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AKS Gaming News 14/09/2019
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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Reveals New Character Carrot

Bandai Namco has announced a new playable character for One Piece: Pirate Warriors during the Tokyo Game Show. The latest playable character is Carrot, presented through a new trailer which also shows other characters in battle. The game builds on the previous entries from previous Pirate Warrior series, and Bandai Namco will also be adding a Titan mode, which is a more strategic version of the main game. One Piece: Pirate Warriors will launch for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 to be Removed From Wii U eShop in North America

Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 will both be pulled out from the North American Wii U eShop starting September 19th. This means the game will no longer be available for purchase digitally for Wii U in the region. Both will still be available digitally through the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo did not explain why they had to remove it from the Wii U eShop. Its third entry, Bayonetta 3 will be launching on Switch exclusively.

Yakuza 7 Changes Title to Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the West

Sega has announced that Yakuza 7 will be called Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the west. Sega’s Creative Chief Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi explained during their presentation of the game’s trailer at the Tokyo Games Show that they need to change the title for its Western release due to the fact that Like a Dragon is different from Yakuza 7. Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be launching in 2020 for Western players on the PS4.

Spacelords Now Features Cross-Play

MercurySteam’s free-to-play co-op shooter Spacelords now supports full cross-play between PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is among the first ones to support full cross-platform play on the said platforms. MercurySteam promises this feature will “ensure a more optimal matchmaking system and shorter queuing times between games for the growing Spacelords’ community.” The game was previously known as Raiders of the Broken Planet, and launched back in September 2017.

Star Trek Online: Awakening Update Out Now

Star Trek Online’s Awakening update is now live on PC. The update will also come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 15th. The Awakening update brings a new featured episode, “Beneath the Skin,” where players will be guided by a hologram version of Commander Paul Stamets from the U.S.S Discovery as they make their way through the Mycelial Network. It also brings five new patrols, new Task Force Operation, and Star Trek: Discovery’s Anthony Rapp as a guest star.

War Selection to Launch in Early Access in October

Glyph Worlds has announced the release date for War Selection, its upcoming history-based, real-time strategy game. War Selection will be launching on October 8, 2019, on Steam. The game features massive and strategic combats against up to 62 other players in a single match. Players will be tasked to lead their empire from the Stone Age to the Modern Industrial Age with various civilizations and cultures.

Argonus and the Gods of Stone Coming October 8th

Indie studio Zojoi has announced its new game, Argonus and the Gods of Stone. It is an adventure game set in Ancient Greece, and features puzzle elements. Players will play as a historian and cartographer named Argonus who finds himself stranded in an island. He will need to work with gods and unlock mysteries to find out the evil threatening to “bring the world to ruin.”

Demo for Contra: Rogue Corps Out Now

The demo for Contra: Rogue Corps is now available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4, Konami has announced. The demo will have players experience the game’s single-player campaign, plus a playable preview of one of the game’s large-scale boss battles. The demo is standalone, and any progress will not be carried over to the full game when it launches on September 26th.

War Thunder Receives New Content in Latest Update

Gaijin Entertainment has rolled out War Thunder’s major content update, Night Vision. The update adds night vision devices as well as thermal sights to modern helicopters and tanks. With the addition of these features, nighttime encounters will become more fun. The update also adds over a hundred new vehicles, including legendary fighter planes from the Vietnam War era, British helicopters, and more. Head over to to view the details of this update.

Nioh 2 Announced for PS4

Team Ninja presented a short trailer for Nioh 2 during this year’s Tokyo Games Show. The trailer showcases a new Yokai players will be facing in the game, as well as a look at the game’s opening area, the Village of Cursed Blossoms. The trailer also features some of the characters players will encounter such as Oda Nobunaga. Nioh 2 will be launching in early 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

Amnesia Collection Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Frictional Games has brought its Amnesia Collection to the Nintendo Switch. The Amnesia Collection contains three games: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Justine, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Justine is Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s acclaimed expansion which features torture chambers, and a lot of misfortune. The Amnesia Colletction first launched for PC and PS4 back in 2016 with Justine as an add-on.

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Sells 2.5 Million Copies In Just a Week

In its very first week, Monster Hunter World’s expansion called Iceborn was able to reach 2.5 million copies sold as announced by Capcom. The said number includes digital sales for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of Iceborn is not yet available and is expected to launch by January 2020. The expansion is sold at $40 USD and it comes with more story content, additional monsters and so much more. The base game Monster Hunter World, itself has sold over 13.1 million copies as of June 30.

