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AKS Gaming News 25/06/2019

Entropia Universe Celebrates Summer With an Annual Event

MindArk welcomes summer with the annual Summer Mayhem event in its long-running MMO Entropia Universe. Summer Mayhem is now underway and runs until July 1st. The event will have players protect Planet Calypso and defeat Ascended Mulmun in a timed assault competition. Players who successfully do so will earn exclusive prices. There’s also the Mayhem Annihilation gameplay where players must kill creatures and get as many points as possible. Players simply need to enlist through the Global Events List to participate.

New Overwatch Skin for Zenyatta Based on Pro Player

Being named as an Overwatch League MVP does have its perks! After being named Overwatch League MVP last year, Blizzard is naming a skin after Bang “Jjonak” Sunghyeon for the hero Zenyatta. This is the first time the game features a skin named after a pro player in Overwatch. The skin features an octopus motif, as the octopus is Bang’s favorite animal. The creature is painted with the New York Excelsior’s team colors. The skin can only be purchased from June 27 until July 14, and costs 200 tokens.

New Expansion and Free Single-Player Coming to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is getting bigger with its Chaos Campaign Expansion. The expansion launches June 24th and brings a free update to the game’s single-player. The Campaign update brings additional secondary objectives on each of the game’s maps. It also brings a much-requested feature to the game: the Grand Chaos Campaign which is fully playable. The expansion promises to bring dozens of hours of content to the game.

New PUBG Tournament Announced

PUBG is hosting a new tournament! The PUBG Nations Cup will have players from all over the world vying for chicken dinners. It is slated to begin on August 9th and ends on August 11th. The tournament will have 16 national teams with four players each that are “selected by their peers or through other country-specific methods.” The prize pool is over 500,000 Dollars plus bragging rights as their country’s best PUBG team.

Twitch Prime Members Get Exclusive The Division 2 Cosmetics

Twitch Prime subscribers will get exclusive The Division 2 cosmetics. Subscribers will get four loot drops, the first one is a sports gear bundle containing a baseball catcher mask, cap, jacket, and shoes of the fictional Washington Spears sports team. The other three loot drops are marked with “coming soon” and details are yet to be announced.

Gran Turismo Sport Gets Wet Weather

GT Sport launched back in 2017, and players have been clamoring for a wet weather feature. The feature was included in Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3, but not on GT Sport. Fans will be happy to know that a full wet weather course will be added to the game soon. The trailer shows the Red Bull Ring sporting this feature. A specific release date is yet to be announced.

They Are Billions Receives Campaign Patch

A new patch has been rolled out for They Are Billions after players have complained its campaign is too difficult when it launched. The game has been bombarded with “very negative reviews” and its rating went from Mostly Positive to Mixed. Numanitan Games released a post stating the game mistakenly launched with Challenging mode as default difficulty. This has already changed and Accessible difficulty is now the default mode.

Doom Eternal Won’t Have Traditional Deathmatch Multiplayer

Doom Eternal won’t be featuring Doom’s traditional Deathmatch multiplayer. The game will instead have the 2 versus 1 Battlemode. Executive Producer Marty Stratton explained that Deathmatch “kind of fell flat” and they wanted “to pull it from what Doom is all about, demons vs slayer.” Creative Director Hugo Martin also added that having two creatures versus one slayer in Battlemode multiplayer was the best way to ensure twitch skills aren’t unfairly dominated.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered PC Version Will Have Exclusive Features

The PC version of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will have exclusive features. Available via Steam, the PC version will exclusively have the following features: Acquire all Items, Abilities, Special Moves and Triple Triad cards; Max GF level, Gil, and Magic; and Highly customizable system settings. It’s not clear why the console versions of the remaster do not include the mentioned features.

Popular Streamer Ninja Fails to Qualify for Fortnite World Cup

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the most recognizable Fortnite player in the world, has failed to make the cut for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Two weeks ago, Ninja was eliminated from the solo competition. On June 21st, he also failed to meet the required number of points to compete in the finals in the duos competition along with his partner Malachi “Reverse2k” Greine. Ninja was cool with it though and said he will still be at the World Cup and thanked Fortnite for the opportunity.

NBA 2K19 Has Unskippable Ads Before Games Start

NBA 2K19 players have been complaining about unskippable ads in the game. Apparently, before games begin, NBA 2K19 showed commercials for some brands such as Converse. This is apart from all the other ads players find all over the game. The fact that it is impossible to skip these commercials is what irks players. The game’s developers are yet to issue a comment on this.

