2019 Steam Winter Sale Update

Shodan/ Dicembre 21, 2019/ Steam

Hello Steamville citizens, Mayor Carol here! The 2019 Winter Sale and Steamville Event are now in full swing, with amazing savings to be had by all! Thank you for your civic engagement and enthusiasm.

The people of Steamville have spoken, and we hear you loud and clear! The power of our Holiday Cheer is greater than silly rules! The members of Town Council have gathered ‘round the yule log and unanimously voted to reverse course on a few Steamville bylaws. Effective immediately, yule be happy to hear, they are amended as follows:

[h2]More Wallet funds are now eligible for Festivity Tokens! [/h2]
Any funds added to your Steam Wallet or purchases made with non-Steam Wallet payment methods in the week before the sale* will earn you Festivity Tokens. If you’ve purchased items during the sale using Wallet funds added in this timeframe, check your Festivity Token balance: you have already received these Tokens! Read our Event Details for additional ways you can earn Festivity Tokens.

[h2]Chat Stickers are… sticking around! [/h2]
Animated Stickers are far too much fun and will no longer expire. Hooray!! The people of Steamville have voted with their Festivity Points, and we’re thrilled to report Happy Yule Log, Angry Yule Log, Bulb Dance, and Snowman Goodbye are your favorites so far… Be sure to check out all the good Stickers in our Holiday Market.

[h2]Chat Effects will remain in… effect until consumed![/h2]
Consumable Chat Effects are now also free from expiration dates! Now you can hoard those snowballs in your freezer all year long. Or throw them now.

Merry Merry,
Mayor Carol

P.S. Whoever stole the snowman from the grounds of Town Hall, please return it immediately, no questions asked. Thank you. Now where in the name of tinsel did I leave my eggnog?

*Any time after Dec 12 2019 @ 10am PST