ALLKEYSHOP FAQ: What do I do if the key I bought doesn’t work?

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Did you buy a game from one of our partner stores but are now having issues with getting or activating your key? Well, there’s no need to worry! Let us walk you through how we can get you from fussing over the issue to playing your game quickly.

In any case, we advise you to use Paypal during your purchases we will explain why at the end of this article.

When it comes to game key issues, there are usually two main scenarios: the first is where you did not receive the key at all, and the second is where you received your key but are unable to activate it. Here are a few tips you can try in both cases:

I did not receive my key.

  • Confirm that your email address is correct.
  • Check your SPAM folder.
  • Go into your account history to determine whether or not the transaction pushed through.

I received my key but it is not working.


  • Confirm that you are activating the key on the correct platform (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, etc.).
  • Make sure that you copied the complete key.
  • If you are typing in the key manually, make sure you don’t confuse zeroes (0) and Os.
  • Check the seller’s email for special instructions that may have been included.

I’ve checked everything and I’m still having problems.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve done everything correctly but you still are not able to activate your key or have not received it at all, then it is time to get help from the seller.

Open a support ticket at the seller’s site. These sites usually have a link or button that you can easily find (usually either at the top or bottom section) to either initiate a chat session or fill out a support request form.


For a more speedy resolution, make sure to prepare the following before contacting their support team:

  1. Your order number/transaction ID
  2. A screenshot of you trying to activate your code
  3. A screenshot of the error message you are getting
  4. A screenshot of your game library showing you do not have the game yet

Always try to get high-quality screenshots. Make sure you do not modify any of the screenshots to make validating them easier for the seller. The seller will use these screenshots as part of their efforts to confirm that you tried to activate the key correctly and that the platform is rejecting it. The seller will also use these screenshots to get a new key for you from their suppliers.

Although it might be frustrating, it will take some time for the seller to investigate the issue and come back with you with their findings and a brand new key if necessary. Please be patient during this time.

The seller is not responding or does not want to give me a new key or issue a refund.

In most cases, if the seller confirms that the problem was caused by the key they provided or failed to provide, they will send you another key or issue a refund. However, there are rare cases where the seller is unresponsive or does not want to take responsibility for the issue. In this case, you will have to take matters into your own hands.

File a dispute with whoever you used to pay for your transaction. Usually, it would be either Paypal or your bank.

  • With Paypal, it is easy to file a dispute as long as you do so within 180 days of when your transaction happened. This is why we recommend that our users use Paypal when buying from our platform as it adds an extra layer of protection.


To file a dispute on Paypal, just do the following:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click on ‘Activity‘ at the top of the page.
    3. Click on your transaction with the seller to see its details.
    4. Click on “Report an issue” at the bottom.
    5. Follow the instructions on the page that opens.
  • If you used your credit card or other modes of payment tied up with your bank, you will need to contact your bank to file a dispute. Take note that the actual process will vary depending on which bank you used, so it is best to consult with them directly. Also, given that this is a digital transaction, it is best to file your dispute not more than a week after the transaction.

At AllKeyShop, we constantly test all of our partner stores to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable. We always try to make sure that our partner stores offer high-quality products and give excellent after-sales service.

In case one of our partner stores refuses to help you with a transaction or refund non-working keys, do not hesitate to contact our own support team so we can help you with the issue. We guarantee a satisfactory resolution 100% of the time.

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