What We Are Up To – Persons and Places of Interest

Shodan/ Ottobre 31, 2019/ Killing Floor 2

Person Of Interest Biography

Name: Rachel Clamely
Previous Last Sighting: (Believed deceased) The London Underground
(Former) Occupation: Horzine Science Division
Current Mental Status: Insane
Known Relatives: Kevin Clamely (AKA: The Patriarch)


We have some good news! We are not sure how, but the “good” Dr. survived the incident in the London Underground, however that is about the end of the jovial news here. Much as the literary case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the doctor we once knew has changed, and not for the better!

What little intel we have managed to gather so far suggests that, much like her father, she began to dabble in human modification to better battle the threat of the Patriarch and his clone army. Her results seemed to have fared about as well in the mental stability department, so good luck trying to reason with her.

It appears our “Matriarch” here is behind the recent E.D.A.R incursion and has been seen commanding them out in the field. And it looks like she is on the hunt mercs, so get ready for this engagement. If you can’t run, come loaded for Mech Suit.

Updated Target Biography
Name: Matriarch
Known Relations: Patriarch (Deep hatred)
Known Tools: Enhanced Mech Suit and E.D.A.R assistants

Mercs, keep an eye out for the capabilities of this suit, it is not to be underestimated. Reported functionality:

  • Electromagnetic shielding (Get blasting)
  • Mechanical Claw – a powerful grappling arm (Rated to crush a tank)
  • Plasma cannon (Official notes just say: Ouch!!)
  • Multiple electric capabilities (both regional and arcing from target to target at range) from the device mounted on the back. (The lab coats are calling these the lighting storm and tesla blast)
  • And cloaking technology built-in as well (this has been reported to not be functional while shielding is still active)

And we wouldn’t be surprised if she has some other secrets lurking. We would wish you luck mercs, but we fear that won’t be enough.



Ho Ho Ho Mercs!

Tis the season! What season? Why the season, the season of holiday creep Yuletide Horror!

And things seem a bit more insane this year. So do make sure to visit the Sanitarium for a checkup.

The Matriarch hasn’t been the only creature lurking on the fringes, so be sure to explore this dreary local and plumb its depths for what secrets it holds. That is if you don’t lose your way, or mind, or life along these twisted paths.

We are expecting to launch the beta for the Yuletide Horror’s update with all the previously announced content very soon on Steam, with the full rollout for all platforms later this year!

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