Bundle, but once a scrap object has been added to a Scrap Bundle, it can not be removed. T1 Scrap Bundles are shreddable in all shredders.

Performance Optimizations

– Implemented performance optimizations to base game systems to continue improving framerate across the board.
– Implemented performance optimizations to speed up processing for hazard behavior and planet particle effects.


The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • – [AS-9879] – After a mysterious absence, Geysers are back on Desolo!
  • – [AS-3952] – Client is now able to see a geyser exploding when it has been dug up.
  • – [AS-5144] – Geyser explosion VFX now match the color of the geyser that is exploding.
  • – [AS-5583] – All Hazard SFX should no longer cut off early or not play at all
  • – [AS-6717] – Control Panels and Catalogs will no longer remain open when a player enters a shuttle or vehicle.
  • – [AS-7191] – Spewer SFX have been restored.
  • – [AS-8830] – Atmospheric Condenser, Small Printer, Medium Printer, and Large Printer can now all be stopped by pressing the A button twice on Xbox controllers.
  • – [AS-9207] – All the creative mode options are set to their defaults when start a new creative mode game after skipping the tutorial.
  • – [AS-9502] – Creative mode catalog button is correctly illuminated.
  • – [AS-9536] – Loose tethers, glowsticks, and extenders will no longer freeze when hovering cursor over any slot greater than T1.
  • – [AS-9589] – The Player landing a shuttle will retain control of the shuttle even if another user enters a seat attached to that shuttle.
  • – [AS-9595] – The resources in the control panel now light up when the client player has them in their backpack, the same way that they do for the host player.
  • – [AS-9604] – Key inputs for the AUX slots on the buggy are correctly oriented.
  • – [AS-9662] – Powerflow will now correctly change when a player connects power to an extender.
  • – [AS-9706] – Research Sample tooltip UI now correctly disappears when the sample is scanned.
  • – [AS-9719] – Large Printer now prints slottable items onto T4 slots.
  • – [AS-9763] – Bouncing and knocking hazards grown from seed by the player will no longer disappear when loading a saved game.
  • – [AS-9830] – Bundles placed on the same slot of any tier will now fill existing bundles on that slot.
  • – Multiplayer
  • – [AS-9600] – Client’s grab line and item highlight no longer disappears for items that were quick-stowed from carry.
  • – [AS-9856] – Client can now see VFX when digging up a Spewflower, Hissbine, or Boomalloon.
  • – [AS-9857] – Client is able to interact with seeds and researchables that are spawned when destroying Hazards.
  • – [AS-9870] – Client players are now able to add Tethers, Glowsticks, Extenders and Debris to partial bundles by using their cursor
  • – [AS-8094] – Spanish Localization inconsistencies between color palette names have been fixed.
  • – [AS-9465] – German and Dutch now both use “STARTEN” instead of “START” on the EXO Request Platform control panel.
  • – [AS-9520] – A player-reported Portugese localization error has been fixed. “Aguarde” has been replaced with “Segure” for (HOLD) interactions.
  • – [AS-9910] – The first O in “СТАРОТОВЫЙ” is now removed and now correctly reads “СТАРТОВЫЙ” in Russian.
  • – [AS-10219] – Inhibitor Mod is now called “INIBITORE” in both the catalog and the backpack printer in Italian.

Thanks so much for reading! Look out for an announcement next week regarding our next big content update! 🏗️