Sea of Thieves’ Marketplace Costs Revealed

Sea of Thieves’ microtransactions marketplace called The Pirate Emporium has been previously announced. With this marketplace, Rare had planned to introduce real-world money to make purchases in the game. For Ancient coins purchases, the range is from £1.69 to £29.24. Currently, an outfit in the game is about 249 Ancient Coins, this is about £2.50. Emotes can be bought with 149 Ancient Coins which is about £1.69, some bundles cost about 999 Ancient Coins which would cost you £8.40.

Anthem coming to the EA and Origin Access’ Vaults

Bioware’s Anthem had been confirmed to be joining the EA an Origin Access’vaults for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game’s standard edition is accessible to all EA Access and Origin Access Basic members. The Legion of Dawn edition, on the other hand, will be available with the Origin Access Premier membership. Although the game has had a rough launch this February, they are still committed to the project. Even though that is the case, this open-world, looter- shooter still sold well in the US.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Announces a Z Chaser Mode

A “Z Chaser Mode” was announced for Mega Man Zero/ ZX Legacy Collection by Capcom. This new mode will allow players to go against a computer ghost in a split-screen battle on the different levels of the game. This will even come with support for both local versus and online scoreboards. This is actually not a new thing for Mega Man Zero however, it is bonuses like this that makes the game very interesting. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection will be arriving to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch by January 2020.

Men of War: Assult Squad 2 – Cold War is now Available

The singleplayer, cooperative and competitive war game Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Cold War has been announced and it comes with a new dynamic campaign generator. What’s new here is that players are now able to directly control any unit at any time. This includes tanks, static guns as well as unarmed penal conscripts. The Assult Squad series also scales things down so that it would be more manageable. Men of War: Assualt Squad 2 – Cold War is now available on Steam which has a 10% off until the 19th.

Dauntless Steps Out of Early Access

Phoenix Labs was able to announce that their free-to-play game Dauntless has finally left early access and is now a full game. This is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Along with the game’s 1.0 launch came a new seasonal expansion called Aether Unbound. This update brings a new weapon which is called the aether strikers. A new Hunt Pass and a new Dire Behemoth called “Tempestborne Stromclaw” is available as well. A new bounty system has also been introduced as well as a public roadmap.

Indie Arcade Game Killer Queen Black Launch Announced

Developer Liquid Bit has announced that their port of the indie arcade game Killer Queen called Killer Queen Black is launching next month. The game was originally designed to be a local multiplayer game between two teams of five but now includes a multiplayer chat across all platforms with emotes as well as an objective callout system. Killer Queen Black will be launching on October 11 for PC and Nintendo Switch. An Xbox One version will be available on a later date.

Borderlands 3 Gets Rocky Launch

Borderlands 3 has launched and it came with a lot of problems. The problems were seen across PC and consoles alike. One of the most common PC problem, as reported on Resetera and Reddit, is that there is stuttering in the game. It does happen randomly, sometimes when aiming down sights in a new area as well as when moving the camera. Some annoying bugs had been reported as well, like not being able to highlight items in the inventory. We could expect more problems as more players get to play the game.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Reveals Updated Roadmap

The ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog was able to detail the major changes of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. It has the content roadmap as well as the weapon buff breakdown. The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light are set to launch on October 1 and there are some structural changes coming to the game. There are a lot of fine-tuning coming to the game’s weapons like the conversion of weapon mods from consumable to reusable unlocks. There are so much more, you can check the list out on the game’s official site.

Endless Space 2: Awakening Expansion is Out Now

Endless Space 2: Awakening expansion is now available and it brings to the game a new faction as well as a new empire. The new faction is called the Nakalim faction which had been a huge empire but it no longer is. They now wait for their gods to return but are still doing some galactic conquests. They have a relationship with the Academy which is now an empire. The Academy is actually a permanent fixture in the Endless games as it is used by players to recruit heroes.

Twirlbound’s Pine Announced for Beta

Indie studio Twirlbound announced that their sandbox game which they announced for Kickstarter way back called Pine is now available for beta. Here, players will be playing as a member of a struggling tribe finding their place in the food chain. The food chain is a simulated ecology where creatures compete. The beta is available through Kartridge which is a web game portal published by Kongregate’s storefront. The beta is available for $20 USD. When the full game comes out it will be $25 USD.

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