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AKS Gaming News 15/05/2019

Ubisoft Teasing New Operators Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisolf recently published a tweet teasing the new operators that will be joining Rainbow Six Siege’s Roster. Said tweet contained a GIF captioned “Look carefully… what do you see?” When a trained eye does as instructed, the GIF shows an Operator-to-be silently approaching an unsuspecting operator from behind. The chief speculation is that the covert operator is the stealthy Danish attacker that was revealed in the game’s Year 4 road map while the other is the US defender.

Dauntless Going Into Full Launch Next Week

Phoenix Labs is pleased to announce that Dauntless will be going into full release on May 21, 2019 and will include “numerous new improvements and content updates”. The developers also instructed players to expect the Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades, which will “transforms the world of Dauntless into a Moon Blossom Festival.” The Hunt Pass comes bearing over 50 levels of content on basic and Elite tracks offering new cosmetics and premium currency rewards.

Oddworld Soulstorm Shows Off First Gameplay Footage

Oddworld: Soulstorm’s first gameplay trailer was recently released showcasing everyone’s favorite hero, Abe. The trailer emphatically states that Abe is back in full effect to rescue and empower his peers. In doing so, he will be engaging in the crafting and exploration necessary to incite an industrial revolution. The video also did justice in getting players hyped for the “2.9D” side-scrolling masterpiece in which they will be indulging early next year when it releases.

Skyrim Together Devs Starting Over from Scratch

Skyrim Together’s development persists irrespective of the major setbacks that threaten to halt the process. In January of this year, the multiplayer mod finally hit closed beta after years in development. This was indeed a huge milestone and the game’s future appeared luminous until a series of unfortunate events ensued. According to the developers, it is a restructure that is required and it will be done. Players can now rest assured that the challenges were nothing insurmountable.

Minecraft Adds Massive Interactive Museum Map to Celebrate Anniversary

Microsoft and Mojang have merged forces to issue a fancy new map in celebration of Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary. Players will be elated to know that this huge map is free for all players to download. In summary, the map is an amalgam of a theme park and a museum constructed by the builders at BlockWorks. It is designed to provide players with a nostalgic experience as it offers a trip through the game’s history. The map is interactive, and filled with rides, puzzles and Easter eggs.

Cities Skylines’ Next Expansion Takes Players Back to School

Colossal Order’s comprehensive city builder Cities: Skylines, has just received a new Campus expansion. As the name suggests, this DLC provides players with the requisites design their own university. However, not only will players be able to build schools, they will also be able to activate education policies and nurture its population with research grants. Get ready to see your institution become a heaven for academic success on May 25 when the expansion releases.

Here’s How Nine Dots Studio Made Outward without Resorting to Crunch

Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO of Nine Dots Studio expressed that that the role-playing-game Outward was made absent crunch and expounded upon how this was made possible. The CEO divulged that during the development process they quickly realized that some variables were being overshot and complications ensued. He said they then realized they could shape the game according to their abilities which proved more effective. From then it was a matter of sticking to the agreed upon plan.

EPICENTER Major Rule Changes will See Two Teams Qualifying from Starladder Ukraine Minor

The rules have changed and now two teams from the Starladder Ukraine Minor will be joining the fray at Dota 2’s EPICENTER Major as opposed to one. This is, of course, a welcomed change for all teams participating in the Starladder Ukraine Minor as it means they have an increased chance of making it to the big stage. The two teams will be decided on the 16th of June when the Ukraine Minor concludes and will look to 22nd of June when the EPICENTER Major commences.

Take Two Teases New Games Coming Before Fiscal Year Ends in March 2020

Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick recently participated Take-Two Interactive Software’s financial conference call, in which he teased that more games will be released by March of next year. He also shared that very promising content is to be expected for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online in this current fiscal year. The news maintained the nature of a teaser in that, just enough information was shared to get payers excited while they wait for an official announcement.

Warhammer Chaosbane Shows Off Daemonic Bestiary in New Trailer

Eko Software has released a short featurette for its hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, Warhammer: Chaosbane. The goal was to give provide everyone a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes work on the game’s bestiary. The video is almost four minutes of the developers giving us their accounts on how they went about developing the title. They spoke of the excitement that overcame them having acquired the license to develop the game as well as their developmental methodologies.

