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AKS Gaming News 10/12/2019
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League of Legends Universe Open to Third-Party Titles

The League of Legends universe will soon be available to other third-party titles as announced by Riot Games. This will happen under their new publishing label called Riot Forge. Riot Forge will be working with independent third-party studios which are encouraged to create their own style. This is all part of the 10-year anniversary of LoL which also includes the 5v5 version of the game called the League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Fallout 76 Around Appalachia Theme Announced

Another Fallout 76 Around Appalachia is available. Get to showcase your best screenshots around Appalachia with the new theme which is Filters! During this period Appalachia will be filled with colors, so there are surely a lot of different screenshots ideas out there. Make sure to submit your images before December 16th. You can find the link for this on their website. The next theme will be Holiday Spirit.

PlayWay’s New Game I Am Jesus Christ Revealed

A strange new game has been introduced by publisher PlayWay and it is called “I Am Jesus Christ”. The game is played in a first-person perspective, like what you see when you play VR games. You will play as the protagonist Jesus where you go around performing miracles, like healing the sick, summoning fish and even fighting Satan himself. There are about 30 miracles for you to perform and you are also able to get superpowers from the Holy Spirit. No launch date has been announced for the game yet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launches on Steam

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally launched on Steam. The game first launched on consoles a little over a year ago. After a month of the console version launch came the PC version which had been an Epic Games Store timed exclusive. The Steam launch, however, was not able to reach the numbers that Rockstar was expecting. The game peaked at more than 26,000 concurrent players and it has gotten a ‘mixed’ rating on Steam.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Development On Hold

Content development for card battler The Elder Scrolls: Legend is now “on hold,” according to Bethesda. The game was Bethesda’s take on the card-battling genre. In Bethesda’s development roadmap, it was mentioned that the game was supposed to receive one additional content expansion this year, however, the developer decided to “put any new content development or releases on hold for the foreseeable future.” The game will still be available to download, players will still have access to its single-player and online modes.

Minecraft is YouTube’s Most Watched Video Game of 2019

YouTube has revealed that Minecraft is the most-watched video game in its platform for 2019. Minecraft tops the list which also includes Roblox at fifth place, Garena Free Fire in fourth, GTA 5 in third, and Fortnite in second. Minecraft has accrued 100.2 billion total views this year, while Fortnite had 60.9 billion — that’s a difference of over 40 billion views! Popular YouTubers such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye have greatly contributed to this milestone.

Modern Warfare’s New Update Removes Night Maps from Hardcore

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest patch removes all night maps in the game’s Hardcore modes. Infinity Ward did not mention when these maps will be back. Both the Hardcore modes and the night maps were recently added and became instant fan favorites. The update adds new content, though, so avid players need not be sad to see the well-loved favorites go. Among the new content added include the return of Shoot House 24/7, as well as Docks and Grazna Raid.

Nostos Now Available on Steam

NetEase’s cross-play VR multiplayer game, Nostos, is now available on Steam. In Nostos, players will be taking the role of an explorer in the world of Nostos as they try to survive and combat the harsh environment along with their partners. The game’s world features various terrains, a giant and seamless map, freely moving system, and many more. Players will be using their limited physical strength while they try to collect materials to build houses, fight enemies, and explore the world.

Mousesports is the Champions of ESL Pro League Season 10!

The ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals crowned their new CS:GO pro champions, Mousesports! The team won after a close fight against Fnatic with a score of 3-0. Mousesports took the lead in all three matches, with Fnatic following closely. At the first map, Inferno, the team scored 16 against Fnatic’s 11. The second map is Train, with Fnatic still trailing with a score of 10. The Finals ended with the third map, Mirage with Fnatic scoring 11. Mousesports took home 250,000 Dollars prize.

Sony’s State of Play to Feature New Game Reveals and More

2019 is almost over, and Sony is happy to announce that the next State of Play livestream will be airing on December 10th at 3PM CET. The stream will be broadcasted live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. In Sony’s announcement, the company said it will feature “around 20 minutes of new game reveals, release date announcements, new gameplay footage, PlayStation Worldwide Studios updates, and more.” Sony also added that updates related to their next-gen plans will not be included in this episode.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Sequel Announced

Owlcat Games has revealed that they are working on a sequel for Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The sequel is called Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous, and although the developer did not mention a release window, they did say what players could expect when the game launches. Wrath of the Righteous will include new characters and plots, as well as a few character classes which include the Oracle and the Witch.

