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TITLE - AKS Gaming News 02/05/2019

Jestercraft’s Balancealot To Launch by The End Of May

Developer Jestercraft has announced their upcoming game, which we have to admit is kind of weird but at the same time is also intriguing. The game is called Balancealot. You will play as a squire who would want to one day join and win a jousting tournament. The only problem is, he cannot afford a horse so he rides around in a unicycle to combat. The game offers equally crazy 2D environments which is perfect for the game’s bizarre escapades. Balancealot will be available for PC on May 23rd.

Banner Saga 3 Gets Bronze At The 2019 DC Web Fest

Stoic and Versus Evil’s Banner Saga 3 was able to win the Bronze Award in the 2019 DC Web Fest 7 Awards. The award-giving body had been founded in 2013 by Otessa Ghadar a DC filmmaker, author, professor and technologist. The DC Web Fest highlights the cross between entertainment and technology that features the best indie spirit in digital content. Banner Saga 3 is the third and the last installment for the RPG, strategy, indie series Banner Saga. The game is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Black Desert Online New Mount Introduced

A new trailer has been released for Black Desert Online and it features a new mount called ‘Doom’. Doom is one of the dream horses that has all the flames and everything which kind of makes him a nightmare horse. In his description, it says that this horse will only accept the fiercest of riders. Compared to the other dream horses which are Diné and Arduanatt, Doom is actually the fastest as well as carries the strongest attacks. To get Doom, it will be the same procedure with the other dream horses.

Days Gone Tops UK Sales Charts Beating Mortal Kombat 11

Days Gone proves to be more popular than Mortal Kombat 11! Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11 launched a few days apart but Days Gone was able to grab the top spot at the UKIE weekly sales charts. UKIE is the sales charts for the competitive gaming market in the United Kingdom. And the gap between the two is not small at all, as Days Gone was able to outsell Mortal Kobat 11 by about 43.6% more. Do take note that the UKIE only charts the physical sales and it doesn’t include the digital sales.

Doughlings: Arcade Will Be Launching For PlayStation 4

Doughlings: Arcade which is currently on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is also getting a PlayStation 4 release which will be on May 9. The game offers a brick breaker mechanic with a nostalgic art style. The game offers newer options for power-ups, level design, character evolution plus a very funny narration. There will be 90 levels with different degrees of difficulty, 6 different characters to choose from, lots of special abilities to unlock and you can create your own levels.

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest Now Available For Pre-Orders

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest will be launching on Steam this May 15th and is available for pre-orders. The game is from a small team that had previously worked for the Legend of Grimrock series. It offers an isometric, RPG with tactical, turn-based combat plus puzzle solving in the world of Elo Shpaera. The main characters are Leonhard, Aava, and Oiko. They are tasked to investigate a lost Archdruid as well as investigate the purple cysts that are spreading in the forest.

MudRunner Gets New DLC Called Old-timers

The hardcore, driving through mud simulation from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive called MudRunner has a new DLC now available. The DLC, which is called Old-timers comes with a new map, new vehicles as well as brand new add-ons. There will be two vintage vehicles which are the Chevrolet NAPCO 3100 1957 and the other one is the GMC DW950 of the 1950s as well. The new map is called the Rocky Hills map, there will be no garage and it will come with an off-road climbing puzzle.

Off-road Simulation Overpass To Launch In October

Overpass the off-road simulation from Bigben and Zordix Racing has been announced to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by October 2019. The game will have players go through some off-road trails using powerful buggies. The trails could be natural or artificial ranging from slopes to technical obstacles. With the game’s realistic physics engine you are sure to have a precise experience. There will also be different types of buggies to choose from.

Get To Experience A Racing Game In Overwatch

Thanks to the Overwatch Workshop, players are now able to experience a Mario Kart-esq gameplay. Welcome to Overwatch Racing which comes with speed, some custom hazards as well as a podium finish. Five of the maps in the game are able to work in this new mode and it will come with some speed rings as well as freeze traps. Also, there are only three heroes that the game supports and they are Widowmaker, Lucio and Hammond. Each racer will slightly be different because of their skills.

Pandemic Express: Zombie Escape To Launch Today

Pandemic Express: Zombie Escape will be arriving this week on May 2, but before that, a new trailer has been shared for the game. This is a first-person shooter where you can either play as the human survivor or the zombie that is out to infect everybody. Offering a unique co-op experience in an open world, different vehicles and a train. If you choose to play as a human, you will have to loot, cooperate and fight. Choose to play as a zombie you will have to resurrect, hunt and annihilate.

