What We Are Up To – A Piercing Freeze

Shodan/ Febbraio 13, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

Hello everyone,

Today we wanted to go over some upcoming Perk and weapon changes that we feel will improve gameplay and player choice, as always, please let us know if we are on the right track!

The design team has been looking at Perk skills that are fairly lopsided in terms of player choice and has worked on updating their counterparts to make them more viable. These are currently:
(Berserker) ZED TIME – Berserker Rage: The heal percentage, fear radius, and fear duration are increased.
(Survivalist) ZED TIME – Lockdown: Knockdown, stumble, and stun rates are maxed to better guarantee one will trigger on most Zeds.
(Gunslinger) Line em’ Up: Additional penetration will be added to all Gunslinger weapons. The bullets will be able to penetrate through Zeds when they previously could not, depending on the Zed shot.
(Firebug) Ground Fire: This now applies to the ground fires generated by the Dragonsbreath, Spitfires, and Molotovs.

And a weapon that is also getting some attention is the Pulverizer to help make it a more viable option in the current gameplay. Light melee attacks will do more damage and the explosion has been adjusted to hit more Zeds in the explosion radius in front of the player. Please be sure to pay special attention to these skills and weapons and let us know if they need minor adjusting before the final update, or “something more” for the next major update.

Freeze, it’s a Sharpshooter with a bow! This is what happens when you let the engineers come up with the marketing, but you get the idea, both for the new weapon and why to never bet on the odds with people with higher math degrees.

Joining the HRG Incendiary Rifle in the field soon will be the Compound Bow for, you guessed it, Sharpshooters. Built for those in need of some quick versatility depending on an ever-changing situation, we are shipping it with two arrowheads to cycle between, a moderately damaging but strong piercing “Sharp” head and a freezing, explosive “Cryo” head.

Featuring different levels of charge that will allow you to optimize your range and impact damage, you will have two different heads to choose from. The sharp arrows will go through several Zeds who have so neatly lined up thanks to your superior position power, and your hasty running ability will allow you to reacquire any in the field that you find. Cryo arrowheads are truly something a little special, freezing many creatures right in their tracks on said impact.