Blacksad Release Date Announced

Pendulo Studios and YS Interactive are pleased to announce that their adventure-detective game Blacksad will be out for consoles on the 10th of this month. Blacksad: Under the Skin has been available on Steam since November 14, but if you would rather play on a console you need only wait a little while longer. Get ready to flex your detective capacity as you explore a peculiar universe that is populated by anthropomorphic animal characters.

Ylands Exits Steam Early Access

Bohemia Interactive is ecstatic to announce that Ylands has exited the Steam Early Access phase and is finally available as a full release. In case you don’t already know, this is an adventure, sandbox, survival, multiplayer game that grants you the ability to build everything and anything you can imagine. Hop-in and bring your creations to life with the magic of Visual Scripting. The full game is currently available on Steam and is completely free of cost.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Getting a Physical Release

Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be getting a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games. The title has been one of the most celebrated RPGs since its release in September of 2017 so it makes sense that Limited Run Studios deem it worthy of a physical release. This is expected to be finalized and released in 2020. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Release Date Announced

Bandai Namco has officially announced the release date for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris. According to the developer, the game adaptation will be launching worldwide on May 22, 2020, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. However, it will be released a day earlier in Japan on the 21st. A trailer also accompanied the announcement which showcases some gameplay footage, some of the characters interacting with each other, the storyline and the mesmerizing graphics that players have grown to expect.

Gears 5 – Operation 2 Update Release Date Announced

The Coalition is getting set to release a major update for Gears 5 in a few days. The 11th of December will mark the date at which players can indulge in Operation 2: Free For All. According to the developer, Free For All will be the biggest Versus mode yet. This mode will pit 14 players against each other who will all fight to the death until one has acquired 30 kills. In January of next year, Free For All will convert to a Ranked mode. Gears 5 is currently available for the Xbox One and PC.

New Battlefield V Update Incoming

Battlefield 5 received a new trailer announcing a December 12 update which will feature a map, Community Games and more. Though the map is not new, it is a map that will surely excite all seasoned Battlefield players. If you had not already guessed, the map is Wake Island. In other news, the new update will see the addition of Community Games which was formally named Private Games. As the name suggests, Community Games are designed for those who want more personalized multiplayer experiences.

AnDa Teamless For LCS 2020 Season

News recently surfaced announcing that Former FlyQuest and 100 Thieves jungler Andy Hoang aka AnDa, will not be on an LCS or Academy League team to begin the 2020 season. This info was released by AnDa himself on Twitter, where he shared the disappointing news with his fans. He was a regular for 100 Thieves last season when the team suffered a disappointing 4-14 split. The Jungler says he will take this downtime to sharpen up his skills so he may be fit to pounce on the next professional opportunity that arises.

Dead By Daylight Nightmare Edition Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Behaviour Interactive has announced that Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One. This edition features tons of blood-curdling new content like the circus-themed “Curtain Call” chapter, the haunted spirit “Shattered Bloodline” chapter and the new horrifying chapter “Stranger Things.” It also includes additional fan-favorite features like the Headcase Cosmetic Pack. The game is currently at a price of £34.99.

Darksiders Genesis Pre-Order Out Now

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate has initiated the pre-order campaign for the highly anticipated Darksiders Genesis on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the developers, Darksiders Genesis is scheduled for release on the mentioned systems as well as the Nintendo Switch on February 14 of next year. In addition, those who preorder the title will be eligible for Special Discounts, Early Access, and Exclusive In-Game Content.

Dota 2’s 7.23c Gameplay Patch Released

Valve has officially released the 7.23c gameplay patch for Dota 2. The update introduces decreases in experience gain for heroes and reverts damage block against player-controlled units and a host of other targeted changes to heroes and items. Now, the Outpost XP reduced from 25 per minute to 18, Level 10 XP talents reduced to 20% and Level 15 XP talents have been reduced from 35 to 40 then 50 to a flat 35 percent. You can visit the game’s Steam page to view the full patch notes.

Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Private Division and Panache Digital Games are elated to announce that their third-person, exploration, survival game is out now and is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game is truly one of a kind as it places players in control of a lineage of primates tasked to do whatever it is possible to ensure their survival in prehistoric Africa. Not only must players assure the succession of the species, but they must also facilitate its evolution.


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