What We Are Up To – Research, Research, Research!

Shodan/ Agosto 15, 2019/ Killing Floor 2

Hello everyone,

Last week we brought word that the Labcoats were working up some strange new variants from the “Horzine Research Group”. They have shipped a few samples our way of what’s coming down the line for mercs in the field and well… it is best just to show you.

First up, the HRG Healthrower for all the Medics out there.

Somebody at Horzine asked the question “What if we modified the standard Freezethrower, but you know, made it for medics?”. The Healthrower is the answer the HRG group came up with. This beaut is fed off a gas version of the standard Horzine healing fluid pushed out a tube at high velocity towards whatever you want to heal (or poison)! Also included: standard medic darts for those pesky friends who don’t stay close enough to be healed!

And for SWAT? The HRG Nailgun!

This contraption really nails the innovation that somebody was searching for. Just not sure who, or if they survived! Featuring dual fire modes, fast-firing bouncy nails, and triple the fast-firing bouncy nails, letting loose three downrange with every shot, something is going to have a bad day.

Last? Well somebody decided the Support’s out there needed something “personal defense”. Meet the HRG Buckshot Revolver.

Quickly give yourself some personal space by unleashing these akimbo, or at least stumble the problem away as you “tactically advance backward”. Don’t worry, we aren’t asking any questions as long as you get the job done.

Speaking of getting the job done, we are inserting you back into the Texas Embassy for your latest objective. Do try to get in and out before the nukes go off.