League of Legends Players In Iran and Syria Unable to Access Accounts

Iran and Syria based players are currently unable to access League of legends because of US laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the United States government and the Iranian government are having some discrepancies and Syria being a close ally to Iran bears the same fate by association. Players attempting to log in to their League account are being prompted with the unfortunate news that until both parties are no longer at odds, their access to the rift is being denied.

Arika Reveals New Character and Spectator Mode for Fighting EX Layer

Arika has revealed some of the details of the incoming patch. According to the developer update, 1.3.0 comes with a new playable character named Area and a new Spectator Mode. Area and Sharon will be free for all players who own a copy of the game, while Terry Bogard from the SNK’s Fatal Fury series will launch as paid DLC. Currently, there is no official released date divulged for Terry Bogard but Update 1.3.0 is expected to be launching sometime in mid-July.

Rainbow Six Siege patch fixes a major IQ exploit

Rainbow Six Siege players recently uncovered an exploit using IQ’s claymore, gadget, and drone in a specific sequence to gain an unfair advantage. When the said sequence is performed, players acquire the sliding ability after which they use her rappel rope to drop into the floor. In response to the flurry of outrage expressed by players who have been victims of this exploit, Ubisoft deployed a patch that should render performing this unfair gesture impossible.

New Avengers Game Allows Offline Play

The new Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics enables players from all over the world to form teams and play online together however, they do not have to do so. Crystal Dynamics boss Scott Amos has confirmed that the game is playable offline. He says the game was designed so that somebody can just “buy a disc and never have to go online.” He promises that the experience won’t be lacking either, it will be complete and fun. The new Avengers game launches in May 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Bungie Delays Destiny 2 Shotgun Nerf

Bungie has delayed the Destiny 2 shotgun nerf in an effort to reduce the workload on the development team. Players have been voicing complaints about the weapon being overbearing which were acknowledged by developers but it will be a while longer before it receives the desired adjustment. The recent Contest difficulty mode before the Crown of Sorrow raid is what took precedence over the pending nerf as at the time the gun’s dominance becomes more apparent.

Encodya Demo Revealed

A demo for Encodya has been released and displays what it would be like if robots had the capacity to express authentic emotions. This is definitely not a bad premise for a game in the point and click genre as it offers another perspective to man-made beings usually known to merely mirror encoded actions. The game is based on a short film known as Robot Will Protect You. You can download the demo for free if you sign up for a newsletter through the game’s Facebook page.

Driven Out Heads to PC, Xbox One and PS4

No Pest Productions has officially announced the upcoming release of the retro-inspired game known as Driven Out. With this title, the developers are promising a nostalgic experience for anyone who has played a game during the 16-bit era. As stated, the game is currently in development an is set to be released this fall of this year. It sports a 16-bit aesthetic, has some of the most wonderful deliberate combat. Driven Out will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Dragon Star Varnir Due Out On PC In September

Idea Factory announced that its fantasy RPG, Dragon Star Varnir is making its way to PC through Steam in September 2019. The game received a western PS4 release earlier this month but it will be a while before PC players can share in console players’ glee. Dragon Star Varnir garnered fairly positive reviews at launch and is celebrated for its deep story and interesting blood management mechanics. The PC version will feature the original release’s content and Japanese, Chinese and English subtitles.

Heroes of The Storm’s New Event Launched

Blizzard has queued the public-test-server for its MechaStorm II event for Heroes of the Storm amidst the launch of Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. The event features an assortment of new quests for free rewards, that also grants players new cosmetics and upcoming seasonal changes. Though there has been a significant decrease in the game’s character drop rate, the developers have managed to keep the player’s content-fed otherwise; hopefully, until the maintenance mode is over.

PUBG Continues To Sell Well

SuperData brings good news for PUBG players upon revealing its assessment of May Sales. According to SuperData, there has been a 4% reduction in digital sales across PC, consoles, and mobile in comparison to last year. However, Unlike Fortnite that has seen a 38% revenue reduction, PUBG persists to sell well and appears completely unperturbed by the overall revenue plummet. SuperData estimates that PUBG has sold close to 4.7 million units so far this year.

Ring of Elysium Releases Ashen Eye Mode

Aurora Studio has released details for Ring of Elysium game mode which was teased at E3 2019. The Ashen Eye Mode which arrived on June 23, and has introduced new winning conditions among new elements with which players have to contend if they are to be crowned victors of the Ring. The developers have also released chapter two of the Season 4 Adventurer Pass which comes with the Recon Drone. If you have not already tried it, update your client and enter the new mode to experience the thrill therein.


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