What We Are Up To – A Less Civilized Arsenal

Shodan/ Agosto 9, 2019/ Killing Floor 2

For those of you who have not yet read our announcement on Paid Weapon DLC, please take a moment to do so now. This is a serious topic for all of us, and we want to make sure everyone has all the facts before joining the conversation.

Hello everyone!

The shared content list is about to grow by two new weapons, the Rhinos and the Ion Thruster. When one merc on a mission owns a weapon on the shared content list, it is made available to other mercenaries in the field with you while you continue to work together to combat the Zeds! If no mercenaries own this content, it will not show up in the on-site procurement pod for purchase.

First up is the Rhino’s, bringing their new fragmentation rounds to play for Gunslingers. Zeds downrange will not know what hit them once these frag rounds are expelled out the other side of the recently impacted Zed into the horde behind. Be sure to carry two of these Tier 3 weapons for more fragmentation fun, as these rounds will ricochet around the environment as well!

Joining the Rhino’s is the Tier 5 Ion Thruster, a less civilized weapon for the brutal mob you may find in front of you. Have you ever wondered what happens if you superheat a retractable blade? So did the Lab Coats. They found a way to store kinetic energy taken from impacts as heat energy in the blade itself which can then be unleashed back at those, and I quote the Lab Coats here “evil watermelons they won’t stop throwing at us”. Cuts through ‘em like butter and lights what it doesn’t cut on fire (Do a reload check to execute a special attack at full power)!

And don’t worry, that isn’t all the Lab Coats have been up to! A new division, calling themselves the “Horzine Research Group”, HRG for short, has some new experimental weapons coming your way as well. We will have more on these next week, so stay tuned!