A Plague Tale Innocence Celebrates Launch with New Trailer

In celebration of A Plague Tale: Innocence release, Asobo Studio issued a new trailer for the game. It is rather ironic how a very gloomy and ominous trailer could get players excited about a title but it works. It tells a tear-jerking story of a brother and sister fighting for survival in the initial stages of the Hundred Years’ War in France. According to the developer, the game is puzzle based and story-driven. A Plague Tale: Innocence is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Studio Istolia, A Square Enix-Founded Studio Closes Down

The Square Enix-founded studio, Studio Istolia is now closed after the cancellation of its supposed to be project. Studio Istolia first opened in 2017 and is under Hideo Baba, the former producer of Tales. He then later left both Istolia and Square Enix in order “to make room for the next generation.” Square Enix won’t be leaving the staff of Istolia in the dark though as they are taking the steps to assign the studio staff to other projects found in the Square Enix Groups.

Super Mario Maker 2 Featured On Next Nintendo Direct Broadcast

A Nintendo Direct broadcast is scheduled this week and it is all about the new Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The broadcast will come with a 15-minute video where you get to know how the game will work. This will be available on May 16th at 00:00 CEST! Super Mario Maker 2 is scheduled to launch on June 28th. We might get to see more of the game when E3 comes around. Also, updates for Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Metroid Prime 4 are expected.

The VR Platformer Moss Will Be Getting New Content This Month

The VR platformer game from developer Polyarc Games called Moss is getting new content next week. The new content is called the Twilight Garden and it will be releasing on May 21 which is also the same day as the launch of Oculus Quest. The Twilight Garden will add new portals to the game and these portals will come with new challenges, new weapons as well as new puzzles. A free update for Moss will also be made available to the PS VR, Steam and HTC versions sometime in June.

The Division 2 Patch Notes Shared, Comes With First Raid

The Division 2 is getting their biggest update and the patch notes has been shared. The most notable thing that will come with the update is the first raid of the game which is called Operation Dark Hours. Operation Dark Hours will be available on Thursday at 5 PM BST. This is designed for a group of 8 players and if cleared will reward them with powerful gear and exclusive rewards. The complete patch notes is quite long, you can check out the full rundown on the official forums of the game.

Red Dead Online Update Brings Poker And So Much More

Red Dead Online is getting a new update by summer and it will be bringing new missions as well as dynamic events to the game. Also, Gwent: poker will be available in the game and there will be five locations available which are Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine, and Flatneck Station. A lot of new fixes are also available like a new control scheme, weapon changes and so much more. You can check out the complete list of what the update includes in their official site.

Epic Games To Be Awarded With BAFTA Special Award

Epic Games will be honored with BAFTA’s Special Award this year. This esteemed honor will be presented to them on June 12 in London. On behalf of the company, the CEO and founder Tim Sweeny will be accepting the highly esteemed award. Epic has been recognized because of their great contribution to the gaming industry which includes the Unreal Engine, the Epic Games Store as well as a slew of video games like Fortnite, Bluestorm, as well as Shadow Complex.

Beat Saber Will Be Launching As A Full Game With Huge Update

VR hit Beat Saber will finally be stepping out of Early Access and will be launching as a full game! Along with the launch will come a huge update which is the full level editor. The editor will allow players to import their own songs to the game. Beat Saber will be launching at the same time as the Oculus Quest and that will be on May 21st. You must hurry up and make your purchase while the game is still in Early Access because once it steps out of it there will be a price increase for the game.

Nier Automata Sells About 4 Million Units Across All Its Platforms

Square Enix’s Nier Automata which launched in 2017 is still selling very well up until now. Publisher’s Square Enix was able to announce that their hit action RPG Nier: Automata was able to sell more than 4 million units across all its platforms which are PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Last December 2018, the studio announced that the game was able to sell 3.5 million units. It means that about 500,000 units more had been sold this year! That is one great feat for the game.

Samurai Shodown Launch Date In The West Confirmed

SNK officially announced the release date of Samurai Shodown in the West which will be on June 25 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those who prefer to play the game on the Nintendo Switch and PC, it will be available later this year. Also, those who purchase the game until June 30, the season pass will be free. The game is a prequel with the events taking place before the original game that launched in 1993. It will also come with four modes which are story, online, training, and the new Dojo mode.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Seen In Taiwanese Rating Site

It could be possible that a Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered will be arriving soon. This has not been confirmed though, but Resetera was able to find a Taiwanese game rating site listing the game. Although there had been no official announcements as of yet, the game does have the same name with the 2009 adaptation. According to the listing, the developer of the game is Mad Dog Games, the people behind World War Z the video game. We have to wait for the official announcement for this.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice New Mod Features Nier: Automata’s 2B

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is already a great game, but thanks to the game’s mod community, they were able to make it even greater. One of the newest mods to be added to the game is the Nier: Automata mod which adds co-protagonist YoRHa No. 2 Type B or just 2B for short. She is an expert in sword combat, so she will surely fit well in the game. You have to note though, that the mod is just visual. What that means is that you will still be hearing Sekiro’s voice coming out from the tiny frame of the robot.


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