Puyo Puyo Champions Will Be Launching On May 7, 2019

Puyo Puyo Champions is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as announced by Sega. The game will be arriving on May 7, 2019, and will be available for $9.99 dollars. Puyo Puyo Champions is a puzzle game where you will be matching the colored blobs known as Puyo. The goal is to connect four or more blobs of the same color which will cause them to disappear in order to gain points. A competitive play is also available where you send garbage Puyo to your opponent.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Free Operation Oracle Update

Ubisoft unveiled a new update for Ghost Recon Wildlands which comes free for all players. The update is the two-mission narrative arc called Operation Oracle which will be available across all platforms starting May 2nd. These missions will send players on a rescue mission for a Skell Tech engineer who was taken hostage by Unilad. This is playable in both solo play and in co-op. Also, Ghost Recon Wildlands, including Operation Oracle, is free to play from May 2-5 on all platforms.

Blizzard Won’t Be at This Year’s Gamescom

Blizzard won’t be taking part at this year’s Gamescom. In a statement, the company said they will be focusing on game development for their current games and future projects. Blizzard added that players will still find Blizzard gear in in event’s shop area. It also said they are looking forward to “returning to the Gamescom show floor in the future.”

Steam Celebrates Golden Week with a Sale

Steam is currently hosting a Golden Week Sale which runs until May 6th. The sale includes deep discounts for thousands of games created by Japanese developers. The sale includes games from well-known series like Dark Souls and Final Fantasy. Resident Evil 2 is also discounted. You can also get Nier: Automata, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Jump Force, among thousands of Japanese titles on Steam.

World of Goo Gets Its First Update on PC

World of Goo is getting its first ever update on PC in 10 years. The update is a remaster which updates the game’s framerate so it can run smoothly on modern PCs and monitors. It also got an HD makeover among other fixes. The developers did not add anything new to the game, but it is good to know they took time to update it for players of today.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Launches on PC

Ubisoft’s open-space shooter Starlink: Battle for Atlas is out now on PC. The game released last year for consoles. The game will let players team up with friends and play in co-op in order to crush their competition. There’s also exploration to do – players will travel to other planets and other worlds. The game also has a feature which allows players to buy real-life toys and then use them in-game to transform their spacecraft.

Mortal Kombat 11’s Thank You Gift Now Available In-Game

NetherRealm has issued a patch for Mortal Kombat 11 which finally fixes progression issues. Also as a form of thanks to its community, the company is giving all players a thank you bundle which contains 500,000 Koins, 500 Hearts, 1,000 Souls, and 1,000 Time Crystals. This is available only on PC and PS4 for the meantime. Xbox One and Switch will follow suit at a later date. You have until May 6th to claim this reward in-game.

Fortnite Now Has Large Party Support

Fortnite now has Large Party Support, Epic Games announced through the game’s official Twitter handle. Large Party Support allows players to team up with 15 other players. This feature is available in any large-party game modes, including Creative mode and Limited Time Modes. This was a much-requested feature so players will definitely love this addition to the game.

Hitman 2 Gives Players Another Shot to Kill Sean Bean

A new Elusive Target is now available on Hitman 2! If you missed taking down Mark Faba (played by Sean Bean) before, now is your chance to do it, as Io Interactive is bringing back the Undying Elusive Target! You have from May 3rd until June 3rd to finish him. As always, you have only one chance to eliminate him.

Open Target Races Now Available in Red Dead Online

Open Target Races are now available in Red Dead Online for players on the Xbox One. Open Target Races are done in open spaces, and players will have to take down targets in any order they wish and then race over to the finish line. There’s a minimap which shows which targets still need to be taken down. This is also available for players on the PlayStation 4.

Dreams is Getting Its First Update Next Month

Media Molecule has revealed that Dreams is getting its first update, and it is set to launch this May. According to the developer, this update will add more stuff for experienced creators as well as newcomers. The update will include more tutorial and templates, new assets that creators can use, level cap raised to 100, and social abilities like blocking unwanted users. Media Molecule is yet to confirm an exact date for the update’s release.

CS:GO Battle Royale Now Has a Respawn System

CSGO has received an update that introduces a lot of changes to the Danger Zone. The update includes a new map called Sirroco for the Battle Royale mode. There’s also a new respawn system that allows players to respawn in any point of the map as long as all players from their squad are alive. The update also introduces a new gadget which is a bump mine that players can deploy in the ground and throw enemies over large distances. More of the update’s content can be found at the CSGO website.


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