What We Are Up To – Fire Downrange

Shodan/ Febbraio 6, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

Firebugs, we here at Horzine have been informed about your burning need for more scintillating weaponry. Today we want to share two ways you’ll be burning up the competition for Zed kills in the near future.

Ever noticed when fighting a Zed horde that new ones tend to replace the ones you just killed, often in the same place? What if you left them a fiery present? The lab coats have been tooling around with the ammunition for the Dragonsbreath over the last few weeks, and they’ve come up with an upgrade.

Soon to be deployed for field testing, each fiery round is now guaranteed to leave ground fire at the site of impact (either directly, or where you hit a Zed). Helping the team lockdown that chokepoint? Switch weapons no more as you continue to blast away creating pools of fire to thin out the herd.Another prototype from the HRG team is also on the way to help you reach out and burn some Zeds at a distance. Introducing the HRG Incendiary Rifle:Firing incendiary rounds and grenades, you’ll be sending fire towards the holes in your line as fast as you can pull either trigger and keeping them covered with additional ground fire at the impact spot of your nades!With all this firebug talk, you’d think things would be heating up for next week, but I feel all this heat bowed to an incoming chill, stay tuned for an updated forecast next week.[media.tripwirecdn.com]