Valentine’s Day mini-update is here!

Shodan/ Febbraio 13, 2020/ House Flipper

Hey there Flippers!
We’re bringing you a quick Valentine’s Update with a couple of new items – sorry for keeping it that small this time!

New Valentine’s Day Items:
– Candlestick Amora
– Wooden Dove box of pralines
– Wallpaper Valentino
– Webcam I miss you
– Romantic roses
– Picture frame Heart
– Teddy bear Amadeus
– Mascot Chinese New Year of Rat
– Flipper Valentine’s card

We’re currently putting a lot of effort and time into our upcoming projects, with the console version of House Flipper coming extremely soon.
On top of that we have the HGTV DLC and House Flipper VR that are also in development, check them out below and make sure to add them to your Steam wishlist: